Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Dual Colored Heavenly Tribulation

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Puff, puff, puff.

A large group of Fierce Gale World martial artists with slightly weaker strength, because they could not withstand the pressure of these dual-tribulations arriving together, their bodies exploded directly, turning into a mass of blood mist.

Even some of the Sea Transformation Realm martial artists also suffered varying degrees of injuries.

The pressure of these dual-tribulations arriving together was seriously too horrifying.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, his expression became solemn too.

Both tribulations arriving together, this had indeed exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations a little too much.

Just earlier, after dispersing the tribulations clouds with one palm, Ye Yuan suddenly felt that his divine soul could no longer be suppressed. It was actually going to break through to the Alchemy King Realm!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

In the sky, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled; it was like drawing the bow but not discharging the arrow.

It was precisely such a situation that made people feel even more stifled.

“Ye Yuan, I admit that you’re a genius. But your genius has already aroused the heaven’s’ jealousy! Lightning and soul dual-tribulation. I’ll see how you transcend them!” Shangguan Yunrong was very excited by the side.

Such a horrifying heavenly tribulation. Even for him, this Divine Traversing Realm expert, being inside would only lead to the outcome of disintegrating into ashes.

Even if Ye Yuan was any more monstrous, it was not possible to transcend it either.

Ye Yuan in the heavenly tribulation shot Shangguan Yunrong a cold glance and said disdainfully, “A fool like you will never know what’s called a genius! True geniuses have to go against the heaven! I’ll let you see what’s called a true genius today!”

Right then, the heavenly tribulation in the tribulations clouds which had been brewing for a long time finally fell abruptly!


“You guys, look! It’s actually a dual-colored heavenly tribulation! My god! Is this really a heavenly tribulation that humans have to cross?” Chu Shi said.

“Mister Ye’s talent truly makes even the heaven jealous! White heavenly tribulation should be the heavenly tribulation of martial artists. Purple heavenly tribulation should be the divine soul’s heavenly tribulation! I even feel my heart palpitate over here.En. . . Mister Ye can definitely transcend the tribulations successfully!” Zhu Changzhi said.

“How can he possibly fail?” Qian Si said.

Right at that instance, the dual-colored heavenly tribulation fell. Ye Yuan suddenly swung his fist. A fire dragon surged out!

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s divine soul turned into a sharp sword and rushed out from the essence energy sea!

“Soul Driving Flying Sword!”

One martial technique, one divine soul mystic art. Two attacks welcomed the dual-colored lightning tribulation at the same time!


A huge brilliance radiated. Ye Yuan’s attack and the dual-colored heavenly tribulation collided together violently. A massive air billow crept out, sweeping the Fierce Gale World martial artists that had already retreated very far away flying.

Ye Yuan stood at the center of this storm without budging an inch, akin to an ever-victorious divinity!

Ye Yuan did not have the slightest hesitation as he swallowed a pile of medicinal pills again.

The power of this heavenly tribulation was too strong. He had to strive with all his might and did not dare to hold back in the slightest at all.

This degree of attacks, he did not know how long he could sustain either.

But Ye Yuan knew that enduring the dual-tribulation passively, regardless whether was it the body or divine soul, he would surely have to suffer injuries to a very large extent.

Like that, even if he transcended both tribulations, he probably would not have the ability to deal with the Shangguan Yunrong who was glaring like a ravening tiger either.

Crack! Crack!

Another two bolts of dual-colored lightning tribulation rumbled down. Ye Yuan swung his fists once more. Two Flame Movement True Dragon Carnages and Soul Driving Flying Swords were unleashed at the same time, offsetting the two bolts of lightning tribulation once again.

The tribulation clouds’ pressure in the sky was getting increasingly greater. It seemed to be enraged and seemed to be mocking Ye Yuan’s overestimation of his own ability.

This time, five bolts of dual-colored heavenly tribulation landed at the same time. Even the Shangguan Yunrong outside of the heavenly tribulation felt somewhat unable to withstand this pressure and retreated very far out together with Shangguan Lingyun.

“Hiss. . . Uncle Rong, do you think Ye Yuan he . . .”

Shangguan Lingyun was shocked by Ye Yuan’s fierceness. Initially, he thought that Ye Yuan absolutely could not possibly transcend this sort of dual-colored lightning tribulation. Because that simply exceeded the boundaries of human strength.

The power of a fifth heavenly tribulation, logically speaking, it was simply impossible for Soul Sea Realm martial artists to make it through, let alone adding in a soul tribulation that was even harder to deal with?

Actually, soul tribulations were even harder to transcend than lightning tribulations. Furthermore, this soul tribulation of Ye Yuan’s was even more extraordinary.

Soul tribulations acted on the divine soul directly. Martial artists’ weakest area was the divine soul.

To the vast majority of alchemists, apart from forcefully resisting the soul tribulation, they had no other way.

Who could have thought that Ye Yuan actually still had such a formidable divine soul mystic art that could actually deal with soul tribulations!

This Ye Yuan virtually did not have any bit of dead angle from head to toe. He was simply powerful until it made people despair.

Living in the same era with a genius like this seemed to be destined to be a tragedy.

At this moment, Shangguan Lingyun finally understood that regardless of what kind of path he took; he would forever not be Ye Yuan’s match.

Except, it was unknown whether or not that Zhao Chenggan who was nurtured and protected by Zhao Tianyin could obstruct Ye Yuan’s path of growing up.

“Impossible! You look at those tribulation clouds in the sky! Ye Yuan’s arrogance has already thoroughly infuriated the Heavenly Dao! Don’t look at him being very arrogant right now, the further back this heavenly tribulation goes, the greater the power and greater the density! He can’t possibly make it through!” Shangguan Yunrong said.

Indeed, just as Shangguan Yunrong predicted, the heavenly tribulations descending from inside the tribulation clouds became increasingly denser, practically not giving Ye Yuan the slightest opportunity to catch his breath.

Ye Yuan’s martial technique was released like raindrops, colliding together with those dense heavenly tribulations.

Even if Shangguan Yunrong did not believe that Ye Yuan could transcend these dual-colored lightning tribulations, he was still astounded by this scene before his eyes.

Was the magnitude of this sort of attacks truly unleashed by a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist who was currently transcending tribulation?

In a twinkle, over half of the nine by nine, 81 lightning tribulations, had already passed. Ye Yuan’s essence energy and soul force were being depleted rapidly.

Such consumption speed was too rapid. Even if Ye Yuan swallowed a large quantity of medicinal pills, he felt very taxing too.

Even more d*mnable was that the expenditure of soul force was greater than the expenditure of essence energy. If this continued, once the divine soul received damage, it would be a very troublesome matter.

Ye Yuan also never expected that the soul tribulation would actually become the greatest bottleneck restricting him from transcending the tribulation right now.

“Hahaha!What did I say? You see, his way of transcending the tribulation is no different from courting death! Look, his soul force is going to be depleted very soon. When his divine soul directly suffers the bombardment of the purple lightning, that will be the instant of him perishing and his Dao vanishing!” Shangguan Yunrong said with a hideous grin.

“Heh heh,it’s still Uncle Rong who is impressive! Ye Yuan’s soul force has already reached rock-bottom. But at the back, there are still over a dozen bolts of purple soul tribulations. These final dozen over purple soul tribulations are even stronger. He can only withstand seven to eight bolts at most. Those few bolts of soul tribulations at the back, he can’t push through no matter what!” Shangguan Lingyun also had a look of thrill.

At this time, the excitement on Chu Shi’s and the others’ faces were long already replaced by solemness.

Although they were separated very far away, they could also feel that Ye Yuan was not quite right.

Such high-intensity execution of martial techniques, even if Ye Yuan’s essence energy was a bottomless pit, it should also be seeing the bottom at this time.

Under the heavenly tribulation, Ye Yuan’s aura was being diminished unceasingly.

Very clearly, transcending the tribulation had already reached the critical juncture.

“M-Mister Ye he . . .” Zhu Changzhi said worriedly.

“Shut your stinky mouth up! Mister Ye’s fortunes run deep! How can he possibly not even transcend past the heavenly tribulation of Soul Sea Realm?” Chu Shi reproached.