Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 619

Chapter 619 A Blow In Anger

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Finally, a bolt of dual-colored heavenly tribulation landed heavily on Ye Yuan’s body. Ye Yuan directly spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Even if his fleshy body was very powerful right now, facing such a heavenly tribulation, his body suffered damage instantly too.

His essence energy was already depleted, and his soul force had also been exhausted. This hit made his aura nosedive to the limit.

This was the 78th dual-colored heavenly tribulation. There were just three bolts remaining at the back!

But these three bolts of heavenly tribulations were the most deadly three bolts of heavenly tribulation.

The nameless essence energy within Ye Yuan’s body had yet to be employed. He could expend this essence energy to resist the lightning tribulation.

But his soul force was already dried up. There was simply no way to endure the damage of the purple lightning soul tribulation anymore.

Seeing Ye Yuan spitting out blood from severe injuries, Shangguan Yunrong and his nephew were both abnormally excited.

“Hahaha!Ye Yuan, didn’t you say earlier to let us take a look at what’s called a true genius? If you have the capabilities, transcend this lightning tribulation for us to see! Your essence energy and soul force are both consumed entirely already. Even though there are only three bolts of heavenly tribulation left, these three bolts of heavenly tribulation are the heavenly tribulation that will claim your life!Hahaha!”

Shangguan Yunrong was exhilarated!

Just prior to this, he did not know where Ye Yuan’s limits lay either.

He clearly saw that Ye Yuan’s essence energy was already depleted, but Ye Yuan still persevered for a very long time. This made him very baffled.

All the way until Ye Yuan spat blood from heavy injuries, he finally confirmed that Ye Yuan already could not make it.

Shangguan Yunrong believed that Ye Yuan’s spirit and physical strength at this time had already reached the limit. If he broke down Ye Yuan’s confidence with words, Ye Yuan would be even less likely to transcend this dual-colored heavenly tribulation.

“Yeah! If you want to prove that you’re a genius, transcend past these final three bolts of heavenly tribulation! I really want to see the birth of an unrivaled genius!Sigh. . . an unrivaled genius who came to an untimely end. Such a pity.Hahaha!”Shangguan Lingyun got the hint and also voiced out.

Except, Ye Yuan’s attainments in Heart Realm towered over them by God knows how much. How could their verbal attacks possibly shake Ye Yuan’s confidence?

Ye Yuan was burning with anxiety right now as well. He was desperately using his divine soul to communicate with those golden words and the black bead, but they did not have any reaction at all.


The 79th bolt of heavenly tribulation carried an exceedingly horrifying pressure and fell down.

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and mustered up the nameless essence energy. A Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage punch was unleashed once more.

The white lightning tribulation was successfully neutralized by Ye Yuan’s attack. But the purple lightning tribulation disregarded his attack and bombarded onto his divine soul directly.


Ye Yuan’s divine soul was incomparably powerful. But being struck directly by this bolt of purple lightning tribulation, he suffered severe injuries this time as well, spitting out a mouthful of blood again.

But the black bead and golden characters in his sea of consciousness did not have any reaction at all.

When Ye Yuan unleashed an attack once more, Shangguan Yunrong taken aback with fright.

Ye Yuan’s essence energy was clearly exhausted already. Where did he have the essence energy to execute martial techniques?

“Instant-cast martial technique! Just now, that was an instant-cast martial technique! Uncle Rong, I was defeated by his instant-cast martial technique earlier! This Ye Yuan definitely still has other trump cards that can achieve instant-cast martial technique!” Shangguan Lingyun suddenly cried out.

Shangguan Yunrong’s face fell slightly. Ye Yuan’s instant-cast martial technique earlier, how could he not perceive it?

He never would not have thought that at this time, Ye Yuan still had cards up his sleeves!

“Relax. He’s definitely at his wit’s end already with divine soul defense. Looking at the current situation, he absolutely can’t make it through the final two bolts of purple lightning! Even if he really made it through, he will be heavily injured as well. At that time, it will be his time of death!” Shangguan Yunrong said.

Right at this time, the 80th bolt of heavenly tribulation finally fell.

Ye Yuan struggled to crawl up. Looking up at the sky and giving a long howl, a punch rumbled over once more.


The purple lightning tribulation blasted onto his divine soul without any suspense, piling on injuries on top of his injuries.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul had utterly wilted at this time. It already suffered extremely severe injuries.

In light of his injuries right now, it was absolutely impossible for him to transcend the final bolt of dual-colored heavenly tribulation!

After the 80th bolt of heavenly tribulation, the final bolt dual-colored heavenly tribulation did not fall right away.

The tribulation clouds up in the sky seemed to have become a little thicker again. It was brewing an even more powerful heavenly tribulation!


Zhu Changzhi was going to charge towards Ye Yuan with a lunge but was held back by Chu Shi.

“What are you doing?” Chu Shi said angrily.

“Going to save Mister Ye! This life of mine was given by Mister Ye! Even if I die, I have to save him too!” Zhu Changzhi said almost in tears.


Chu Shi directly gave him a slap and said furiously, “You fool! If you go, not only will you not be able to help Mister Ye, you’ll bring him even greater trouble instead! It doesn’t matter if you die. What if you didn’t die? There’s a Divine Traversing Realm expert over there. If you go over there, fumble and get caught, wouldn’t you become Mister Ye’s burden?”

Zhu Changzhi’s expression froze, and he wailed, “Then what to do? We can’t just watch Mister Ye be killed by them, right?”

“Wait a while more. I know Brother Ye’s disposition. He won’t admit defeat so easily. Perhaps there is still a turnaround! About heavenly tribulation, he can only rely on himself. It’s futile even if we go over. Wait until Brother Ye transcends the heavenly tribulation. We’ll charge over together!” At this time, the Yin Yanhua who did not speak the entire time opened her mouth.

Looking at the current situation, even if Ye Yuan transcended the heavenly tribulation, he would definitely be severely injured too.

At that time, he definitely needed their help.

Even if it was delaying a Divine Traversing Realm expert for a moment, their payout was worth it too.

Ye Yuan’s injuries at this time were very severe. It was severe until he could not even stand up.

He tried several times in a row and did not crawl up.

Could it be that I gained a new lease on life again and actually can’t even transcend the heavenly tribulation of Soul Sea Realm? No! I’m unresigned!Ye Yuan roared in his heart.

In his previous life, he did good deeds for hundreds of years. In the end, what it exchanged for was the outcome of perishing and his Dao vanishing.

Reviving in this life, Ye Yuan had long made up his mind to go against the heaven!

Today, it was his first time standing in front of Heavenly Dao and challenging it!

Almost. Just the last bit left!

Only the final lightning tribulation!

“ARGHHH . . . !”

Ye Yuan roared and used all the strength in his body to stand up. Pointing his finger to the sky, he said, “Villainous old heaven! Bring it! If you have the balls, smite me to death!”

Seemingly replying Ye Yuan’s words, finally, the 81st bolt of heavenly tribulation that had been brewing for a long time finally fell down!

“Coiling Dragon . . . Heaven . . . Devastating . . . Palm!”

Ye Yuan used the last of his strength and unleashed his final blow! It was also an attack containing his wrath, an attack challenging Heavenly Dao!

This Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm broke through the limits of his body. It was more powerful than any of his palms previously.

The azure dragon carried along a sorrowful and resentful roar as it galloped towards the firmament. It was as if it was the roar in Ye Yuan’s heart.

The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm directly annihilated the final bolt of heavenly tribulation, and then it charged straight for the skies, charging over towards the tribulation clouds.


That thick tribulation cloud was actually dispersed by Ye Yuan once again!

However, this attack of Ye Yuan’s . . . was still unable to stem the descent of the purple lightning!