Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Important Things Need to Be Said Thrice

"Fine! I was wrong, alright? Don't tell me a grown man like you don't even have this bit of magnanimity and intend to remember this grudge for life?"

After keeping mum for a while, Feng Zhirou finally could not resist the loneliness and opened her mouth. It was just that her apology did not sound sincere at all.

"It's not that I'm bearing a grudge. I'm just afraid that I might accidentally offend you, My Lady. Then this small life of mine is gone. So I think it would be better for us to maintain a distance."

Ye Yuan was really still a little afraid of Feng Zhirou. This lass was too willful. Who knew if she might be unhappy someday and stab him with her sword again? Ye Yuan did not have the confidence to dodge again.

He could disregard the Alchemy Roll of Honor's experts, but he could not disregard experts on the Martial Roll of Honor. Feng Zhirou was rank three on the Martial Roll. If she really came with her sword again one day, Ye Yuan's life might just be over.

Feng Zhirou was so angry at Ye Yuan that she gnashed her teeth. No one had ever said something like that to her before.

As long as they were men, regardless of high or low status, poor or wealthy, which one of them would not try everything they could to get close to her?

But this Ye Yuan was something else. He could not even wait to hide from her!

Feng Zhirou grew up in a 'honeypot' and was still rather cautious of men's approach. In the past, there had been a man who pretended to be enigmatic and deliberately maintained his distance to try to attract her attention.

However, she could feel that Ye Yuan honestly found her to be a pain and did not want to get close to her. This made her feel a deep sense of defeat.

"Humph! Do whatever you want. But first, you have to tell me why I can't pass the test!" Truth be told, this was what Feng Zhirou wanted to know most of all.

"Why should I tell you?" Ye Yuan rolled his eyes. He had never seen someone ask for advice this way.

"Hur hur! If you don't tell me, I will . . ." Feng Zhirou gave Ye Yuan a threatening look and drew her hand across her neck, making Ye Yuan feel a chill on his neck.

Ye Yuan felt exasperated. Even if he was an Alchemy Emperor's reincarnation, the incarnation of a Divine King, but today he was only a little Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm rookie.

Without question, this move from Feng Zhirou was the simplest, more direct, and also the most effective.

Ye Yuan knew that once this wayward lass lost it, she would go completely wild. If he really provoked her, she might just stab him again.

He still intended on keeping this useful body to take revenge and did not want to die so dubiously.

"Fine! You win!" Ye Yuan exclaimed helplessly.

This was the first time Feng Zhirou had gotten back at Ye Yuan. She felt like she was cleared of all anxieties and flashed a gloating smile.

As expected, this move worked well!

Ye Yuan transmitted his voice helplessly, "Is the cultivation law you are training in being of extreme yang and masculine?"

"En? How do you know that?" Feng Zhirou questioned in surprise.

"As expected! A girl training some extreme yang and masculine cultivation law? What an idiot!" Ye Yuan was filled with disdain.

"Hey! Can't something nice come out of your mouth?"

"That will have to depend on who I'm talking to! To a moron like you, I will be letting you down if I don't scold you! Women are inherently gentle yin, originally already in conflict with extreme yang and masculine cultivation laws. Yet, you actually chose an extreme yang cultivation law. If this isn't moronic, then what is?"

"Humph! So what?"

"Do you want to say that you are still top three on the Martial Roll of Honor?" Ye Yuan mercilessly interrupted Feng Zhirou's bragging and gave a cold smile as he continued saying, "Currently, you can still compete with Senior Apprentice Brother Long and the rest because your cultivation law is extremely high-level, and not because of your cultivation realm. Just wait and see the difference between you, Senior Apprentice Brother Long, and the rest after ten years! Other people develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. But you develop your weaknesses and avoid your strengths. Wouldn't you say that you are a moron?"

"Hey! Do you believe that I will kill you if you scold me a moron again?!"

"Moron! Moron! Moron! Important things need to be said thrice! Kill me then! If you kill me, then you can forget about breaking through the Spirit Condensation Realm for the rest of your life!" Ye Yuan also lost his temper as he snapped back coldly.

"Humph! It will be strange if I believe you! Even if the cultivation law that I train isn't suitable, what does it have to do with passing the alchemist test?" When Ye Yuan's temper flared up, Feng Zhirou backed off instead.

"This world is nothing more than yin and yang. A divine soul that has the yin-attribute requires nourishment from freezing yin qi. Yet, you cultivate extreme yang laws instead. So your body produced all masculine yang qi. The masculine yang qi is suppressing the growth of your soul strength. Even if you eat Soul Nourishing Pills like beans, the growth of your soul strength would be very limited."

Feng Zhirou was furious at first, but after Ye Yuan said so, she started thinking about it.

Ye Yuan continued explaining, "Right now, your soul strength barely reached the level of a low-rank Alchemy Master, but the success rate of refinement is extremely low, so it's very hard to pass the test. If you continue cultivating like this, the yang qi in your body will accumulate even more, and the suppression of your divine soul will be even more obvious. Then you can forget about advancing and becoming an Alchemy Master for the rest of your life!"

"Humph! You're just trying to scare me! Do you think you can trick me with just a few words?" Although she already believed most of it in her heart, Feng Zhirou remained stubborn.

"Is that so? If I'm not wrong, is your cultivation currently getting increasingly slower? Every day at noon, do you feel uncomfortable throughout your body, your Dantian burning hot, and a swelling pain around your temple? If you feel that I'm just trying to scare you, then just treat it like I never said anything."

Ye Yuan's casual words made Feng Zhirou feel ice-cold. What Ye Yuan said was completely right. In the past, her cultivation was a lot faster than those in the same age group. But ever since breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, her cultivation speed suddenly fell. Now, it was not even two-thirds of the original speed.

Every day at noon, Feng Zhirou's entire body would always be uncomfortable. The symptoms were exactly the same as Ye Yuan described.

Could it be that it was really as Ye Yuan described? Did she choose the wrong cultivation law?

"Y-you are talking rubbish!" Feng Zhirou's eyes became vacant. But her pride which was present since the start made her refuse to admit her mistake.

"Actually, it's not irreparable. At least, there's a method of letting you pass the test today."

"What method?" The moment the words came out of her mouth, Feng Zhirou regretted it. Was this not equivalent to admitting that Ye Yuan had already convinced her?

"When you are refining later, suppress your essence energy to the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm, and at the same time eat a Soul Nourishing Pill. You should be able to refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill. But don't force yourself. Just refine some of the easier medicinal pills."

Ye Yuan did not fuss over the details. He believed that this lass will be troubled for some time after this conversation and would not have the time or energy to compete with him. So he just told her the method directly.

"Will that . . . really work?"

"I already told you the method. Whether you believe or not is up to you," Ye Yuan replied indifferently.

Meanwhile, Wan Yuan walked out of the pill refinement room with a swagger.

Wan Yuan's performance today was exceptional, and he surpassed his usual standard when completing the pill refinement!

"Hahaha! Honorable Nephew has indeed surpassed your predecessor! I can see that your alchemy skills already have some of your father's charm. The medicinal pill refined this time is probably at least a high-grade medicinal pill? Quickly bring it here for this old man to see!" Wang Jinfu laughed heartily.

Currently, an examiner already presented the medicinal pill. Wan Yuan gave Wang Jinfu and Sun Jianming a bow as he said respectfully, "Many thanks for the praise, Chairman Wang. What this junior refined this time is the Omen Breaking Pill. And luckily, I passed."

Even though his words were modest, the arrogance between his brows could not be concealed no matter what.

However, the way other people saw it, Wan Yuan had the capital to be arrogant.

Wang Jinfu took the medicinal pill to have a look, and his face involuntarily changed.