Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Great Turnabout

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The purple lightning tribulation landed right on Ye Yuan’s body just like this!

After being hit by the soul tribulation, Ye Yuan’s entire body was paralyzed, unmoving.

Seeing this scene, Shangguan Yunrong laughed wildly and said, “Ye Yuan, so what even if you transcended the heavenly tribulation? Aren’t you still going to die at my hands?!Tsk tsk,you transcended the dual-colored lightning tribulation. You proved to us that you’re a true genius. So what? To be able to kill a true genius, I feel even more honored too!Hahaha!”

Bearing this bolt of purple lightning, although Ye Yuan was still breathing, it was already impossible to fight anymore. He naturally became fish on a chopping board, being at the mercy of Shangguan Yunrong.

“Brothers! Charge!”

Chu Shi gave a shout. Those people who came back charged out without any hesitation, slaughtering into the Fierce Gale World’s great army.

For a moment, war cries filled the air.

When Shangguan Yunrong saw this scene, he had a disdainful look as he said, “Couldn’t tell that you still have some capability of winning people’s hearts. These trash all killed their way out already. In order to save you, they actually came back again. But how large a wave can these small fries stir?”

Ye Yuan’s eyes were tightly shut. He did not have the intention of responding to Shangguan Yunrong at all.

Shangguan Yunrong said with a hideous grin, “Ye Yuan, you’re too outstanding. Out of fear where a long night is fraught with many dreams, I’ll send you on your way right now!”

By the side, Shangguan Lingyun was very excited at this time as well. Finally could kill Ye Yuan. After today, there wasn’t going to be anybody obstructing in front of him no more!

“Uncle Rong, quickly do it!” Shangguan Lingyun urged.

Shangguan Yunrong nodded his head and was going to make a move against Ye Yuan.

Right then, a streak of white light appeared out of thin air in front of Ye Yuan and attacked Shangguan Yunrong abruptly.

This scene was too sudden. Everyone could not react in time.

“Courting death!”

Shangguan Yunrong’s expression changed, and he changed direction at the last minute to attack that streak of white light.

That streak of white light’s speed was too swift. It was so fast that Shangguan Yunrong’s martial technique had yet to fully form and White Light already arrived in front of him.


Shangguan Yunrong was directly knocked flying out.

Only when he struggled to his feet did he discover that that streak of white light was actually a white tiger. Who could it be but White Light?

The current White Light was no longer that little kitty in the past, but he truly matured into a white tiger!

White color velvet fur lined with black stripes. A pair of tiger eyes glared at Shangguan Yunrong, looking awe-inspiring.

This was the true bearing of a divine beast!


White Light raised his head and gave a long roar. A powerful aura instantly spread across the entire battlefield.

At this moment, White Light’s might of a divine beast was displayed beyond all doubt!

“Peak Tier 4 demonic beast!”

Seeing White Light, Shangguan Yunrong sucked in a cold breath.

Peak Tier 4 demonic beasts were equivalent to humans’ Peak Soul Sea Realm.

And looking at that attack earlier, the offensive power of this white tiger was likely not beneath his!

The most damnable thing was that . . . this fellow’s speed was too fast!

Shangguan Yunrong only felt his vision blurred just now and White Light already arrived in front of him.

Such horrifying speed, his attacks could not hit at all!

There was actually still such a heaven-defying demonic beast existing around Ye Yuan?

Peak Tier 4 demonic beasts were extremely rare in human territories. They would only be inside the Endless Forest.

One had to know that when Peak Tier 4 demonic beasts advanced another step, they would be able to transcend tribulation and take form!

Even though this white tiger in front of him was only Peak Tier 4, it could fight to a draw with him. It could be seen that it was absolutely not a common demonic beast.

Shangguan Yunrong changed expressions several times. No matter how he calculated, it was also impossible to have calculated that Ye Yuan actually still had such a powerful existence by his side!

“Leave this white tiger to me! You guys attack together and kill Ye Yuan with a flurry of blades!” Shangguan Yunrong instructed the great army.

But right then, a dense pack of white apes suddenly appeared around Ye Yuan. They were precisely the Long-arm Stone Ape clan!

The Long-arm Stone Ape clan’s current strength was already no longer what it was in the past. Just the Tier 4 demonic beasts, a large batch was born. Tier 3 demonic beasts were even too many to enumerate.

Furthermore, for quite a long time, they rehearsed the Seven Star Ephemeris Grand Array incomparably proficiently. Their combat strengths were very daunting.

“White Light, Yuan Fei, give me a hundred breaths of time. I’ll kill him then!” Ye Yuan said calmly.

“Roar!Leave it to me, Big Brother!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Shangguan Yunrong never would have thought that both side’s situation would undergo so many changes in a twinkle.

Originally, his situation was a certain win. In this twinkle of an eye, Ye Yuan let out a large crowd of demonic beasts, instantly reversing the plot.

He was still solemnly swearing to kill Ye Yuan prior to this. Just how long had it been? It was actually Ye Yuan going to kill him!

Shangguan Yunrong suddenly discovered a problem and said in terror, “Your . . . Your divine soul actually . . . actually recovered!”

Shangguan Yunrong was fully immersed in the shock of White Light appearing prior this and did not pay attention to Ye Yuan at all.

Who knew that in this short while, Ye Yuan’s divine soul already fully recovered!

Although the present Ye Yuan still had injuries, his entire person’s aura had totally changed!

He was already a genuine Soul Sea Realm expert!

This discovery made Shangguan Yunrong dumbstruck with amazement. Wasn’t Ye Yuan already severely wounded and on the verge of death previously?

Why was it that in a twinkle, he was actually as good as new?

Furthermore, the divine soul getting injured was the most troublesome. It was exceedingly hard to heal!

What kind of miracle elixir could fully restore the divine soul in this short while?

Shangguan Yunrong felt that his brain could not quite wrap itself around it. The things that happen to Ye Yuan were forever that inconceivable.

How could he know that right at that moment the final bolt of purple lightning descended, the black bead and the golden characters in Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness finally reacted.

The attack which originally had an irresistible force was directly absorbed by the black bead when it reached Ye Yuan’s divine soul!

Then, the black bead quivered slightly and dropped a few powder-state black particles.

The golden characters carried along those few grains of black powder and started treating Ye Yuan’s divine soul.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul was like being bathed in the spring breeze, recovering to its peak state very quickly!

Ye Yuan did not bother with Shangguan Yunrong’s astonishment. He sat down on the spot, consolidating his cultivation realm with all his strength!

As a result of the heavenly tribulation’s baptism, Ye Yuan’s essence energy sea expanded rapidly. It finally formed an essence energy sea with a circumference of 3000 feet!

When Shangguan Yunrong saw this scene, the expression on his face became exceedingly fascinating.

At this moment, his mind only had one word, and that was‘run’!

Shangguan Yunrong flicked his sleeves and brought Shangguan Lingyun along, wanting to flee.

However, White Light already broke through to Peak Tier 4 now. His speed was already unbelievably fast.

The reason why Flowing Light White Tigers were called Flowing Light White Tigers was that their speed was unparalleled in the world.

Shangguan Yunrong’s figure had just moved, and White Light already arrived in front of him.

Shangguan Yunrong was secretly startled and had no choice but to turn back and face the enemy.


Another intense clash. The one human and one tiger both fell back several steps.


White Light roared angrily again, as if he was mocking Shangguan Yunrong.

If Shangguan Yunrong knew the universal beast language, he would understand what White Light was saying.

“My big brother says that he wants to kill you, so you must die!”