Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Obliterating With A Punch

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Shangguan Yunrong was terrified. But no matter how far he ran, he could not escape out of White Light’s palm either.

That terrifying speed of White Light made Shangguan Yunrong at a loss on what to do.

His attacks could not even touch White Light’s skin and fur at all. But White Light kept on tangling with him, making him not have the chance to escape at all.

White Light was actually still a notch weaker than Shangguan Yunrong in terms of strength. After all, he was formerly a Third Level Divine Traversing expert, even though now his strength was at the First Level Divine Traversing Realm.

But White Light did not come into direct contact with him at all. He just adopted harassment tactics.

His goal was to delay for a hundred breaths.

Presently, Chu Shi and the others became more enthusiastic the more they killed. They initially came harboring the resolve to die. Who knew that so many demonic beasts suddenly appeared in front to help. This made them suddenly feel that happiness came too suddenly.

“Haha!Didn’t I say that Mister Ye will be fine? Following Mister Ye, eating meat and drinking soup are a cinch!” Chu Shi said with a big laugh.

“Too awesome! Did you guys hear earlier or not? Mister Ye said to take his life in a hundred breaths of time. That is a high and lofty Divine Traversing Realm expert. Mister Ye just broke through to Soul Sea and is going to f*ck a Divine Traversing Realm expert!” Zhu Changzhi was excited too as he said this.

“Impressive!” Qian Si pierced through a Soul Sea Realm martial artist with a stab. He still did not forget to jab in verbally as a supporter role.

All of a sudden, Shangguan Yunrong said with a roar, “You d*mn tiger! No end to it, is it? It’s you who forced me!”


Shangguan Yunrong’s aura suddenly erupted. His body radiated an aura of red light.

“Bloodthirsty Art!”

Shangguan Yunrong’s aura suddenly skyrocketed. His speed and offensive power rose tremendously!

Although his cultivation realm did not break through, his combat power increased greatly.

What was more damnable was that his speed actually soared in a blink of an eye and caught up to White Light’s speed!

White Light also did not expect that this Shangguan Yunrong actually still had a card to play. For a while, he was forced to fall back repeatedly.

The two people’s exchange was like sparks flying off a flint. Ordinary people’s visual prowess simply could not catch up to the two people’s speed.


Shangguan Yunrong sent White Light flying out with a punch but did not continue following after to exploit the victory. Instead, he borrowed the rebound force of this blow to escape with even greater speed.

“Hahaha!Ye Yuan, we’ll have a chance to meet again! In the future, when my condition recovers to the peak, I’ll come and find you again!” Shangguan Yunrong’s figure flew away, only leaving behind this one sentence.

White Light looked at Shangguan Yunrong’s distant back view and could not help being vexed.

With this tussle, even if his speed was any faster, he could not catch up to Shangguan Yunrong either.

Shangguan Yunrong was just being pleased with himself when a voice sounded out beside his ear, seemingly transmitting from the netherworld.

“Why so anxious to leave? I transcended the dual-colored lightning tribulations and haven’t had the time to greet you!”

Shangguan Yunrong felt his scalp tingle. Whose voice could it be if not Ye Yuan’s?

His figure stopped abruptly, and he turned around to look. But he did not even see a soul.

“Stop searching already. I’m over here,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Shangguan Yunrong’s heart thumped. Turning back once more, indeed, he saw Ye Yuan standing right in front of him.

No idea since when, Ye Yuan actually ran in front of him.

Shangguan Yunrong’s heart sunk to the bottom. Since Ye Yuan could run in front of him, that meant that his movement was even faster than his!

Wanting to run, there was probably no chance already!

Except, he could not figure out no matter how he racked his brains, Ye Yuan had merely just broken through to the First Level Soul Sea . . .

En? No, wait!

Ye Yuan actually directly reached Third Level Soul Sea!

Shangguan Yunrong suddenly remembered something. His expression changed and he said solemnly, “Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!”

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “Looks like you’re still quite knowledgeable. That’s right, it’s precisely Origin Spirit Nine Transformations. Now, do you still have any last words?En. . . either way, I won’t help you to fulfill them either.”

Shangguan Yunrong’s face turned back, and he said ferociously, “Want to kill me? That will also have to shatter a mouthful of your teeth!”

Shangguan Yunrong was naturally unwilling to resign himself to fate. He instantly gathered a titanic amount of heaven and earth essence energy.

Even if his cultivation realm had been blasted down, Shangguan Yunrong was still a Divine Traversing Realm expert. This commotion was truly outrageous!

“Bloodthirsty Demonic Palm!”

A terrifying attack howled towards Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan similarly unleashed his move unhurriedly, as if he did not care about Shangguan Yunrong’s move at all.

“Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage!”

The fiery-red colossal dragon carried along a terrifying power and attacked Shangguan Yunrong.

This punch was God knows how many times stronger than when Ye Yuan was at the Sea Transformation Realm. It was even more powerful than the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

Under Shangguan Yunrong’s terrified gaze, the colossal dragon directly gobbled up his palm force, and then pounced towards him.


“Ahh!Ye Yuan, it’s not so easy for you to want to escape this easily!” At death’s door, Shangguan Yunrong struggled to yell out.

Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage landed on Shangguan Yunrong’s body without any suspense, directly blasting him into mince!

The might of one fist was terrifying to the max!

Right at this time, a wisp of black air floated in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he waved his hand, wanting to flick it away.

Yet, that wisp of black air ignored his essence energy and directly bore into his palm, forming a black mark.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed and he muttered to himself, “The power of a curse! This Shangguan Yunrong really leaves no peace behind even if he died!”

“Big Brother! I . . . Sorry about that.” White Light already came to Ye Yuan’s side at this time and said embarrassedly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “It’s fine. Just nice one hundred breaths of time. You already did very well! Really didn’t think that refining one tiger bone can actually let you directly broke through to peak Tier 4! Advancing another step and you’ll be able to transcend the tribulation and take form!”

“Haha!You don’t know how agitated I was when I saw that tiger bone back then! That was a peak Tier 4 Blackflame Tiger’s tiger bone. To you humans, it can just refine some medicinal pills. But to me, it’s a priceless natural treasure! When I saw it, I snatched it over without hesitation,” White Light said.

Ye Yuan recalled the scenario of White Light snatching the tiger bone back then and could not help laughing heartily.

“Alright. Since you’ve already broken through to peak Tier 4, wait until I gather up the medicinal herbs for a Shapeshifting Pill. Then I’ll help you refine a Shapeshifting Pill and aid you to break through to Tier 5!” Ye Yuan said.

White Light jumped up excitedly when he heard that,“Haha!I knew that Big Brother is the best! Thanks a lot, Big Brother!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “What are you still being courteous with me for? Just now, if not for you just happens to break through, I probably wouldn’t have any way of standing here perfectly fine now!”

Ye Yuan and White Light, the two people, were currently chatting. When those Fierce Gale World martial artists saw their side’s Divine Traversing Realm expert being killed off with a punch, how could they still have the thoughts of fighting? They immediately fled helter-skelter.

Chu Shi and and the others also gathered around at this time. Ye Yuan clasped his hands when he saw them and said, “Thank you very much, everyone.”

Chu Shi repeatedly said dare not, “What’s Mister Ye saying here? Our lives were all saved by Mister Ye. Without you, we couldn’t possibly have escaped from Crimsonlight City at all! Moreover, we didn’t really help by coming either. Rather, we’ve let Mister Ye seen a joke.”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Alright everyone, do away with the polite remarks. We shouldn’t stay for long in this place. City Lord, Chu Shi, you guys hurry up and bring the Crimsonlight City martial artists and leave!”