Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Forbidden Death Zone

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Ye Yuan’s words made Chu Shi and the others stupefied.

“Mister Ye, what do you mean? Aren’t you going back together with us?” Chu Shi said puzzledly.

Ye Yuan revealed the black mark in his hand for everyone to see, shook his head, and then said, “That Shangguan Yunrong planted a divine soul curse on me before dying. The Fierce Gale World’s Divine Traversing Realm experts can definitely track me based on this curse. Those Divine Traversing Realm expert are probably on their way already. If I follow you guys, you can’t escape. Their target is me. As long as I’m not together with you, you all should be able to escape successfully.”

When everyone saw that black mark in Ye Yuan’s hand, they involuntarily drew a cold breath.

“This . . . Then you going by yourself, isn’t it too dangerous?” Zhu Changzhi said worriedly.

“Yeah. Let’s also quickly notify the alliance and let them send experts to rendezvous with us!” Qin Yan said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “It’s too late! Alright, don’t be long-winded. You guys hurry up and leave. I have my own ways to avoid their pursuit.”

Zhu Changzhi was still going to say something but was held back by Chu Shi who said, “We’ll only be Mister Ye’s burden by following him. If he goes alone, he might be safer instead. Alright, let’s go.”

After everyone left, Yuan Fei carried Shangguan Lingyun in front of Ye Yuan and said, “Young Master, how to deal with this fellow?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Kill him!”

Shangguan Lingyun’s expression changed, and he said savagely, “Ye Yuan, even if you kill me, you’ll die a horrible death too! Uncle Rong has already planted a divine soul curse! Even if you flee to the ends of the world, you’ll be killed by Family Head too!”

Ye Yuan smiled indifferently and said, “You’re thinking too much. Just a tiny little divine soul curse, that’s all. It’s a little troublesome, but to take my life, it’s still lacking!”

Very quickly, Yuan Fei disposed of Shangguan Lingyun. A Fierce Gale World’s young genius of his generation fell just like that.

“Big Brother, where are you going now?” White Light asked.

“The Endless Forest!” Ye Yuan said without any hesitation.

. . . . . .

On a spirit boat several million miles away from Crimsonlight City, a black mark suddenly appeared on Ding Liang’s palm.

Seeing this black mark, Ding Liang’s brows could not help furrowing.

“This is Shangguan Yunrong’s divine soul curse. He knew that Shangguan Wenrui sent me to hunt down Ye Yuan, so he sent the mark over to me! Looks like Shangguan Yunrong and Lan Shun have both fallen already. Could it be that Ye Yuan killed them? That isn’t very likely, right? According to the news sent over previously, Ye Yuan should be transcending the tribulation to break through to the Soul Sea Realm. Even if he succeeds in breaking through, it’s also not possible to be Shangguan Yunrong’s match! Could it be that there are even stronger people in Crimsonlight City? But if it’s really like that, why wasn’t there any news sent over from there?”

Ding Liang could not figure out after racking his brains and was at a loss regarding Crimsonlight City’s situation.

This curse mark was only a fuzzy response. It would not send over all of the information.

Based on this curse mark, Ding Liang could find Ye Yuan. But he did not know if this pursuit target was Ye Yuan or not.

But looking at the intel currently grasped, clearly, Ye Yuan’s suspicion was the greatest.

“Screw it. As long as I catch this fellow, I’ll naturally know who he is! Hopefully, this person is really Ye Yuan. That will save me a great deal of trouble! It’s a pity that the set-up over there has already reached a critical time but keeps on transferring manpower out non-stop. It’s really troublesome! Ye Yuan,oh,Ye Yuan, I knew that you weren’t something that belongs in a pond back then. But isn’t your rise up a little too rapid as well?”

All of a sudden, Ding Liang’s brows furrowed. He discovered that Ye Yuan was currently speeding towards the southern direction with extreme speed.

“Heh,thinking of running? How can it be so easy? With this curse mark, even if you run to the ends of the world, how can you escape my palm?”

Ding Liang deployed the profound artifact spirit boat with a gesture and chased after in the southern direction with tremendous speed.

. . . . . .

To humans, the Endless Forest was very perilous. But as long as one’s strength was sufficiently strong, they could still rely on their own strength to fly over.

But in the Endless Forest, there was a region known as Forbidden Death Zone. Even peak Divine Traversing Realm experts did not dare to cut across either, regardless whether was it through the land or via the sky.

The total area of this region was very vast, but it had borders.

Head south ten thousand miles from the Northern Domain was the borders of this Forbidden Death Zone.

This Forbidden Death Zone extended for a hundred thousand miles. Only outside of this hundred thousand mile radius was the area that humans could move about in.

Of course, the Endless Forest’s size was far from just a hundred thousand miles. So the area that humans could enter was still very huge.

Otherwise, the South and North, two regions, were really going to be isolated for life.

And Ye Yuan’s current destination was precisely this Forbidden Death Zone!

Although he did not know who the Fierce Gale World would send to hunt him down, Ye Yuan dared to confirm that it should be at least a middle-stage Divine Traversing Realm expert.

Such an expert, he could not defeat the person no matter what.

If he wanted to live, he could only force himself into a hopeless situation with no way out so that he would fight back desperately.

By the time Ye Yuan came to the three thousand mile region, he already put away the spirit boat and went on foot.

Because spirit boats pursued speed, their defensive strengths were generally very weak. Once they entered the territories of high ranking demonic beasts, it was very easy to suffer the attacks of flying-type demonic beasts. If the spirit boat was damaged because of this, then the loss outweighed the gain.

But along the way, Ye Yuan’s progress was rather fast.

With White Light following him and giving off the power of a divine beast, the beasts all submitted along the way.

That power intimidated the forest like a tiger’s roar throughout the whole journey!


Although White Light’s body became large, he still had a child’s disposition.

Teasing those low ranking demonic beasts, he felt very good about himself at present.

Ye Yuan chuckled when he saw the situation and said, “Your white tiger clan is the king of all beasts! Look at you, so childish!”

“Heh heh,Big Brother, you don’t know how arduous it was for my mother and me to survive in the Endless Forest. If not for running into you, I wouldn’t even be able to beat that Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python, let alone talk about being whatever king of all beasts! Now that my strength is powerful, coming back to the Endless Forest again is to let those fellows who bullied my family before to prostrate!”

Although White Light said these while grinning, in his words revealed some forlornness.

When Ye Yuan hear White Light say so, he was filled with a vicissitude of emotions too.

Recalling when he met White Light back then, White Light was young and immature like a kitten.

Now, several years had passed. White Light already grew into a true king of all beasts.

Him returning to the Endless Forest again to regain face was also something within reason.

“En.In the future, us brothers will mature together. We’re going to let everyone who bullies us come and prostrate before us!” Ye Yuan also said with a grand, lofty sentiment.

“Haha!That’s of course! Me, this divine beast, plus Big Brother, this freakish monster, whoever runs into us have to submit too!” White Light said with a big laugh.

“Ye Yuan, it’s actually really you! You actually killed Shangguan Yunrong! Truly remarkable! However, today, you won’t have that good fortune like during the previous time!”

Right at this time, Ding Liang who had been in hot pursuit finally made it!