Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Heart Like Monolith Immovable By The Eight Winds

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Ye Yuan was racing against time!

He had to successfully form the ‘Lin’ character’s second hand seal before his medicinal pills were depleted!

The difficulty of the first form was already so great, much less than the second form.

Furthermore, different from the visualization previously, Ye Yuan had to interrupt the visualization every two to three days to stop and consume medicinal pills to restore essence energy.

Essence energy depleted for a long time would cause irreversible damage to the martial artist’s essence energy sea and would cause their cultivation realm to fall. Ye Yuan did not wish to take such a risk.

The second hand seal form was a continuation of the first hand seal form. But Ye Yuan’s attempt in forming the seal was not that smooth.

Two days passed and Ye Yuan could not even achieve the most minimum seal.

What Ye Yuan visualized was only a fuzzy hand seal. There was simply no way of forming the seal.

The condensation of a hand seal, even if it were just off by a fraction, the final outcome would also be a failure.

But Ye Yuan did not even cross the threshold yet right now!

Condensing hand seals like this required him to expend large amounts of essence energy too. This sped up Ye Yuan’s essence energy consumption even more.

This gray fog did not have the slightest essence energy replenishment. Ye Yuan could only continuously recover his essence energy through medicinal pills.

This way, Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills expenditure speed clearly hastened considerably.

When it reached the fifth day, Ye Yuan’s medicinal pills was already depleted by half!

At the rate of such consumption speed, Ye Yuan could at most still last for five day’s time!

Experiencing so many great storms and waves, Ye Yuan’s heart realm had long become incomparable from the past.

Expending these medicinal pills, Ye Yuan did not even blink his eyes. It was as if his medicinal pills were unlimited.

And all of his energy was placed on visualizing the ‘Lin’ character!

On the fifth day, Ye Yuan finally had a breakthrough in condensing the hand seal!

In these five days, Ye Yuan was more focused than any time in the past.

The second hand seal of the ‘Lin’ character that Ye Yuan was visualizing finally became clear.

But this was only the beginning. The remainder of the time, Ye Yuan had to strive with all his might to condense this hand seal. This was the most crucial step!

Condensing the hand seal was not such an easy process. Every attempt to from it, there was seemingly a kind of invisible energy pushing his two hands apart.

Ye Yuan was not baffled by these troubles. Because he could clearly sense it now, his Heart Realm was rising.

First day, second day, third day . . .

When it reached the fourth day, Ye Yuan finally broke through the barrier and completed the second hand seal!


Ye Yuan’s Heart Realm seemed to have opened a floodgate, suddenly becoming enlightened.

At this instant, Ye Yuan felt like his divine soul was seemingly going to leave his body.

That sort of feeling was as if he was placed high in the clouds, completely relaxed and carefree!

At this moment, Ye Yuan suddenly felt like the entire world became different.

This sort of feeling simply could not be described using words!

If one must use a term to describe it, that was ‘viewing the mountain, as not a mountain.”

“So, this is Heart Like Monolith? Heart Like Monolith, immovable by the eight winds! Indifferent to benefits, decline, ruin, fame, praise, mockery, bitterness, and joy. Heart Realm will not be moved by external things!”

Ye Yuan felt that his understanding of this world transcended far too much compared to previously.

This was a brand new realm!

Ye Yuan opened both eyes. The dense fog before his eyes was still that dense fog and did not seem to be any different.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and shut his eyes again.

Since his eyes could not see through this dense fog, then he should use his heart to look!

Ye Yuan strode forward, only following his heart to walk.

On the tenth day, when Ye Yuan opened both eyes once more, the dense fog before his eyes actually disappeared. He was actually situated in a forest again.

“En?This is . . . the Endless Forest? No, wait, could it be . . . the Endless Forest after the dense fog?”

Although the scenery almost the same as the Endless Forest, Ye Yuan discovered very soon the aspects which were different here. That was that the thickness of heaven and earth essence energy was on a completely different level from outside!

One could say that the heaven and earth essence energy at any place in the Endless World could not compare to here!

With Ye Yuan’s experience and knowledge, he could still confirm one point, that was that any small world’s heaven and earth essence energy could not possibly reach the level here as well!

Cultivating here, the speed would absolutely be multiple times of the outside world’s!

Ye Yuan never would have thought that the Endless World actually still had such a place.

Ye Yuan slowly walked forward but was clicking his tongue in marvel inwardly.

He did not walk far, but he already saw quite a few kinds of Tier 4 spirit medicines. Furthermore, they were all extremely valuable spirit medicines. This place was simply a treasure land!

Ye Yuan naturally would not be courteous, conveniently keeping those Tier 4 spirit medicines into his bag.

Tier 4 spirit medicines, it just nice came in handy for him right now.

Tier 4 spirit medicines were also precious items in the outside world. It was naturally impossible for Ye Yuan to cast it away like some worn out shoes like before.

Moreover, as an experienced alchemist, conveniently harvesting spirit medicines was a professional behavior.

Yet, right when Ye Yuan was harvesting, alarm bells sounded!

A sharp and fierce bolt of silk cloth appeared at his back bizarrely and was actually going to ambush him!

Coming to a foreign place, it was naturally impossible for Ye Yuan to lower his guard.

In truth, he had been maintaining Heart Like Still Water Heart Realm all along. Any hint of subtle activity in the surroundings could not escape his observation.

Not that Ye Yuan did not wish to stay in Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm, but he had just broken through not long ago. Walking out of that mass of dense fog previously already exhausted too much heart force. He was simply unable to maintain Heart Like Monolith state for a long time.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan seemed to have grown eyes at his back, abruptly shifting his position and avoiding this certain kill attack.

Yet, that bolt of silk was akin to a shadow trailing close behind. It turned an odd angle in the air and came to pester Ye Yuan once more.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised in his heart. Although he had yet to see clearly who was ambushing him, he could confirm that the strength of this person ambushing was absolutely not beneath his!

But Ye Yuan clearly did not have the intention of giving in. Borrowing the space opened up by the dodging, a sudden punch rumbled over.

Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage carried a huge air billow and directly blew away the bolt of silk.

“Yii?”From the forest, a faint puzzled voice came over. The person clearly did not expect that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually so powerful.

After this one blow, Ye Yuan’s brows knitted together too and he murmured under his breath, “Taking Form demons?”

The so-called Taking Form demons were naturally referring to the Tier 5 demonic beast who were able to transformed into human form!

Demonic beasts that transformed into human form, if they did not take the initiative to release demonic essence, it could not be seen from the outward appearance. They were no different from ordinary humans when they mix among humans and live.

But once they executed martial techniques, their true form would be revealed.

Although demonic beasts and humans both cultivated essence energy, the system of cultivation was entirely different.

Demonic beasts integrated heaven and earth essence energy into the demonic core. The essence energy extracted and refined was known as demonic essence. There was a very big difference from human martial artists’ essence energy; it was very easy to differentiate.

Ye Yuan was secretly depressed in his heart. Couldn’t be so lucky, right? Running into a Taking Form Stage demonic beast right after coming in?

“This one has erroneously entered your honorable land. It’s truly unintentional. I hope that this Dao Friend can show yourself!” Ye Yuan cupped his fists and said towards a direction.

Clearly, through that attack earlier, Ye Yuan had already determined the other party’s position.

[Translator’s Note] Tidbit for ‘immovable by the eight winds.’ It’s a Buddhist thing where if someone’s emotions are not stirred by any of the winds, they are immovable by the eight winds. The eight winds(things) are essentially being unmoved by benefits which follows success, decline that follows failure, ruin from slandering behind your back, fame from complimenting behind your back, praise from commending to your face, mockery from verbal abuse, bitterness from pain, joy from happiness.