Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Repeated Provocation

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Three gorgeous figures floated down from the huge towering tree, making Ye Yuan unable to refrain from giving a sidelong glance.

Each one of these three people was all kingdom toppling beauties. Mortals when seeing would surely be captivated by them.

Even when Ye Yuan saw them, he also did not quite dare to believe that they were actually demonic beast who achieved Taking Form.

The unparalleled beauty at the front said to Ye Yuan with glaring eyes, “Human who dares to break into my God Prohibited Demon Region, die!”

But Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed when he heard that. Coming into here in order to avoid Ding Liang’s pursuit, Ye Yuan was aware that he was in the wrong. But yelling to kill right upon encounter made Ye Yuan very displeased.

Furthermore, looking at these three people’s attitudes, it clearly would not be good. Most likely, no matter how he explained, the other party would not listen either, right?

“Can the three ladies listen to a word from this one?” Ye Yuan still did not give up hope and held back his anger and said.

He had barged into other people’s territory after all. If he could not attack, then it was best to not make a move.

Ye Yuan was also secretly on alert in his heart. He ran into three Taking Form demons right after entering. Was his luck good, or were the strength of the demonic beasts here all this formidable?

“No need to talk! No matter what reason you have, to dare barge into the God Prohibited Demon Region only leads to death! I’ll give you a chance. End yourself!” said the woman.

When Ye Yuan heard, his brows involuntarily knitted together even tighter.

This woman was beautiful; it was just that that high and mighty appearance made Ye Yuan very displeased.

Ye Yuan did not have a good temper either. The other party already told him to end himself. Could this matter still be settled?

He was just about to fly off the handle when a slightly younger girl revealed an expression of being unable to bear it and urged, “Elder Sister Yu Leng, maybe this human really has something that he can’t say. Why don’t we hear him out?”

That beautiful girl called Yu Leng reproached, “What’s hard to say? Yu Shu, did you forget the ancestors’ teachings? As long as humans enter the God Prohibited Demon Region, summarily execute them without exception!”

“This . . . ”

“Humph!Although we don’t know how he made it through the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog, since he entered here, we must follow the ancestors’ teachings and kill him!”

The woman called Yu Leng was clearly unreasonable, prating on and on about killing, which also stoked Ye Yuan’s temper.

“Heh heh,what a fine immediate execution without exception! I want to see just how you want to kill me!” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

Yu Leng looked at Ye Yuan disdainfully and said with a cold smile, “Do you think that by evading my attack just now, you can escape with your life from under my hands? You’re merely a little brat who just entered Soul Sea. Truly don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! Forget it, since you aren’t willing to do it yourself, then I’ll send you on your way!”

He did not even see Yu Leng take any action. But bolts of silk actually headed towards Ye Yuan once again bizarrely.

Except that this time, regardless whether was it the angle or speed, it rose a great deal compared to before.

Evidently, she also acknowledged Ye Yuan’s strength and pulled no punches.

Ye Yuan just smiled coldly. Xuanying Sword was directly swung out!

“Myriad Rain Sword Blades!”

Ten thousand long swords instantly formed and directly chopped down on the bolt of silk!

Now that Ye Yuan broke through to the Soul Sea Realm, condensing the form of gathered essence was already effortless to him. Executing the Myriad Rain Sword Blades, this level of martial technique again, could naturally be done as he wished.

And the power of the sword blades increased tremendously too. This could be seen a little from the outer appearance of the condensed form.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

The strength of a Tier 5 demon was naturally daunting to the extreme. Although Ye Yuan’s Myriad Rain Sword Blades was strong, it could not sever Yu Leng’s bolt of silk, but emitted the sounds of metal clashing.

But even though it could not chop the silk into two, Ye Yuan’s Myriad Rain Sword Blades beat it back repeatedly.

Seeing that the martial technique Ye Yuan casually unleashed was actually so formidable, Yu Leng’s expression finally became solemn.

This human youth in front of her seemed to be somewhat extraordinary!

She originally thought that Ye Yuan was just an ordinary genius martial artists; the kind that could cross boundaries to battle.

But looking at it now, it was completely not the case.

She still did not employ full strength earlier. But that attack just now, casually exterminating a Ninth Level Soul Sea martial artist would still be with ease. Using it to deal with a First Level Soul Sea brat, shouldn’t capturing him be also the same?

Who knew that this boy was only First Level Soul Sea, but he actually beat her back repeatedly!

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “You, lass, are so unreasonable. Keep forcing me, and I won’t be courteous anymore!”

This Yu Leng had merely just entered Taking Form too. In fact, she was even worse than the Shangguan Yunrong whose cultivation realm had fallen. Ye Yuan dealing with her was still plenty to spare.

It was just that Ye Yuan was currently a stranger in a strange place right now, and he did not wish to stir up trouble. Moreover, although these three people were demons, they were dazzling beauties. Ye Yuan exercised forbearance time and again too. Otherwise, this Yu Leng provoking Ye Yuan repeatedly, Ye Yuan would have killed her long ago.

Except, Ye Yuan’s words sounded laughable to the max to Yu Leng.

She admitted that Ye Yuan’s strength was very formidable; much more formidable than she imagined.

But to talk about him crossing a major cultivation realm to defeat her, Yu Leng would not believe even if she was beaten to death either.

“Insolence! Lowly human, to actually dare utter wild ravings! Die!”

Yu Leng cried out daintily. The bolt of silk attacked once more!

“Jadesilk Flying Sword!”

This time, Yu Leng really brought out the strength of a Tier 5. That bolt of silk was flooded with extremely powerful demonic essence, stretching out perfectly straight and stabbed towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan decided to give this little lass a little lesson and let her know that Young Master Ye was not to be trifled with!


Ye Yuan’s aura erupted abruptly, directly soaring to Third Level Soul Sea!

“Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

Once Ye Yuan became serious, Yu Leng’s expression immediately changed drastically.

This palm was too powerful!

It was powerful until the extent where it could directly exterminate her!

She never could have thought that a First Level Soul Sea youth could actually achieve the level of killing Tier 5 demons!

What kind of concept was this?

Tier 5 Taking Form was called demon race, while Tier 4 and below were called demonic beasts. From this, it could be seen how great the disparity between the two boundaries was!

This was a mighty chasm that was difficult to cross!

Yet, this youth before her eyes directly crossed this huge chasm!


Too strong!

The azure dragon struck the bolt of silk until it fragmented inch by inch like breaking a dead branch from a tree, then swept over directly towards Yu Leng.

“Ah!Don’t hurt Elder Sister Yu Leng!”

That girlie called Yu Shu actually blocked directly in front of Yu Leng, wanting to block this blow for her!

Ye Yuan was also taken aback by this sudden unforeseen change and hurriedly flipped the palm force. The azure dragon headed for a massive tree that ten people could circle around with their arms and smashed over.


That towering great tree’s trunk was directly snapped. The huge tree fell down immediately.

Seeing this scene, Yu Leng had long been frightened until her face was ashen already. How was there still any hint of the high and mighty wild arrogance?

If this palm landed on her earlier, it was not to the extent of killing her. But severe injuries, that was a must.

How could she know that this was still Ye Yuan holding back a bit? Or else, she would directly be the outcome of a beauty perishing.

It was also that that little girl called Yu Shu helped Ye Yuan say a few words previously and made Ye Yuan have a pretty good impression of her, that was why he changed the direction of the attack at the last moment.

If not, he would have to make that little lass called Yu Leng end up with a result of severe injuries no matter what.

“D-Dragon race?” Yu Leng said somewhat disbelievingly.