Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 628

Chapter 628 Illusionary Arts? Haha

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Ye Yuan never thought about escaping, and he also knew that he could not run.

Yu Leng, these three people, clearly came prepared. Evidently, they had long known about his appearance.

Although Ye Yuan did not know how this Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan knew, without any doubt, they just knew it.

Yu Leng trio’s strength was not bad. But presumably, they were definitely not considered the most powerful.

Once those old fellows came out, Ye Yuan naturally would not get any benefits.

Even if Ye Yuan could escape back to the Endless Forest, at that time, he still had to face Ding Liang’s pursuit. In comparison, Ye Yuan felt that this place was still a little safer.

Yu Leng led Ye Yuan into the inner-hall. Ye Yuan instantly felt waves of powerful aura coming from head-on!

Ye Yuan was slightly apprehensive in his heart. He never would have thought that in this God Prohibited Demon Region actually had a Tier 6 demon!

The aura exuded by that old lady at the seat of honor was unbelievably powerful. It was even stronger than Zhao Tianyin’s. What could it be if not a Tier 6 demon?

But according to Ye Yuan’s understanding, this God Prohibited Demon Region was just a core region in the Endless Forest and also a part of the Endless World. How could Tier 6 powerhouses possibly appear?

“Yu Leng, this is the intruder?” That old woman was the first to speak.

When Yu Leng saw this old woman, her expression was unbelievably respectful as she bowed and answered, “Yes, Old Ancestor Yu Huan!”

Ye Yuan had been sizing up that Old Ancestor Yu Huan the entire time. Only to see that her entire face was covered in wrinkles, holding a cane with a bent body, appearing very old.

But the aura faintly exuding from her body was absolutely not simple!

Yu Huan’s gaze also looked towards Ye Yuan at this time, but she made a move suddenly!

She lightly tapped the crutch in her hand. A streak of incomparably powerful azure light attacked Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s expression darkened slightly. Lifting his hand and the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm returned the salute.


Ye Yuan was directly sent flying out!

The power of a Tier 6 powerhouses was not what Ye Yuan could contend with no matter what.

This attack of Yu Huan’s was just probing Ye Yuan’s limits. If she really attacked, Ye Yuan would not have the leeway to resist at all.

It was just that Yu Huan’s face revealed a trace of imperceptible astonishment. She originally thought that this attack could also let Ye Yuan suffer a bit of injury no matter what. Who knew that Ye Yuan dusted off the dirt on his body and stood up right away.

“If Old Ancestor Yu Huan wishes to feel me out, just say frankly. Isn’t such boorishness failing to treat guests with hospitality?” Ye Yuan said crossly.

Yu Huan was definitely already aware that he had the dragon race’s bloodline. Otherwise, she would have killed him straight away and be done with it. That move earlier was definitely just in order to probe Ye Yuan out.

Ye Yuan was aware in heart, so his opening move was the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm’s strongest strike.

He already sensed that this God Prohibited Demon Region seemed to be very adverse towards humans. Ye Yuan displaying his own dragon race bloodline, Yu Huan was likely to not do anything to him.

If she had any malicious ideas towards him, she would have just directly killed him just now. Why was there a need to go through the trouble of probing him?

Yu Huan raised her eyelids slightly and asked, “You refined the blood essence of a true dragon?”

Ye Yuan knew that it could not be concealed from the other party and said with a smile, “Senior’s discerning eyes are like burning torches!”

Getting an affirmative reply, Yu Huan’s aura suddenly became fierce as she pressed Ye Yuan, “Where did your true dragon’s blood essence come from?!”

“Uh . . . Senior, please forgive me. This isn’t convenient to reveal to Senior.”

Vast Heaven Pagoda was Ye Yuan’s secret. It was naturally impossible for him to divulge it to Yu Huan.

Such an unparalleled treasure, even Tier 6 powerhouses would be moved too.

Ye Yuan was not acquainted with this Yu Huan too. It was hard to guarantee that she would not have any wicked intentions.

Facing a Tier 6 expert, Ye Yuan did not have any excess strength to resist.

But Ye Yuan’s words had clearly infuriated Yu Huan. She suddenly became abnormally irritable. A powerful aura enveloped Ye Yuan.

“You don’t seem to have realized your circumstances! Whether you say or not isn’t up to you!” Yu Huan said coldly.

Ye Yuan was crushed until he almost could not breathe. But he still said obstinately, “Hehe, whether you kill or not is up to you. But to say or not lies with me! I don’t wish to say. Even if you kill me, I won’t say either!”

Yu Huan’s expression turned cold. The imposing momentum on her body became even more powerful. The pressure on Ye Yuan’s body became increasingly greater, directly crushing him until his bones made creaking sounds.

This sort of environment, Ye Yuan seemed to have a deja vu. It was exactly the same as when Zhao Tianyin forced him to kneel down back then. Except, Yu Huan did not have the intention of making Ye Yuan kneel. She just used essence energy to pressure him to compel him to say the origins of the dragon blood.

Ye Yuan clenched his teeth tightly. Dense beads of sweat exuded on his forehead, and his expression became very contorted. Clearly, he was in great agony.

By the side, when Yu Shu saw Ye Yuan’s pained appearance, she pleaded, “Old Ancestor Yu Huan, he doesn’t have any ill intentions! Better to not kill him! Earlier, if not for this big brother showing mercy, Yu Shu would already be a dead person.”

Ye Yuan suddenly felt the pressure on his body ease up. The essence energy confining him instantly vanished into nothing. Evidently, it was pulled back by Yu Huan.

Ye Yuan looked at Yu Shu and said with a miserable smile, “Haha! Little lass, you’re too kind-hearted! Helping to speak up for outsiders, aren’t you afraid of your family’s old granny punishing you?”

When Yu Shu saw Yu Huan pull back the essence energy, she relaxed slightly in her heart.

Seeing Ye Yuan ask, Yu Shu blushed red and said shyly, “I’m just taking the matter on its merits! Earlier, if not for Big Brother you showing leniency, Yu Shu would definitely be dead already. This shows that Big Brother you’re not a bad person!”

Actually, in terms of age, Yu Shu was goodness knows how much older than Ye Yuan. But her calling big brother over and over again, Ye Yuan’s bones were about to turn limp as he listened.

Ye Yuan was just about to say a few words to tease Yu Shu when he suddenly felt his divine soul quiver. He was actually sneak attacked by Yu Huan this old woman!

“Let me ask you, what’s your name called. Where are you from?” Yu Huan seemed to think that she had controlled Ye Yuan and asked.

“I’m called Ye Yuan. I’m from a mortal country in the Endless World’s Southern Domain.” Ye Yuan’s two eyes were lifeless as if he was really controlled by Yu Huan as he replied.

Heh heh, the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s forte is illusionary arts. But using it on me is showing off in the presence of an expert! Little Lord, I, have comprehended Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm. Even if your illusionary arts were any greater, what can it do to me? Ye Yuan sneered coldly in his heart.

Yu Huan’s brows knitted. She clearly did not expect that Ye Yuan’s background was actually so ordinary and mundane.

“Why did you barge into the God Prohibited Demon Region?”

“I was being hunted down by someone in the outside world and had no choice but to escape in here.”

“How did you pass through the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog?”

“I . . . I don’t know either. I just walked and walked, and I came out.”

“Where did the true dragon blood essence in your body come from?”

“I unintentionally broke into an abode for fairies and immortals and obtained a drop of blood essence there and directly swallowed it. Didn’t expect that it was actually true dragon’s blood essence,” Ye Yuan blabbered nonsense.

Yu Huan’s brows furrowed once more. Clearly, she was very unsatisfied with this answer.

Following that, Yu Huan asked another large bunch of questions and finally got to the bottom of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan answered every question like this, but there weren’t much truthful words. Either way, this old lady could not tell either.

By the time Yu Huan discovered that she could not query out anything, she waved a hand. Ye Yuan’s eyes immediately recovered its clarity.

“En? What happened just now? What happened?” Ye Yuan asked with a bewildered look.