Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Accidentally Said the Truth

"This . . . is actually a quasi-superior-grade Omen Breaking Pill!" Wang Jinfu exclaimed in surprise.

"Oh? Let me see. En? It's true! Although the Omen Breaking Pill is in the same rank as the Profound Clarity Pill and the Fierce Tiger Pill, the refinement difficulty is much greater! Honorable Nephew Wan is truly remarkable to be able to refine a quasi-superior-grade." Sun Jianming took a look at the pill, and it was undeniably a quasi-superior-grade Omen Breaking Pill.

Looking at the amazement on Wang Jinfu's and Sun Jianming's faces, Wan Yuan suddenly felt a sense of pride.

"This Little Nephew was lucky. I didn't expect that I could actually refine a quasi-superior-grade pill today." Wan Yuan's words were modest, but the smile on his face could not be concealed no matter what. His way of addressing also changed from 'Junior' to 'Little Nephew.'

Wang Jinfu looked at Wan Yuan thoughtfully and sighed. "Honorable Nephew is too modest. Your alchemy skills are most likely number one among the younger generation in the State of Qin. If not for the fact that you are Old Brother Wan's son, this old man even wants to take you in as a disciple!"

Wan Yuan's heart shook with excitement. It was definitely highly beneficial to receive the acknowledgment of the Alchemist Association's Deputy Chairman.

The Alchemist Association had always been a transcendent existence that could not be controlled by any influence.

It was precisely so that everyone wished to strike up good relations with them. If he were accepted to be Wang Jinfu's disciple, then the Wan Family would have found a powerful backer from now on!

It was true that Wan Donghai was impressive. But in the end, he was only a businessman, a rootless weed.

Although the Drunken Star Manor was huge, it faced too many restrictions within the capital. If they managed to scale up this big tree called the Alchemist Association, then would it not be simple to destroy the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion?

Imagining this, Wan Yuan no longer hesitated. Bowing towards Wang Jinfu, he said, "My father would frequently mention the two Lord Chairmen at home and is full of admiration towards both Lords. If my father were to know that I could acknowledge Lord Chairman as my master, he would be very pleased."

Wang Jinfu chortled and said, "But what a pity. I've already accepted Feng-er as my last disciple. Furthermore, you are a member of the academy. It isn't convenient for you to acknowledge other masters. However, there is no harm in taking you in as an in-name disciple. Are you willing?"

The first half of the sentence disappointed Wan Yuan greatly, but the second half made him overjoyed. Wang Jinfu's arrangement was indeed in consideration of taking him in as his disciple!

A member of the Dan Wu Academy was the equivalent of a member of the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Acknowledging other masters would naturally be inappropriate, but an in-name disciple would not be an issue.

Wan Yuan kowtowed. "Disciple Wan Yuan pays respect to Master!"

Wang Jinfu stroked his beard as he smiled and accepted it calmly. "Good, good. You and I are only master and disciple in name, so there isn't a need to stand on ceremony. Get up. The two of us had better not delay other people's tests. We will talk about this matter after the test."

Anyone could tell that Wang Jinfu was highly pleased with this in-name disciple.

Feng Ruoqing by the side furrowed her brows instead.

It was not that she was unhappy with Wan Yuan acknowledging a master. In reality, there were many students like that in the Dan Wu Academy. However, Wan Yuan's background was too sensitive.

As a member of the Imperial Family, Feng Ruoqing naturally had a different sensitivity to Wan Yuan acknowledging a master.

The Wan Family and the Su Family had been in collusion all this while. They dominated over half of the State of Qin's medicinal pills and medicinal herbs businesses. The Imperial Family was apparently concerned about this, so they tacitly approved of the Ye Family's rise.

But now that Wan Yuan was taken in by Wang Jinfu, this would mean that the Wan Family had struck up a relationship with the Alchemist Association!

The influence of the Alchemist Association was even greater than the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Their branches spanned every corner of the continent. One could say that as long as a place had people living there, there would be an Alchemist Association.

To the Imperial Family, they had to be on guard now that the Wan Family was in league with this giant!

"The Alchemy Master test is starting now. Participants, enter the herbal warehouse," the examiner called out.

Ye Yuan was about to move when Wan Yuan walked in front of him smilingly. "Ye Yuan, I advise you to not go out there and disgrace yourself. Master is a respected figure who isn't willing to dispute with a junior like you, so you should have a sense of propriety. You have never been in contact with alchemy since young. If you mess up later, you are not only going to lose face, even Teacher Feng and the Dan Wu Academy's people will be thoroughly disgraced."

"What? He doesn't know alchemy?!" When Wang Jinfu heard that, he immediately blew his top.

"Master, I can be considered to have grown up together with Ye Yuan, but I was never aware that he knew alchemy. Although I don't know how he managed to sneak in, I'm afraid that he will make us all lose face. That's why I decided to speak up." Wan Yuan faked compassion as he explained.

"Ye Yuan, are you challenging this old man's patience?!" Wang Jinfu snarled.

Ye Yuan ignored Wang Jinfu and looked at Wan Yuan instead, smiling as he said, "Read my lips."

"What?" Wan Yuan was stunned for a moment and did not react in time.

"I~~~diot~~~" Ye Yuan did not make a sound but mouthed the word exaggeratedly.

Even though the audience did not hear anything, even a moron could see what Ye Yuan was mouthing.

It was just that with this, the formerly tense atmosphere became a little weird. Everyone fought hard to hold back their laughter.

"Ye Yuan, I'm doing this for your own good! Don't be ungrateful!" Wan Yuan burst out furiously.

"I'm really astonished by your idiocy! Who within the capital and the Dan Wu Academy aren't aware that you were at loggerheads with me since young? Now, you're saying that you're doing this for my own good? Do you think everyone is as stupid as you?" Ye Yuan sighed helplessly.

Wan Yuan did not expect Ye Yuan would lose all decorum with him right here. Being said like this, he was foolish enough to astonish everyone.

"Don't change the subject, Ye Yuan! Right now, I'm talking about whether you know alchemy or not. You are wasting the two chairmen's precious time!" Wan Yuan did not lose himself in anger and managed to retort.

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed. "Sorry, I insulted the word 'idiot' just now."

"Pffft!" This time around, the audience could not hold back their laughter anymore. Especially Feng Zhirou, who convulsed in laughter exaggeratedly.

Wan Yuan's face turned purple as he roared, "Don't talk nonsense, Ye Yuan!"

"Fine then. Someone who's even less than an idiot like you won't give up unless I make it clear. You said that you grew up together with me and was never aware that I knew alchemy? Don't tell me that you stalk me 24 hours a day? Do you follow me when I'm eating, sleeping, and on the loo? Or should I report to you when I'm learning alchemy? Yes, you have an Alchemy Grandmaster for a father. But I also have an Alchemy Grandmaster for a father! Why should you know alchemy, but I can't? You even incited the two chairmen to be your hired thugs to put me to death. Your intentions are so sinister! Oops. My bad. I accidentally revealed your true purpose. Sorry!"

Finishing, Ye Yuan even bowed towards Wan Yuan mockingly, making the audience burst into laughter once again.

With what Ye Yuan said, it was like yellow dirt had fallen into Wan Yuan's pants. Even if it was not shit, it became shit.

Wan Yuan turned to look at Wang Jinfu. As expected, his face became sullen. Wan Yuan hurriedly explained, "Master, don't listen to his nonsense! There's no such thing! He's trying to shift the blame to me. Why would I make use of Master? Whether he knows alchemy or not, it will be clear once he enters the refining room!"

For a moment, Wang Jinfu was unable to tell if what Ye Yuan said was true or false, so he said, "Fine. I will let you try!"