Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Bringing Back From The Dead

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Ye Yuan entered a shabby thatched house. Mournful weeping sounds came from inside.

“Make way, quickly make way! That little fox hasn’t died yet. What are each one of you wailing like it’s a funeral for?” Ye Yuan raised a hue upon entering the house.

Ye Yuan parted the crowd and saw a snow-white little fox lying on the bed. It was just that the fox’s fur was stained with a fair bit of blackish-red colors. Clearly, it suffered very heavy injuries.

That little fox was severely wounded and on the verge of death at this time. Clearly, it was already unable to maintain human form and transformed back to its original body’s appearance.

Yu Huan was currently sitting by the bedside. Seeing Ye Yuan shouting and wrangling, her brows involuntarily furrowed, “Xin-er is already on her deathbed. You shouting and wrangling like this, are you tired of living?”

If not that she was holding Yu Xin in her hands and was inconvenient to get angry, she would probably have killed Ye Yuan directly already at this time.

Ye Yuan shot a glance at Yu Huan and said unhappily, “Old lady, if you don’t wish to let her die, then move aside obediently for me! I’ll give you three breath’s time to consider. If you don’t move aside, then I’ll wash my hands off this and leave!”

When Yu Huan saw Ye Yuan’s appearance, she could not help being stunned too. She did not think that Ye Yuan was so domineering and did not give her the chance to speak at all!

Her facial expression flickered irregularly, but Ye Yuan already started to countdown.

“Three breaths!”

“Two breaths!”

When Yu Shu saw that Yu Huan was still hesitating, she could not refrain from saying anxiously, “Old Ancestor Yu Huan, let Big Brother Ye Yuan give it a try?”

“One breath!”

“Wait!” Yu Huan finally spoke.

She put down that little fox gently and came in front of Ye Yuan, saying fiercely, “If I find out that you’re fooling me, I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

Ye Yuan was disinclined to bother with her. He directly circled around Yu Huan and came in front of the bed to inspect that little fox’s wounds.

He suddenly turned his head around and said, “What are you looking at? Why haven’t you brought them to scram outside? Don’t stand here and hinder me!Uh . . . Let Yu Shu stay behind. The rest all get lost!”

“You!” Yu Huan wanted to flare up, but she forcefully held it in and said to everyone, “All go outside for me!”

Although she went out as well, Yu Huan was very displeased with Ye Yuan.

This brat actually dared to tell her to get lost. Truly tired of living!

If he could really save Xin-er, it could naturally be settled. If he could not save, then he would have to suffer her thunderous rage.

“Old Ancestor, wasn’t that person just now human? He can treat Young Lord’s injuries?”

“Yeah. Old Ancestor, how can a human martial artist possibly treat our demon race’s injuries? Furthermore, Young Lord’s injuries, even you yourself personally taking action are helpless too.”

“Old Ancestor, in my view, that human definitely doesn’t have good intentions! He knows that he can’t live already, so he’s deliberately here to cause trouble!”

. . . . . .

Everyone’s tongues were wagging. All in all, they all did not believe that Ye Yuan could treat Yu Xin’s injuries.

The demon race’s alchemy skills and human race’s alchemy skills were two entirely different systems.

Extremely few human alchemists knew the treatment of the demon race.

This human race youth was at most just in his teenage years. How could he possibly know the demon race’s treatment ways?

Moreover, after Yu Xin suffered injuries, Old Ancestor Yu Huan used many methods before she could sustain her life until now. The shamans in the clan already used all of their power and were all unable to preserve Yu Xin’s life.

Just based on this human who came from God knows where, was it possible?

Actually, how could Yu Huan not know this logic?

It was just that Yu Xin was her only granddaughter. Looking helplessly as she was going to breathe her last, the agony in Yu Huan’s heart was simply hard to describe.

Hence, though Ye Yuan’s words earlier were unbridled, it gave her the last strand of straw to clutch at.

“All shut up for me!” Yu Huan’s mind was also in a whirl right now and could not refrain from blowing her top.

“Ah! Young Lord!” Yu Shu suddenly exclaimed with a cry.

The moment Yu Huan heard this voice, her expression involuntarily changed drastically!

“Boy, I’ll kill you!”

Yu Huan rushed straight into the thatched house, bringing a pressure that made people feel asphyxiated. Yet, once she entered, her entire person was paralyzed there. A jade-like beauty was lying on the bed. That frail little fox was already gone.

Who could that beauty be if not Yu Xin?

To be able to take human form indicated that Yu Xin already recovered some vitality.

“Who do you want to kill?” Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said unhappily.

Yu Huan could not help choking up. That outrageously imposing momentum on her body instantly dissipated away into nothing. What replaced it was incomparable awkwardness on her face.

She did not even figure out the situation and was going to kill people. It would be weird if Ye Yuan would be happy.

Actually, in her subconscious, Yu Huan did not think that Ye Yuan had the capabilities to treat Yu Xin either. So when Yu Shu cried out just now, she instinctively thought that something happened.

Who knew that Yu Shu’s exclamation earlier was because she felt that it was too unimaginable.

“You this old granny. Don’t yell about killing at every turn, alright? If you have the capabilities, you go and find that whatever Blackwind Demonic Wolves’ old ancestor to throw your weight around. Is it interesting to play this with a junior like me?” Ye Yuan put away the gold needle in his hands and said huffily.

This set of golden needles was swiped from Ren Xingchun there. Although it did not quite meet the requirement, it was also barely passable to use.

What he employed to treat Yu Xin was precisely his self-created 72 Cycle Path Needling Technique.

Now, Ye Yuan’s strength could no longer be compared to the past. Executing this set of needle technique again, it truly had abilities that even gods and devils could not predict.

Being scolded by Ye Yuan like this, Yu Huan actually had nothing to say in response.

Ye Yuan’s words were coarse, but the logic was not. How could she dare to find the Blackwind Demonic Wolves’ old ancestor to go and throw her weight around? What difference was there from courting death?

“You . . . You treated Xin-er?” Yu Huan was still worried about Yu Xin’s safety, so she could only toughen her scalp and asked.

“Treated? How can it be that easy? Not that I’m lecturing you, but what kind of messed-up fellows are the shamans in your clan? Your young lord was already injured until like this and they actually still used Nishang Fruit to extend her life. Isn’t this quenching a thirst with poison? Do you understand the logic of frailness can’t withstand nourishment or not? Although this thing is very nourishing, it’s no different from poison to this young lord of yours! Really messing around!” Ye Yuan fired a volley of scolding to her face.

He diagnosed for Yu Xin earlier and discovered that this bunch of people, in order to extend her life, they used every kind of crap.

Originally, her injuries could still drag for a while. But Nishang Fruit this kind of great tonic nearly took Yu Xin’s life directly.

Yu Huan was very concerned about Yu Xin’s injuries at this time but did not dare to raise her voice at Ye Yuan. She could only keep her cool and ask, “Xin-er she . . .”

Ye Yuan glanced at Yu Huan and said coolly, “The person is fine for the time being. But to want to recover to her peak condition, it still needs to work with medicinal pills! This is an inventory list of materials. Collect fully within ten days for me. Additionally, arrange for me a quiet place. I need to enter closed-seclusion! Ten days later, I’ll come and refine the medicinal pills.”

Although the 72 Cycle Path Needling Technique was incomparably profound, it could not fully replace medicinal pills.

For ordinary injuries and ailments, Ye Yuan could completely treat using the needle technique. But if the injuries were too severe, it was impossible to recover without the assistance of medicinal pills.

This Yu Xin already had one foot into the gates of hell previously already. Ye Yuan using the needle technique naturally had no way of letting her recover. It could only let her slightly recover some vitality.

To want to recover fully, medicinal pills must be used!