Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Four Symbols Phantoms

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The medicinal pill that Ye Yuan wanted to refine was named Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill, a Tier 5 low-grade demonic pill!

Without any doubt, this kind of medicinal pill that Ye Yuan wanted to refine needed to expend a considerable price.

The refining difficulty of Tier 5 medicinal pills was on completely different levels from the medicinal pills he refined in the past. Furthermore, Ye Yuan’s pill formulas, which one was easy to refine?

Actually, Ye Yuan did not have any connections with Yu Xin. But Ye Yuan finally still decided to help her refine the Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill.

Just as Yu Huan said, this Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was indeed good-natured. If it were some other demon race, it probably would not be that easy for him to want to go through such ordeal.

Furthermore, for Ye Yuan to want to survive in this God Prohibited Demon Region, he had to attach to a faction. Otherwise, with his human race identity, he would really become a rat running across the streets that everyone cries out to kill.

It was also uncertain what kind of existence this God Prohibited Demon Region was. There were actually Tier 6 powerhouses in here!

Moreover, looking at the current circumstances, Tier 6 experts were bound to not be as simple as just one or two.

With many considerations, Ye Yuan still decided to refine the Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill.

Of course, in this still had Yu Shu, that innocent little lass’s contribution.

After Ye Yuan went into closed-seclusion, he refined the Tier 4 cultivation medicinal pills, Heavenly Sea Essence Increasing Pill.

Along the way, Ye Yuan really stored up quite a bit of Tier 4 spirit medicines. Relying on the resources at hand, refining some Heavenly Sea Essence Increasing Pills were more than sufficient.

Ye Yuan planned on making use of this ten day’s time to impact the Second Level Soul Sea.

Although his essence energy was much thicker compared to ordinary martial artists right now, to want to refine Tier 5 medicinal pills, it was still somewhat struggling to make ends meet. To be able to increase a bit was a bit.

After ten days, under the assistance of the Heavenly Sea Essence Increasing Pills, Ye Yuan broke through to the Second Level Soul Sea in one stroke!

Right then, the spirit medicine inventory Ye Yuan wanted had arrived too. It was delivered personally by Yu Huan.

“These are all Tier 5 spirit medicines. You can refine medicinal pills?” Yu Huan said doubtfully.

“If you don’t believe me, you can take them away. Do you think that I want to refine medicinal pills for you all?” Ye Yuan replied unreservedly.

Yu Huan could not help choking up when she heard that. As the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s old ancestor, when had anybody dared to speak this way to her before?

Yet, this brat in front of her, his temper was unusually bad. As luck would have it, she still had the need for his help and could not do anything to him.

The gloominess in Yu Huan’s heart could only be imagined.

“Alright then. I’ll have to trouble you with this matter. If you can really treat Xin-er, you’ll be our Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s honored guest! Whatever request you have, just state them.” Yu Huan compromised.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “I don’t have other requests. You just don’t imprison me in the dungeons for the rest of my life will do!”

Yu Huan was embarrassed again. She discovered that she forever could not gain any advantage in front of Ye Yuan, so she could only leave.

Ye Yuan kept the spirit medicines and entered closed-seclusion again.

Ye Yuan took out the Square Cauldron, got everything ready, and started to prepare to refine the Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill.

But before this, Ye Yuan let Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong out.

Towards his disciples, Ye Yuan would never hoard. His serious attitude towards refining pills, there was a need for them to experience it. It was beneficial to their growth.

“I’m going to refine a Tier 5 medicinal pills, Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill. You guys watch closely,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong exchanged a glance and were shocked to their core.

Wasn’t their master too monstrous? Just initial-stage Alchemy King Realm and he was going to refine a Tier 5 medicinal pill?

Ye Yuan did not explain too much and started to refine the pill straight away. Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong did not dare to delay, staring at Ye Yuan without moving their gazes.

“Four Symbols Spirit Gathering Art, activate!” Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath and cried out lightly.

Ye Yuan suddenly erupted, displaying this alchemy skill seen again after a long absence.

This Four Symbols Spirit Gathering Art was not considered a very profound alchemy skill to Ye Yuan. But to the current him, the strain was still quite big.

If not for Ye Yuan refining dragon’s blood and the blood vitality of his physical body being exuberant, he might not even be able to hang in there.

Even so, Ye Yuan did not dare to spurn it the slightest bit either.

Refining Tier 5 medicinal pills with his current cultivation realm, he must pull out all stops!

When Ye Yuan was at the Sea Transformation Realm, it was actually very awkward, because he had no way of crossing realms to refine Tier 4 medicinal pills.

Because after breaking through to the Sea Transformation Realm, soul force did not increase much. Refining Tier 4 medicinal pills were actually equivalent to crossing two major cultivation realms to refine. This was simply impossible.

But in the wake of his cultivation realm breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm and transcending the soul tribulation, his divine soul already had a qualitative leap!

Even though Ye Yuan’s current soul force was only Peak initial-stage Alchemy King Realm, it was much thicker compared to normal people.

Adding in his unpredictable alchemy skills, could it be possible to transform the rotten into something magical, refining a Tier 5 medicinal pill!

Under the astonished gazes of the two disciples, the originally incohesive medicinal embryo gradually condensed and formed!

“Master, this is simply god-like alchemy skills! When I was in the Xiao Family before, I always thought that I was very incredible already. Only now do I know that I haven’t even learned the rudiments!” Xiao Ruyan did not dare to interrupt Ye Yuan and transmitted her voice to Ren Dong.

Ren Dong nodded and said, “Simply a marvelous work of art! I truly have no way of imagining that alchemy skills can actually be trained to such a realm! I feel that with my natural endowments, cultivating for another thousand years and I won’t reach Master’s level either!”

“Actually, we don’t need to belittle our capabilities either! With Master’s alchemy skills, him willingly taking us in in itself already indicated many problems. Maybe we won’t reach his realm in our entire lives. But compared to other alchemists, we’re already much stronger,” Xiao Ruyan said.

“En, that’s true! This period of time following Master, my alchemy skills already advanced with astonishing progress. I even have a feeling that I absolutely won’t be worse than Grandfather when refining Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills now!”

Ren Xingchun followed Ren Xingchun to refine pills since young and had a clear understanding of Ren Xingchun’s standards.

He could already cultivate a Tier 2 alchemy skill to the Legendary Realm right now. His foundation skills were god knows how many times more solid than before.

Quantitative change to qualitative change. Ren Dong’s present alchemy skills already could not be compared to in the past already.

Although he was still a high-rank Quasi-Alchemy King now, he was already on a completely different level from before.

“That . . .”

Xiao Ruyan suddenly saw something and nearly exclaimed in shock. Luckily, Ren Dong reacted fast and hurriedly used his hand to cover her mouth.

“Senior Apprentice Sister, do you want to die?! Master’s pill refinement reached the most critical time. You yelling out like this, he’ll kill you!” Ren Dong’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as he transmitted his voice.

Actually, the shock in his heart was not any bit lesser than Xiao Ruyan’s. It was just that he did not jump and freak out like Xiao Ruyan.

Only when Xiao Ruyan looked at Ren Dong and nodded her head to signal that she got it, did Ren Dong loosen his hand.

“Those were . . . Four Symbols Phantoms! Master he actually brought out Four Symbols Phantoms when he’s refining pills!” Xiao Ruyan said, not daring to believe it.

At this time, on the four bearings of the Square Cauldron, four faint phantoms were currently slowly forming!

These four phantoms were none other than precisely the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Xuan Wu, the Four Divine Beasts!

And among them, the Azure Dragon phantom was the most distinct!