Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 632

Chapter 632 Tier 5 Transcendent Grade

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The Four Symbols were the spirits of heaven and earth.

Ye Yuan being able to condense the Four Symbols Phantoms when refining medicinal pills indicated that he produced some sort of resonance with heaven and earth.

Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong were both not rookies. They were naturally aware of how profound a level condensing the Four Symbols Phantoms represented!

Although the Four Symbols Spirit Gathering Art’s nomenclature was the Four Symbols, barely any people who could coalesce the Four Symbols Phantoms could be found in the entire Divine Realm too.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly brought out the Profound Water Flag!

“Profound Spirit Nine Aperture Formation, form!”

Ye Yuan’s hands were akin to weavers at this moment. That sort of exquisiteness was brilliant to the max.

Try thinking about it, inscribing an array formation into such a small medicinal pill, how nimble a pair of hands did that require?

Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong were long mesmerized from looking already. Ye Yuan’s pill refinement this time refreshed their understanding towards the alchemy path once more!

They both had a feeling currently: Turns out that medicinal pills can be refined like this!

“Four symbols condense, medicinal pill form! Condense for me!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. The Four Symbols Phantoms emitted a series of light cries and sunk into the Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill!

Finally, dust settled.

Same as crossing realms to refine medicinal pills in the past, Ye Yuan was already exhausted until he could not take it anymore at this time. He hurriedly consumed the medicinal pills prepared ready and started adjusting his breathing.

Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong, the two of them, were still standing there in a daze and did not come back to their senses for a while.

The impact of the scene during Ye Yuan condensing the pill brought to them was seriously too great!

With Xiao Ruyan and Ren Dong, the two people’s identities, they had naturally seen before Alchemy Sovereign experts refining pills. Especially Ren Dong. He followed by Ren Xingchun’s side since young. That was a peak Alchemy Sovereign expert!

But they had never seen before any pill refinement where the commotion would be so big.

Integrating the Four Symbols Phantoms into the medicinal pills. What did that signify?

That signified that this medicinal pill obtained the recognition of Heavenly Dao! It represented a kind of resonance between Ye Yuan and heaven and earth!

What kind of grade would a medicinal pill like this reach?

“Go . . . Go and take a look?” Xiao Ruyan swallowed her saliva and asked Ren Dong.

Ren Dong had an expression of yearning and nodded his head deeply.

The two people plucked up their courage and came to the Square Cauldron’s side, opening the cauldron dexterously and retrieved the pill.

When they saw that sparkling and crystal-clear, without any impurities medicinal pill in the jade tray, they involuntarily drew a deep breath once more.

Transcendent-grade! Transcendent-grade again!

An alchemist at the Alchemy King Realm actually refined a Tier 5 transcendent-grade medicinal pills!

This was simply an accomplishment that surpassed ancient and modern times!

The two people surrounded that medicinal pill and walked around in circles like this, as if they were looking at a work of art. Tongue-clicking sounds and sighs of admirations came out of their mouths every now and then.

“The refinement this time, any inspiration?”

The two people were currently wishing to dissect the medicinal pill when Ye Yuan’s voice suddenly sounded beside their ears. Ye Yuan had already finished adjusting his breathing since god knows when and was standing behind them.

Ren Dong was startled and hurriedly straightened his body. He nodded his head, thought about it, and then shook his head.

“Master, I seemed to have grasped a little something, but . . . it’s like I didn’t grasp anything. Like the reflection of the moon in water,” Ren Dong said honestly.

Ye Yuan smiled and looked at Xiao Ruyan and said, “You too?”

Xiao Ruyan’s face turned red, and she nodded her head.

This way of saying it sounded perfunctory no matter how one listened to it.

Did not understand means did not understand. Pretending for?

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Your understanding towards the alchemy path is still too shallow! The Alchemy Dao is a Great Dao. When cultivated to an exceedingly high realm, it can reach the gods too! It’s just that the Alchemy Path is overly arduous and intricate. The time and energy expended are a few times, even dozens of times that of the Martial Path. So there are extremely few people who can walk to the pinnacle. The Alchemy Path and the Martial Path are the same; They both contain the maxim of heaven and earth within. The alchemy skills that you guys practice are all the crystallization of the forefathers’ wisdom. No matter how low rank the alchemy skill, in them has some hard to describe things. This is also the reason why I made you start over from the basics! A myriad of Great Daos, all lead to the same goal. Understand?”

Ye Yuan finished talking. The two people both revealed ruminating looks.

The things that Ye Yuan talked about already came into contact with the core of the Alchemy Dao.

Ever since following Ye Yuan, the two of them had been polishing foundational alchemy skills all along and did not study any profound alchemy skills intensively.

Previously, they knew the how but not the why all along. Today, through Ye Yuan’s tiny bit of pointer, they finally saw the light!

Ren Dong seemed to have understood something and said excitedly, “No wonder! No wonder I’m getting more and more proficient when I’m refining high-rank Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills now. Turns out that it’s this reason! Master, I understand!”

Xiao Ruyan had a look of excitement too as she said, “Ah! So that’s how it is! Master, I got it!”

. . . . . .

When Yu Huan received the Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill, her mouth could not close together for a while. Her jaws nearly drop the ground.

Even though she prepared these spirit medicines for Ye Yuan, she did not really count on him being able to refine it.

Ignoring other things, just Ye Yuan bringing Yu Xin back to life this regard, she would not really do anything to Ye Yuan either.

But when she saw this transcendent-grade medicinal pill in her hands, her opinion of Ye Yuan was completely subverted already!

This was a transcendent-grade Tier 5 medicinal pill!

Could those shamans in the clan refine transcendent-grade Tier 5 medicinal pills?

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was even a human!

More importantly, Ye Yuan was only Alchemy King Realm!

Crossing realms to refine a transcendent-grade Tier 5 medicinal pill. Was this what humans could accomplish?

Ye Yuan was stared at by Yu Huan until his scalp tingled a little. He could not refrain from saying, “What are you looking at? Are there flowers on my face?”

Only then did Yu Huan startle awake. She coughed dryly twice to cover up her embarrassment and said to a young girl by the side, “Yu Xin, it was Little Brother Ye who saved you. Why haven’t you quickly give thanks?”

After ten over days, this Yu Xin could already get down and walk. It was just that the aura on her body was still very feeble. Most likely, even a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist that came over could easily defeat her.

This Yu Xin’s two eyes were like water; she had delicate and dainty fingers, and cream-like skin. She was truly an all-around beauty.

But Ye Yuan knew that the fox race was innately seductive. After taking form, they were all unparalleled beauties. It was just that this Yu Xin clearly stood out more among the rest.

Yu Xin got Yu Huan’s pointer and gave a bow towards Ye Yuan and said, “Yu Xin thanks Mister Ye’s life-saving grace very much!”

These ten days, Yu Xin’s ear nearly had calluses rubbed out by ‘Ye Yuan,’ these two words.

She had originally given up on the hope of surviving already. But this man before her eyes forcefully pulled her back from the gates of hell!

Not just that, this man was actually even helping her to refine a medicinal pill to help her recover her strength.

All along, it had only been hearing the name but never seeing the person. Today, she finally saw his real face.

Except, hearing that Ye Yuan was just a Soul Sea Realm martial artist previously, this matter of refining medicinal pills was treated by her as a joke to listen to.

A Tier 4 martial artist refining Tier 5 medicinal pills? You’ve got to be kidding!

It was just that she never could have dreamed that not only did Ye Yuan refine it, but it was also even a transcendent-grade Tier 5 medicinal pill!

This sort of thing simply surpassed her understanding!

“Haha! Miss Yu Xin don’t need to be polite. If you want to thank, then go and thank Little Sister Yu Shu. I only refined a medicinal pill for you on account of her face!” Ye Yuan waved his hand and said.