Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 633

Chapter 633 Azure Spirit Tree's Information

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Yu Xin finished cultivating. She had never felt this great before!

Consuming the Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill that Ye Yuan refined for her, not only did Yu Xin’s body recover fully, her strength advanced a step further too, reaching Peak Tier 5 initial-stage!

Recalling the wording when Ye Yuan gave her the medicinal pill, Yu Xin could not help smiling bitterly.

This man was so senseless about other people’s feelings!

She was the young lord of the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan. Other people could not even wait to suck up to her.

Ye Yuan rendered such a great service and actually brushed it over with an ‘on account of Yu Shu’s face.’

“This Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill is too miraculous. I really don’t know where he got the pill formula from.”

“Just what kind of person is this Ye Yuan?”

Yu Xin discovered that she seemed to be full of interest towards this man who suddenly appeared.

“Yu Xin, have you finished refining the Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill?”

Right at this time, Yu Huan’s voice suddenly sounded out.

“Yes, Grandmother. Yu Xin has already finish refining. Please come in.”

Yu Huan pushed the door and entered. When she discovered that Yu Xin’s cultivation had actually advanced, her feet involuntarily stopped.

“Yu Xin, you . . . you actually broke through!”

Astonishment was written all over Yu Huan’s face. She never would have thought that this Skandha Ancient Spirit Demonic Pill was actually so powerful, letting Yu Xin break through directly!

Yu Xin said with a bitter smile, “This life of Xin-er’s is considered to have been sold to Mister Ye.”

Yu Huan’s expression changed several times, and she finally heaved a long sigh and said, “Really didn’t expect that a foreign human who suddenly barged into my clan’s territory actually became your savior. Perhaps, this is fate.”

. . . . . .

“You guys are saying, let me casually state the terms?” Ye Yuan looked at Yu Huan and said with a smile that was not a smile.

Yu Huan was deeply affected by Ye Yuan’s attitude. This expression was clearly looking down on the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan!

“That’s right. I already don’t have many years left. Xin-er is my clan’s most outstanding junior. You saving her is equivalent to saving our entire Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan. Therefore, no matter what requests you have, I can satisfy them,” Yu Huan said.

Towards Ye Yuan’s attitude, Yu Huan was very disdainful.

She was, at any rate, a Tier 6 expert too. Could it be that she still could not satisfy a Soul Sea Realm brat’s request?

Who knew that Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a smile, “What I want, you really can’t give. I wonder if your Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan has an Azure Spirit Tree?”

When Yu Huan heard, her brows involuntarily furrowed, “Azure Spirit Tree? Are you messing with me? Azure Spirit Tree is a spirit flora of heaven and earth; it is elusive with its whereabouts. Where will I find an Azure Spirit Tree for you?”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “You see, I said that you can’t take it out, right?”

Actually, Ye Yuan entering deep into the Endless Forest, apart from avoiding Ding Liang’s pursuit, there was still an objective, which was in order to find the Azure Spirit Tree and relieve Yue Mengli’s divine soul tearing agony.

Seeing as the two year date was gradually approaching, the medicinal herbs that Ye Yuan concocted were almost unable to suppress her ailment already.

If he still did not find the Azure Spirit Tree, Yue Mengli’s life would be in danger at any time.

Yu Huan was just about to fly off the handle when Yu Xin by the side suddenly spoke up, “Grandmother, don’t get angry first. Could it be that Grandmother forgot the news that Dongming Region sent over ten years ago?”

Ye Yuan was just randomly saying and did not think that there was really something. He could not resist asking, “What news? Quickly say!”

Ye Yuan naturally knew how difficult the Azure Spirit Tree was to find. So he did not harbor any hope at all.

Azure Spirit Tree was one of heaven and earth’s spiritual roots. Since birth, it would have spirituality. When it matured to a certain degree, it could even soar to the skies and tunnel underground. Its whereabouts are unpredictable and extremely hard to find.

Yu Xin said, “Mister Ye, don’t be anxious. This news is still from ten years ago; we also don’t know if it’s true or fake.”

“Forget whether it’s true or fake, quickly say what’s it about!” Ye Yuan urged.

Yu Xin nodded and said, “Ten years ago, Dongming Region’s Moyun Mountain, the story goes that somebody saw an Azure Spirit Tree before. But that person tracked the Azure Spirit Tree for three days and night and still lost it in the end.”

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said, “Just this? Can you say a little more in detail?”

“It was said that that person used all kinds of methods, but not only did he not catch the Azure Spirit Tree, but he was also hurt by the Azure Spirit Tree instead.”

“Who’s that person?”

“Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s incumbent Clan Head!”

Mentioning this Darkfiend Tiger Clan Head, Yu Xin’s words carried thick awe and veneration.

Very clearly, this clan head was not someone easy to deal with.

Ye Yuan nodded when he heard that and said, “Okay, I got it. Thank you very much, Miss Yu Xin.”

“Does Mister Ye wish to go to Dongming City?” Yu Xin suddenly asked.

“En? Why? Is there anything wrong?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

“The Darkfiend Tiger Clan is one of the overlords of the entire God Prohibited Demon Region. They are very averse to outsiders, much less humans. Mister Ye . . .”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not hiding from Miss Yu Xin, I’m finding this Azure Spirit Tree for the sake of saving a friend. No matter how difficult, I must go too!”

Ye Yuan said it very nonchalantly, but Yu Xin’s heart trembled.

Martial artists were mostly selfish. Those able to do their utmost for friends were not many.

Disregarding how strong the Darkfiend Tiger Clan was, just talking about this Azure Spirit Tree itself, it was extremely hard to deal with already.

“Mister Ye is very honorable!” Yu Xin praised.

“Huhu, I merely owe her a favor, far from being honorable or whatever. Oh,right, I have a question to ask you two. If it’s not convenient to answer, just forget it,” Ye Yuan said.

“En, you ask away. What I can say, I’ll naturally say.”

Yu Huan hearing that Ye Yuan dared to take this risk for the sake of a friend, she was slightly moved in her heart too.

She had a sharp tongue but soft at heart personality, and she had actually long regarded Ye Yuan as one of them already.

“This God Prohibited Demon Region is just a tiny region in the Endless World. But the territory inside is so vast. Could it be that this place formed a world on its own? The Endless World is only a middle-order small world and is completely unable to accommodate Tier 6 experts. Why are there actually so many Tier 6 experts here?” Ye Yuan asked his doubt.

With Ye Yuan’s present cultivation realm, he could not sense the power of space at all.

But he could faintly sense that this place was probably not such a simple place.

Once the experts here were placed outside, forget about the Endless World, even the Fierce Gale World, they could sweep across too!

Even the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan, a small clan like this, had a Tier 6 expert, let alone the other clans.

It was just that Ye Yuan was very curious why inside the Endless World, such a small world would be adjoined.

“This . . .” Yu Huan could not help hesitating when she heard Ye Yuan’s words.

“Haha, I was just casually asking. If it isn’t convenient to speak, just leave it at that,” Ye Yuan said without a care.

“Not that it isn’t convenient to tell, but I’m unable to answer you at all. Because I don’t know the origins of the God Prohibited Demon Region as well. Our demon race has all lived here for generations, and our Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan is just a bottommost faction. I heard that those powerful factions even have Tier 7 experts existing,” Yu Huan said.

Even though Yu Huan was a Tier 6 demon, she was just an existence at the bottom rung of the God Prohibited Demon Region; simply could not come into contact with many secrets.

When Ye Yuan heard Yu Huan’s words, he was greatly startled inwardly too.

This place actually had Tier 7 experts!