Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 64

Chapter 64: He Really Knows Alchemy?

"Fine. I want to see just what kind of Tier 2 medicinal pill can you refine! At that time, you had better not bring a pile of herbal dregs to serve as a stopgap!"

Wan Yuan wanted to embarrass Ye Yuan, but he did not expect to throw himself in.

However, he did not believe that Ye Yuan could refine any medicinal pill. Even if he really knew alchemy, it was impossible for him to refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill.

As long as Ye Yuan could not refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill, then everything was good.

At that time, could Ye Yuan even walk out of the Alchemist Association's gates in one piece with him fanning the fire by the side?

"You'd better worry about your own intelligence first. Don't worry about my matters."

Ending with those words, Ye Yuan directly ignored Wan Yuan and headed to the herbal warehouse.

When he passed by Feng Ruoqing, he suddenly flashed a smile and transmitted his voice, "In a while, watch properly and don't blink!"

Feng Ruoqing's face twitched as she looked bewilderedly at Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan had already entered the herbal warehouse.

Could it be that he's going to use the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique? That's why he asked me to pay attention? He really knows the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique?

Initially, Feng Ruoqing thought that there had to be a powerful alchemy master behind Ye Yuan. That was why Ye Yuan possessed such immensely profound theoretical knowledge.

However, the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique required extreme amounts of practice to learn. It was impossible without two to three years. As for mastering it completely, the time required was even longer. Even five years were considered short.

But Ye Yuan was only 15 years old. Could it be that he started learning when he was 10 years old? But Ye Yuan most likely had not even stepped onto the martial path back then. Where would he have the support of essence energy?

Thinking for a long time, Feng Ruoqing still could not figure it out, so she just let it go.

When Feng Ruoqing came around, she realized that the atmosphere was not quite right. Everyone stared fixedly at the light curtain with unusual eyes.

"What's Ye Yuan doing? Is he choosing herbs haphazardly to refine randomly later?"

Wan Yuan watched the light screen with a cold smile. "I said that he doesn't know anything, right? Just look. He doesn't even look and simply grabs a bunch of herbs completely indiscriminately as he goes. Who chooses herbs like that?"

"That's right. Isn't this making fun of us? Many of the herbs in the herbal warehouse look almost the same. It's impossible to tell the difference without inspecting it closely. He's being too casual!"

At their seat, the faces of Wang Jinfu and Sun Jianming did not look too good.

They obviously knew that there were many herbs inside the herbal warehouse meant to confuse the public. This was to test the visual judgment of the alchemist.

However, Ye Yuan's performance was too amateurish, giving them the feeling that they were being fooled.

Looking at Ye Yuan's performance, Wan Yuan was secretly even more certain that Ye Yuan did not know alchemy.

Observing the faces of the two leaders, he felt elated.

Y e Yuan, since you are courting death yourself, then you can't blame me! Today, even if Ye Hang came here, he also can't save you! Wan Yuan laughed coldly in his heart.

"Miss Feng, this old man doesn't want to speak out of turn, but does he really know alchemy?" Wang Jinfu could not resist questioning.

Only Feng Ruoqing was aware of Ye Yuan's ability in this place, so she did not find it unusual.

"Lord Chairman, please look on patiently. Since the test has already started, just let Ye Yuan finish. If he really poked a hole in any basket, then I, Feng Ruoqing, will shoulder it!"

Although Feng Ruoqing spoke respectfully, she was firmly defensive of Ye Yuan.

Wang Jinfu had some understanding of Feng Ruoqing and knew that she was a reserved person all along. He did not understand why she was accompanying a junior to mess around today.

"Miss Feng's abilities are already nearing a high-rank Alchemy Master. Can't you differentiate between a rookie and an expert? As long as you watch Ye Yuan choose his herbs, you'll be able to tell that he's a complete layman. Must Miss Feng continue to go along with his nonsense?" Wang Jinfu frowned as he said this.

Feng Ruoqing's identity was special. In the future, she could possibly become another Alchemy Grandmaster in the Imperial family.

Although the Alchemist Association did not fear the Imperial Family, this State of Qin was ultimately the Imperial Family's territory. Unless they had no other alternatives, both parties naturally would not lose all decorum. Hence, Wang Jinfu continued to endure when speaking to Feng Ruoqing.

But Feng Ruoqing just smiled and said, "I still have those same words. Why don't Chairman Wang watch finish patiently? Perhaps it wouldn't disappoint you? Sometimes, what you see with your own eyes might not be true."

Seeing Feng Ruoqing remain firm, he was also displeased. He wanted to see just what Ye Yuan could do. Since he had already made it clear that if Ye Yuan really dared to mess with the Alchemist Association, then even if he was beaten to death, there was nothing that Feng Ruoqing could say.

"Look, guys! Ye Yuan's out!"

"I-isn't this too fast?"

"Isn't he a complete amateur?"

"That's right. He came out after walking one round inside."

"You guys, look. He's carrying so little herbs. Most likely, there's only enough quantity for one refinement?"

"Does he think that it's hopeless and is acting recklessly? Or is he extremely confident in himself?"

"Bullshit. Of course, he thinks that it's hopeless and he's acting recklessly! Even an Alchemy Grandmaster wouldn't dare to guarantee that he could refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill each time. Don't tell me that Ye Yuan is so monstrous that his alchemy success rate is 100%?"

Ye Yuan's actions incurred a round of vicious words. But he could not hear them. Of course, even if he heard it, he would just treat it like a fart.

Entering the pill refinement room, Ye Yuan threw the herbs casually onto the workstation and split the herbs evenly into two sets before starting the refinement of the medicinal essence right away. Even the process of preparing the herbs was forgone.

Not even 30 minutes had passed from choosing the herbs until now. His actions caused another huge commotion.

In the hall, regardless of both students and alchemists from the Alchemist Association, they all exchanged looks.

"I-is this Ye Yuan here to be a joke? Even if he only prepared one set of ingredients for the sake of posturing, was there a need to skip weighing and preparation of the herbs? How is he certain of the quantity of each herb?"

Another person looked at him like he was an idiot. "You still have hopes that Ye Yuan could refine a medicinal pill even now? This fellow is a complete amateur who doesn't know anything at all! He's here solely for laughs!"

"Look, guys. the ingredients that he chose was only enough for one portion, but he split the herbs into two halves. Half the quantity isn't even enough to refine a single medicinal pill!"

"Hehe. This Ye Yuan is really ballsy. He actually dares to mess with the two chairmen. Is he courting death?"

Wan Yuan smiled coldly and said, "I already said that he was all talk. To think that he really made everyone run around in circles. I want to see just how he intends to wrap up the situation later!"

Following which, Wan Yuan looked towards Wang Jinfu to check out what kind of expression he had.

However, Wan Yuan did not see the expression he was looking forward to on Wang Jinfu's face.

Suspicion was written all over Wang Jinfu's face. "Old Sun, do you think that Ye Yuan this punk is about to use the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique?"

Sun Jianming's expression was about the same as Wang Jinfu's. "Theoretically speaking, splitting the ingredients equally into two parts is the approach to the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique. But he . . ."

Wang Jinfu shook his head. "I also think that it isn't likely. How old is this punk? How could he know the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique?"

"No need to guess anymore, Lord Chairmen. What Ye Yuan is about to use is precisely the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique!"

Right then, Feng Ruoqing's confident voice was heard.