Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Demonic Transformation

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Wolf Fang’s expression darkened, and he looked towards Ye Yuan and said, “A sharp tongue. You don’t know life from death! Hand over the Thunder Essence Fruits, and I’ll spare you from death!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Said that you’re dumb and you’re still unwilling to concede. Now, I’ll tell you to hand over your inner core. Will you hand it over or not?”

“What a sharp tongue. As long as you have this capability, no harm in taking it away either,” Wolf Fang said with a cold smile.

“I’ll return these words to you as well. If you have the capabilities, take the Thunder Essence Fruits away,” Ye Yuan said without any reservation.

During this period of time, Ye Yuan had constantly been hearing how incredible and powerful Wolf Fang was and really wanted to experience it a little.

With that round of testing the waters earlier, although both parties knew that the other guy’s strength was not weak, they both did not feel that they would lose.

Geniuses all had their own pride and absolute self-confidence. How could they admit defeat that easily?

But Wolf Fang’s strength was indeed very formidable. He could actually rely on his own strength to cut off the dragon pressure. This was absolutely not what ordinary demons could do.

Ye Yuan reckoned that this Wolf Fang should have awakened divine beast bloodline. Even though it was extremely faint, his cultivation realm was much higher than Ye Yuan’s. Using it to withstand the dragon pressure was still achievable.

Of course, Ye Yuan did not plan on relying on the dragon pressure to be able to make myriad beasts submit either. In the end, he still had to rely on his own fist.

“Alright then. I’ll come and take it myself!”

Wolf Fang finished talking and swept over towards Ye Yuan directly like a fierce gale.

“Illusionary Wolf Fang Fist!”

In midair, Wolf Fang suddenly manifested countless incarnations, covering the sky and earth as he attacked Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan just gave a vacant smile when he saw the situation. He then slowly closed his eyes.

Heart Like Monolith!

Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!

Ye Yuan directly entered into Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm and broke through to Fifth Level Soul Sea.

Even the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog could not confuse Ye Yuan. How could merely illusions hoodwink Ye Yuan’s eyes?

Under Heart Like Monolith, all activities in the surroundings were all within Ye Yuan’s grasp.

Talking about it was slow, but all of this was actually something that happened in a blink of an eye.

Right at this time, Ye Yuan turned around abruptly and unleashed a punch at Wolf Fang!


The illusions which filled the skies scattered. Ye Yuan and Wolf Fang were both blasted flying out by each other.

The exchange this time, they were evenly-matched!

Yet, this was completely not the case the way others saw it.

Wolf Fang was practically the synonym for invincibility in the Azure Mountain Region.

There was nobody who could view his back in the young generation at all.

But this opening move earlier was actually unable to do anything to Ye Yuan.

When Gu Xie and Goldsun saw this scene, their faces had unspeakable solemness.

“Did this fellow make a wild guess? This move of Wolf Fang’s can be said to be unsolvable. How did he know that was Wolf Fang’s true self?” Gu Xie said in astonishment.

Wolf Fang’s Illusionary Wolf Fang Fist was very famous in the entire Azure Mountain Region. Gu Xie naturally knew its power.

But it was precisely because he knew that the shock in his heart was even greater.

Those illusions were all condensed and formed by Wolf Fang with essence energy. Each one had Wolf Fang’s aura, and this caused an immensely confusing situation. Differentiating which one was real was exceedingly difficult.

But those illusions did not seem to have any effect at all in front of Ye Yuan. In just a twinkle, Ye Yuan found the main body.

Illusion-type martial techniques had a trait. As long as one found the main body, this move was basically useless already.

But the problem was, did Ye Yuan really see through it, or was his luck good?

“Should be . . . a wild guess, right? How can this move of Wolf Fang’s be that easy to crack?” Goldsun had shock written all over his face too.

Wolf Fang’s expression was as dark as water. He similarly did not believe that Ye Yuan cracked his martial technique that easily.

“Illusionary Wolf Fang Fist!”

Wolf Fang unleashed this martial technique once more, and the commotion this time was even more massive than before!

For a moment, the sky was filled with Wolf Fang’s illusions!

This time, Wolf Fang hid even more carefully. He was confident that Ye Yuan absolutely could not see through.

Yet, things did not develop like he imagined. Ye Yuan accurately found him once again!


The two people were evenly-matched again!

“It’s not a wild guess! This . . . How did he find the real body?” Gu Xie’s face had shock written all over it.

“How can this fellow be so strong? Luckily, we didn’t fight with him just now. Otherwise . . .”

Goldsun recalled how arrogant they were to Ye Yuan just now and was filled with fear after the incident at this time.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan only pressured them with dragon pressure earlier and did not really attack. Otherwise, they would definitely be too miserable to look at right now.

Yu Shu had an excited face currently. She grabbed hold of Yu Leng’s hand and said agitatedly, “Big Brother Ye Yuan is so incredible! Big Brother Ye Yuan is so incredible! Did you see that, Big Sister Yu Leng? That is Wolf Fang! Wolf Fang is actually helpless against Big Brother Ye Yuan!”

Even though the shock that Ye Yuan brought to Yu Leng was already a lot, it was far from as intense as this time.

Wolf Fang was practically an undefeatable existence in their hearts. But facing Ye Yuan, he actually could not do anything at all!

Yu Leng believed that as long as the fox clan protected the Thunder Essence Fruits, they would surely rise up!

“I saw it! I saw it! Mister Ye he is really formidable! Maybe . . . maybe encountering Mister Ye is our fox clan’s enormous lucky chance!”

The current Yu Leng actually swept away the frost manner she had previously and became like Yu Shu; becoming Ye Yuan’s loyal admirers.

“Hehe, Big Sister Yu Leng, you were still saying to definitely kill Big Brother Ye Yuan back then. Now, you’re actually also . . .”

“Shut up! You, this lass, asking for a beating is it? I, that . . . that . . .”

“Hehe, just kidding! I know that Big Sister Ye Leng was also for the sake of the fox clan,” Yu Shu said with a giggle.

“Terrific lad. Indeed rather capable. No wonder you’re so rampant!” Wolf Fang said solemnly.

Ye Yuan said nonchalantly, “It’s not that I’m capable, but you, this dumb wolf, are too stupid. Illusions this sort of hollow display is only good for fooling some rookies, that’s all. You aren’t relying on this to be so unbridled in the Azure Mountain Region, right?”

When Ye Yuan’s words were said, everyone had an impulse to spew blood.

Was this a hollow, empty display of skill? Then what was genuine ability?

“Humph! So what if you’ve broken my illusions? Now, I’ll let you take a look at what I’m relying on to be so unbridled in the Azure Mountain Region!”

When Wolf Fang finished talking, his entire person’s aura transformed. His body gave off thick black gas.

“Young Lord Wolf Fang actually demonized!”

“This fellow is truly terrifying. I’ve been at the Azure Mountain Region for so long and have yet to see anybody who can force Young Lord to demonize!”

“Young Lord possesses the Blacksky Divine Wolf bloodline. After demonic transformation, his strength will have a huge increase. This fellow is dead for sure!”

Wolf Fang’s demonic transformation caused a stir. Very clearly, this sort of demonic transformation was very rarely seen.

After demons take form, maintaining human form was beneficial to their cultivation. But their truly powerful state was still demonic transformation state!

Under the black gas’s embrace, a savage black demon wolf appeared in front of everyone.

The demon wolf revealed sharp wolf fangs and sharp claws, looking very harrowing.

Wolf Fang’s pair of pitch-black eyes stared at Ye Yuan ferociously, his gaze revealing a murderous gleam.

But when Ye Yuan saw the situation, he laughed without any care and said, “I say, turns out that you, this dumb wolf, still has some capabilities. To actually possess the divine beast Blacksky Divine Wolf bloodline. But . . . isn’t this bloodline of yours a little too faint?”

The demonized Wolf Fang actually uttered human words out of his mouth. He said, “I hope that you can still laugh in a while.”