Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Origin Magnetic Field

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Wolf Fang had just finished speaking, and he instantly vanished from sight!


An intense collision. Ye Yuan was knocked flying out directly.

After the demonic transformation, Wolf Fang’s speed was simply unfathomable.

Apart from Ye Yuan, practically no one could see Wolf Fang’s trajectory trails clearly.

“Ah!Big Brother Ye Yuan!” When Yu Shu saw this scene, she could not help getting a huge shock and was going to dash towards Ye Yuan.


It was only to hear the sound of the air howling. Wolf Fang actually headed for Yu Shu!

But at this time, there was already nobody who could react to it.

Except for Ye Yuan!


Under the situation where no one saw how he made his move, Ye Yuan was sent flying out hugging Yu Shu.

“What happened just now? Wasn’t that brat injured? How did he save that little fox?”

“No idea! Couldn’t see it clearly at all! The two of their speed is too fast!”

“Too scary! After Wolf Fang demonized, his speed and strength most likely increased a fold. This brat could actually still react to it! If it were me, I’d have been directly killed in a single move by Wolf Fang!”

Just now, in the time it took for a spark to fly off a piece of flint, Ye Yuan reached Yu Shu’s side instantly, and he blocked the attack of Wolf Fang whose strength had skyrocketed.

But the scene that happened earlier was seriously too fast. Ye Yuan could only just save Yu Shu. Therefore, Wolf Fang still succeeded, wounding Ye Yuan.


A mouthful of blood spewed from Ye Yuan’s mouth. Fresh blood dyed Yu Shu’s clothes red.

“Ahh!Big Brother Ye Yuan, it’s all my fault!Sniff, sniff. . . If not in order to save me, you wouldn’t have suffered injuries!Sniff, sniff. . .” Yu Shu started crying in Ye Yuan’s embrace.

Ye Yuan received a blow from Wolf Fang; his insides were experiencing indescribable pain.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan avoided the attack from reaching his vitals by a hair earlier. Or else, he would already be a dead person now.

This Wolf Fang was truly unscrupulous. When fighting with him, he actually still dared to harm the innocent!

If it were others, then forget it. But Ye Yuan’s impression towards Yu Shu was pretty good. He naturally could not bear to watch her be killed by Wolf Fang passively.

Succeeding in one blow, Wolf Fang finally revealed his figure.

“Boy, you indeed have some skills. Under my demonized state, you can actually barely manage to keep up with my speed! But your heart is too soft and not suitable for this world where the prey is food and the strong feast. A person like you is bound to not walk far!” Wolf Fang said delightedly with a gaping, savage-looking mouth.

Just now, Yu Shu suddenly ran out. Wolf Fang had a flash of inspiration and thought of sneak attacking Yu Shu.

In the end, Ye Yuan really fell for it, using his own body to help Yu Shu block this attack.

Nobody felt that Wolf Fang doing this was in any way inappropriate. The demon world was this cruel. Whoever could live, whoever would be the victor.

Ye Yuan slowly stood up but did not pay attention to Wolf Fang’s taunts. He forced a smile at Yu Shu and said, “Big Brother Ye Yuan is fine. Big Brother Ye Yuan will help you all slaughter these fellows, alright?”

“Sniff, sniff,don’t, don’t! You’re already hurt and definitely not Wolf Fang’s match! We’d better give the Thunder Essence Fruits to them,” Yu Shu said sobbingly.

If it were others, Ye Yuan would surely think that this was being afraid of Wolf Fang. But Ye Yuan knew that this little lass was thinking about his safety.

If Yu Shu clung to life and feared death, she would not have run out suddenly just now as well.

Even a fool knew that that kind of situation was very dangerous.

“Hahaha!What shameless boasting! You couldn’t even keep up with my speed when you were at full power! Now that you suffered heavy injuries, what’s your basis for killing me? Boy, just based on this sentence of yours, I’ll let you die a horrible death!” Wolf Fang said savagely.

Ye Yuan pushed lightly, sending Yu Shu to Yu Xin’s side.

“Take good care of Yu Shu. If anything happens, you’ll be held responsible!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Yu Xin’s expression changed, and she said with a nod, “Rest assured. With me around, she’ll be fine!”

Yu Xin had thought that Ye Yuan was using Yu Shu as an excuse all along. She did not think that Ye Yuan actually disregarded his well-being and almost lost his life under Wolf Fang’s claws earlier for Yu Shu’s sake.

Could it be that . . . Ye Yuan was interested in Yu Shu?

Otherwise, why would he strive so desperately?

To talk about looks, she was only above Yu Shu’s. Ye Yuan had no reason to take fancy on Yu Shu!

Yu Xin obviously did not know that as long as Ye Yuan acknowledged a friend, he would do this for all.

Settling Yu Shu down, Ye Yuan involuntarily looked at Wolf Fang and said, “You, a dumb wolf, court death yourself. Then don’t blame me!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly vanished!

But Wolf Fang gave a cold snort and said, “Shameless boasting! Overestimating your own ability!”

Finished talking, his figure unexpectedly vanished too!


The two people clashed once more. But this time, Wolf Fang was sent flying out directly!

The Wolf Fang after the demonic transformation, his skin was coarse, and his flesh was thick. Ye Yuan’s attack did not cause much damage to him.

He crawled up with a grunt, a look of disbelief revealed in his wolf gaze.

“How is that possible? What my Blacksky Divine Wolf Bloodline specializes most in is speed. How can you possibly be even faster than me?”

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, “Dumb wolf! Ignoring that your bloodline is pitiably thin, even if you’re really of the Blacksky Divine Wolf bloodline, do you really think that you’re unbeatable? Get ready to take a beating!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s figure vanished from sight once again!

“Impossible! It must be a fluke just now!”

Wolf Fang vanished once more as well!


Without any surprise, Wolf Fang was beaten flying by Ye Yuan once more!

This time, Ye Yuan did not give Wolf Fang the chance to talk anymore, directly pouncing over!




. . . . . .

Other people could not see how the two people attacked at all. But they all saw that during every exchange, Wolf Fang was beaten flying by Ye Yuan.

Very clearly, Wolf Fang could not keep up with Ye Yuan’s speed!

Each hit was like a heavy hammer smashing onto everyone’s heart.

Gu Xie was shocked to his core. “How is this possible? Wolf Fang’s scariest thing is his speed. But he actually trounced Wolf Fang utterly in speed!”

“Just how did this fellow accomplish it? I clearly feel that his speed isn’t as fast as Wolf Fang’s. But each time, it’s Wolf Fang getting beaten. Why is this so?” Goldsun said in bewilderment.

“En?Seems like it’s really what you said! But . . . just why is this so?”

Wolf Fang was depressed until he wanted to vomit blood right now!

In his eyes, Ye Yuan’s speed was clearly slower than his. But every time he was almost going to touch Ye Yuan, it was like sinking into a quagmire; his speed slowed down instantaneously.

Then afterward, he helplessly watched Ye Yuan pummel him brutally!

“Awoo. . .Awoo. . .Awoo. . .”

The surroundings did not have much noise. Only howling sounds sounded over from time to time.


Ye Yuan used his feet to kick, directly kicking Wolf Fang into the ground.

Ye Yuan stood in the air, just like a war-god.


Wolf Fang directly tunneled out from the mud and snarled, “You . . . Just what kind of heretic skill did you use? Why is it that once I arrive in front of you, it’s like entering a marsh?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Dumb wolf, I’ll let die with a clear understanding then. This is called Origin Magnetic Field! Alright, enough fun. I can send you on your way now!”