Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 643

Chapter 643 Divine Beast Oppression

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The Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was a thunder-attribute supreme treasure, possessing power that ordinary people could not imagine.

The Thunder Essence Fruits were catalyzed by the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, and these could already make the demon races wanted to snatch them. Even Wolf Fang, the strongest person of their generation, could not resist showing up. Then how powerful the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood itself was, one could only imagine it.

Ye Yuan’s research regarding floras had already reached the standard of acme of perfection and was not foreign to this Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood.

And the Origin Magnetic Field was one of the strongest attributes of the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood!

This Origin Magnetic Field was an existence similar to a gravity field. But it was goodness knows how many times stronger than ordinary gravity fields. Unless the martial artist’s strength was much stronger than the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood’s rank, otherwise, it was simply impossible to break free from the Origin Magnetic Field.

Unfortunately, Wolf Fang could not reach such a standard. So once he entered the Origin Magnetic Field, he could only be at the mercy of Ye Yuan.

The Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was extremely rare. Furthermore, its elusiveness was very high.

If it were somebody else, they could not possibly discover that within this Thunder Essence Fruit Grove, there was still an even higher grade treasure existing.

Hence, Wolf Fang was unable to comprehend why he was being pummeled by Ye Yuan, and this was also within reason.

Actually, Ye Yuan was not planning on killing Wolf Fang originally. Because he did not wish to offend the Tier 6 old ancestor behind Wolf Fang.

But just now, Wolf Fang almost killed Yu Shu. This made Ye Yuan really give rise to killing intent.

Ye Yuan’s aura erupted abruptly, sweeping towards Wolf Fang with incredible speed. Flame Movement True Dragon Carnage accumulated strength for release!

As long as Wolf Fang entered the Origin Magnetic Field, he would be at the mercy of Ye Yuan.

Seeing this scene, everyone was greatly taken aback.

They did not think that Ye Yuan really dared to take his life. One had to know that that mighty entity behind Wolf Fang was the Azure Mountain Region’s pinnacle existence!

If he killed Wolf Fang, Ye Yuan would not be far from death as well.

The might of a Tier 6 powerhouse was not what ordinary people could imagine.

“Boy, if you dare to kill me, you’ll die without a burial ground!”

Seeing Ye Yuan dashed over, this time, Wolf Fang was truly frightened.

He had always commanded the wind and rain in the Azure Mountain Region and had never been so close to death before.

He had also never thought that someone would dare to kill him.

But now, when this person really showed up, Wolf Fang discovered that he was actually indescribably terrified.

He struggled to crawl up and ran for his life. But he was already severely wounded right now. How could he run still?

“Then you give it a try and see if I dare to kill you or not!”

Ye Yuan was talking, but his hands did not slow down the slightest bit. He caught up to Wolf Fang in a blink of an eye and launched a punch over!

Right at this instant, an abnormality suddenly occurred!

Ye Yuan’s red colossal dragon was actually halted in midair forcefully, unable to advance an inch!

An extremely terrifying strength instantly shackled Ye Yuan up!


Under this strength, the colossal red dragon was actually crushed to smithereens directly!

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. “A Tier 6 expert!”

This power, Ye Yuan was all too familiar. This was the power belonging to a Tier 6 Boundless Realm powerhouse!

Back then, Zhao Tianyin used this move to crush Ye Yuan until he practically kneeled onto the ground!

But at that time, Ye Yuan was just a puny little Crystal Formation Realm who had no leeway to resist at all.

The current Ye Yuan was already more than a hundred times stronger than back then!

Even if he was not a Tier 6 expert’s match, it was also not without the slightest chance to struggle.

Ye Yuan’s entire body trembled. An unparalleled aura instantly erupted.

This time, he did not scruple to employ the nameless essence energy!


The surrounding space seemed to be shattered. Ye Yuan actually shook off that shackling force directly!

Right then, a figure silently appeared in front of Wolf Fang.

“Human boy, you indeed have some capabilities! Just at the Soul Sea Realm and you can actually shake off a Tier 6’s essence energy confinement!” said the figure coolly.

It was also that Ye Yuan was very opposed to this sort of essence energy restraint. Because it made him remember the humiliation back then. That was why he stopped at no expense and employed the nameless essence energy.

Before his eyes was a middle-aged man dressed in black. His body gave off a faintly discernible power, making people have a feeling of being unable to grasp it.

But without any doubt, he was that Tier 6 powerhouse who had made a move!

“Looks like you are the Blackwind Demonic Wolf Clan’s old ancestor, Lang Hun.” Ye Yuan looked at the other party, his expression slightly darken.

The pressure that this Lang Hun gave him was too great!

Ye Yuan could sense that even though this Lang Hun was only initial-stage Tier 6, he was much stronger than Zhao Tianyin!

Lang Hun did not seem to be mind Ye Yuan’s ‘rudeness.’ He said coolly, “That’s right. This old man is precisely Lang Hun. You almost killed Wolf Fang just now. This score, how should we settle it?”

Ye Yuan seemed to be indifferent to this and said coolly, “Wolf Fang, he deserves to be killed!”

His reply was only several simple words but sonorous and forceful.

Ye Yuan would never explain that he did not wish to kill people. That way seemed to show that he was apprehensive of the other party.

Forget about facing a Tier 6 expert. Even if a Tier 9 powerhouse were standing in front of Ye Yuan, he would not lower his head either!

This was the pride of a peak Alchemy Emperor, and this was also Ye Yuan’s own lofty and unyielding character!

If he wanted to kill people, then he would kill!

Towards Ye Yuan’s attitude of not even feeling like explaining, a flicker of amazement flashed across Lang Hun’s eyes too, and even . . . a trace of wariness.

This point, probably even he himself did not detect it too.

In the Azure Mountain Region, whoever dared to climb on top of his head had to explain a little no matter what, right?

But this boy in front of him actually dared to be so unbridled!

Was this fellow really a hothead? Or was he ignorant of how the world works?

But being scorned by a junior like this, Lang Hun also felt that his face had nowhere to put. His tone deepened slightly as he said, “Boy, don’t say that this old man didn’t give you the opportunity. Wolf Fang is my Blackwind Demonic Wolf Clan’s successor. You touched him, so you must pay a corresponding price!”

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent, and he said nonchalantly, “Make a move then!”

Ye Yuan decided that even if he had to unleash all of his trump cards, he would also have to chop off a wolf’s leg!

Lang Hun was stunned again. This brat . . . really made people speechless!

He clearly did not have the intention of killing people. Could this brat really not tell?

If he really wanted to kill people, why would he talk so much crap with Ye Yuan?

It was naturally not that Ye Yuan could not see it. He also knew that the other party was waiting for him to give a stage to step down.

But in Ye Yuan’s eyes, the other party was not worthy at all!

Nobody could make him, Ye Yuan, lower his head!

“Humph! Brat, I know that you have extremely pure dragon race bloodline and must also be proud because of this. Since that’s the case, I’ll punish you with divine beast bloodline! I’ll let you know that someone from the dragon race that has not matured is nothing!” Lang Huan said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan was stunned and had not reacted yet when a pressure that blotted out the sky and earth engulfed everything swept over towards him.

This sort of pressure was very similar to the dragon pressure that he released previously. But without any question, this divine beast oppression was much, much stronger than his!

This was a true divine beast oppression!

When the Blacksky Divine Wolf’s bloodline emerged, who could compete with such being!

The next instant, all the demon races present were all brought deeply into submission, not even having the courage to raise their heads!

And the true dragon bloodline within Ye Yuan’s body actually automatically welled up under this divine beast oppression!