Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Dragon Lord

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All of a sudden, Ye Yuan felt his entire body was burning hot.

He felt like every cell in his body seemed to be burning.

And all of this was not under his control at all. It was all guided by the dragon blood in his body itself!

But Ye Yuan did not intentionally try to suppress it. Instead, he left it entirely to its discretion.

Ye Yuan knew that even though he already wiped away the dragon blood’s original will, the proud dragon race bloodline was still unable to tolerate the oppression of the Blacksky Divine Wolf, this sort of trash bloodline!

Therefore, it activated by itself!

The Blacksky Demonic Wolf bloodline in Lang Hun’s body was extremely thick. Adding in the suppression of rank, Ye Yuan’s bones were rattling from being crushed.

But the proud dragon race bloodline could not tolerate any bit of insult at all!

One had to admit that Lang Hun’s Blacksky Divine Wolf bloodline was truly incomparably pure; it was entirely not what Wolf Fang that half-baked demon could compare to.

Ye Yuan on the other hand, although his dragon race bloodline was very pure, there was still a large portion that had yet to be digested by his body.

It was not that Ye Yuan did not wish to, but Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm was seriously too low.

A half divine beast rank dragon blood, even if a Tier 7 or Tier 8 powerhouse came to refine it, they would not be able to fully digest it either.

The road of Ye Yuan refining the dragon blood still had a long way remaining.

The majority of the dragon blood’s power was hidden in Ye Yuan’s blood vessels. Being stimulated by the Blacksky Divine Wolf’s pressure at this time, it seethed uncontrollably.


All of a sudden, Ye Yuan lifted his head and gave a long howl. An unparalleled dragon race oppression erupted from his body.

Lang Hun had that sort of calm and collected expression all along. But at this moment, his expression became incomparably ugly!

An azure light indistinctly appeared and faded on Ye Yuan’s body and actually isolated him completely from his divine beast oppression!

No matter how Lang Hun powered his divine beast oppression, he discovered to his dismay that he could not advance an inch at all!

Suddenly, Ye Yuan snapped opened both eyes. An extremely shocking gaze burst forth from his eyes.


Ye Yuan’s upper-garment broke off inch by inch!

Under Lang Hun’s horrified gaze, a white scale actually faintly emerged on Ye Yuan’s body!

This white scale presented as a crescent moon shape, giving people a soul-stirring pressure!

“R-Reverse scale!”

Lang Hun sucked in a cold breath. Clearly, he was immensely shocked by the scene before his eyes.

Dragons had a reverse scale that must not be touched!

Lang Hun initially only wanted to give Ye Yuan a lesson. He did not expect that it actually stimulated the dragon race bloodline within Ye Yuan’s body, making Ye Yuan’s body give birth to a reverse scale.

Body manifesting a reverse scale! Ye Yuan’s true dragon bloodline advanced a step further!


Lang Hun was actually frightened by Ye Yuan’s aura and directly fell back several steps!

And that originally soul-stirring Blacksky Divine Wolf bloodline was directly scattered into a mess by Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum.

Those demon races were still kneeling submissively on the ground. But the expression on their faces became different.

Previously, each and every one of them clenched their jaws tightly. Clearly, it was caused by the divine beast bloodline suppression.

But now, each of their faces was all incomparably pious. That was worship coming from the heart!

A true king did not cow all living creatures into submission with martial power but made all life look up to him from the bottom of their hearts.

The Blacksky Divine Wolf clearly did not possess this sort of qualifications!

And the ones possessing this sort of qualifications was probably only the Four Great Divine Beasts, that sort of level of a powerhouse!

“What were you saying just now? A dragon that has not matured is nothing?” Ye Yuan already recovered to normal at this time, looking at the befuddled Lang Hun and said coolly.

Lang Hun’s expression had indescribably ugliness. Being questioned by Ye Yuan like this, his old face could not help reddening.

Earlier, he was still thinking of using bloodline to suppress Ye Yuan. Who knew that he overreached himself and was actually counter-suppressed by Ye Yuan!

This face smacking act, it was really resounding.

Only at this instant did Lang Huan deeply experience what was called a true dragon race bloodline.

The reason why Lang Hun was wary of Ye Yuan was because of his dragon race identity.

The dragon race. This was a race that made all the demon races apprehensive!

Possessing a powerful divine beast bloodline, Lang Hun could understand the might of the dragon race bloodline even more.

With Ye Yuan’s dragon blood purity, he definitely had extremely deep connections with the dragon race. If they really touched Ye Yuan, once the dragon race retaliated, the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan was inadequate.

If what flowed in Ye Yuan’s body was the bloodline of other races, Lang Hun would have slapped him to death long ago. Why would he talk so much rubbish with him?

“This . . . It was this old man’s fault. This old man apologizes to Mister Ye on behalf of the Blackwind Demonic Wolf Clan!”

With this, everyone was stunned!

Ye Yuan already put away the dragon race oppression on his body at this time. Those demon races also raised their heads one by one, and then they saw this scene.

The Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan old ancestor standing at the pinnacle of the Azure Mountain Region actually lowered his head to a youth two major cultivation realms lower than him!

This scene was simply too unbelievable!

Just as everyone had stupefied looks, an aged figure floated down. It was precisely Yu Huan!

“Yu Xin and Wolf Fang stay behind. The rest all disperse for me! Those who stay, kill without mercy!”

Yu Huan’s Tier 6 expert aura undulated out. Everyone shivered in fear secretly!

At this time, Lang Hun opened his mouth too, “All get lost for me!”

Two mighty Tier 6 powerhouses present, it was not up to the others to dare say anything else. They could only disperse by themselves.

Very soon, there were only five people outside of the Thunder Essence Fruit Grove; wolf clan’s two people, fox clan’s two people, and Ye Yuan.

Actually, up until now, Ye Yuan was also very puzzled the entire time as well.

He could not figure out why Lang Hun’s change of attitude would be so apparent.

But the following scene made Ye Yuan even more amazed.

Yu Huan and Wolf Fang exchanged a look and actually bowed down towards Ye Yuan at the same time.

“Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan, Lang Hun (Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan, Yu Huan), pays respect to Dragon Lord!” The two people both gave a deep bow to Ye Yuan, making Ye Yuan have a bewildered look.

“Hang on, what are you guys talking about? Why don’t I understand anything at all? Dragon Lord . . . What’s a Dragon Lord?” Ye Yuan waved his hands and asked.

It was not just Ye Yuan, but Yu Xin and Wolf Fang both also had blank looks on their face.

They could not figure out at all why their own old ancestor would have this attitude towards Ye Yuan!

One had to know that the two old ancestors were both Tier 6 experts; they were existences that could do whatever they wished in the Azure Mountain Region!

But such experts actually bowed down towards a human Tier 4 martial artist!

Lang Hun hesitated for a bit and said, “Dragon Lord has just given birth to your reverse scale. There are probably still many things that you don’t know. Wait until Dragon Lord’s strength becomes powerful and you’ll naturally know everything. The matters of the dragon race are not what our lesser races can meddle in. Lang Hun and Wolf Fang have offended Dragon Lord previously. Dragon Lord, please forgive!”

Ye Yuan felt at a loss on what to do. At the behest of supernatural powers, he followed with a sentence, “If I don’t forgive?”


Lang Hun directly slapped a palm onto Wolf Fang’s body, sending him flying.

Except that his gaze did not have any hint of pity at all. He bowed towards Ye Yuan again and said, “This old man has wasted ten years of Wolf Fang’s cultivation. I hope that Dragon Lord forgives his actions prior to this! Wolf Fang possesses the Blacksky Divine Wolf bloodline after all. Dragon Lord, please show leniency!”

That scene earlier happened too quickly, resulting in Ye Yuan not reacting at all.

He only asked a sentence probingly just now and did not expect that Lang Hun directly took action and wasted ten years of Wolf Fang’s cultivation.

This identity of Dragon Lord . . . seemed to be pretty decent!