Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Wind Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art

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Inside a deep hall in the Blackwind Demonic Wolf Clan, Wolf Fang had a look of indignation.

“Old Ancestor! With your strength, killing that brat is as easy as blowing away dust! Why do this?! Ten years of cultivation!” Wolf Fang roared.


One slap from Lang Hun directly smacked Wolf Fang flying out.

“Who gave you the nerve to speak to me like that?” Lang Hun expression fell slightly as he said.

Half of Wolf Fang’s face was swollen high up. He covered his face, disbelief was written all over his face.

He was the Blackwind Demonic Wolves Clan’s darling. Old Ancestor had always valued him highly. But this time, Old Ancestor actually wasted ten years of his cultivation because of Ye Yuan. This made him unable to comprehend.

Only at this instance did Wolf Fang recall that his own old ancestor was not a nice person to deal with.

It was just that so many years of indulgence towards him made him forget this fact.

Now that Old Ancestor was enraged, Wolf Fang was also thoroughly startled awake.

“O-Old Ancestor, I . . . I was just agitated for a moment and forgot my sense of propriety. Old Ancestor, please forgive!” Wolf Fang said aggrievedly.

“Humph!This old man doing this naturally have the reason for doing so! You, as the Blackwind Demonic Wolf Clan’s Young Lord, if you can’t even understand this point as well, what do I want you for?” Lang Hun said with a cold snort.

Wolf Fang was startled inwardly. He lost his head in his anger just now, that was why he lost his presence of mind.

Ten years of bitter cultivation ruined in a day. How could Wolf Fang be calm in his heart?

“Among our demon races, many possess the dragon race bloodline. But in this God Prohibited Demon Region, those possessing true dragon bloodline are as rare as phoenix feathers and Qilin horns! That brat birthing a reverse scale, he is of the genuine dragon race! And genuine dragons only came out from inside there. Understood?”

When mentioning ‘inside there,’ these two words, Lang Hun seemed to have recalled something terrifying and was incomparably fearful.

Same as Lang Hun, Wolf Fang was similarly greatly surprised.

Seeing Wolf Fang’s expression, Lang Hun knew that he understood and said coolly, “Now, you understand why this old man did that, right?”

Wolf Fang nodded his head solemnly and said, “Old Ancestor, it was all Wolf Fang being rash and nearly ruined an important affair. Old Ancestor, please punish!”

“Not to the extent of punishing. I also didn’t expect that that brat called Ye Yuan actually possesses orthodox true dragon bloodline. Initially, I was just thinking of teaching him a lesson. Didn’t expect that I actually helped him to advance a step further!”

“But that Ye Yuan is clearly a human. Why would he possess orthodox true dragon bloodline?” Wolf Fang said in puzzlement.

“I’m not sure about this either. But no matter what, this brat definitely has extremely deep connections with the dragon race! At any rate, it’s also not what we, the lesser races, can meddle in.”

As he said, Lang Hun supported a fruit from underneath in his palm and threw it to Wolf Fang, saying, “Eat it. It’s enough to compensate ten years of your cultivation! You have the strongest Blacksky Divine Wolf bloodline in my Blackwind Demonic Wolf Clan. When doing things in the future, don’t be so rash!”

Wolf Fang received that fruit, his face revealed an expression of wild elation as he hurriedly said, “Thank you very much, Old Ancestor!”

. . . . . .

A similar scene likewise happened in the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s domain. What was different was that Ye Yuan was present too.

“Every few hundred years, a young dragon race expert will come out from that place. We refer to him as Dragon Lord! Every generation’s Dragon Lord’s appearance would all leave behind a legend! Their bloodline power is too strong. Once they mature, they are virtually unrivaled! We suspect that Dragon Lord is the young dragon race expert sent out from there to be tempered. Calculating according to the time, there should roughly be a dragon lord appearing as well,” Yu Huan said.

Ye Yuan asked curiously after listening, “I’m just a human, not some dragon lord. That Lang Hun can’t even see this point?”

Yu Huan shook her head and said, “Of course he could tell. But this doesn’t stop him from feeling wary of you! The dragon race’s might is simply not what we, the lesser races, are able to imagine. Even if you’re human, your ties with the dragon race are definitely very deep too. Lang Hun he dare not take this risk! Furthermore, the Dragon Lord birthing a reverse scale, would be a real dragon. Saying that you’re the Dragon Lord, nobody dares to not believe it either.”

“Like thishuh. . . Is that whatever Dragon Lord really so powerful?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

“More than just powerful. Every generation’s dragon lord’s appearance would stir up a sanguinary slaughter in the God Prohibited Demon Region. And among them, the vast majority all became invincible existences in the God Prohibited Demon Region!” Yu Huan said.

“Alright then. Since Lang Hun is mistaken, then let him be mistaken to the end. Either way, I’m not some dragon lord. Old Ancestor Yu Huan doesn’t need to address me like so as well.En. . . I’ll enter closed-seclusion for a few days first, then set off for Dongming Region,” Ye Yuan said.

“This . . .” Yu Huan wanted to speak but stopped herself.

“What? If there’s anything, just say. Hesitate for what?” Ye Yuan said perplexedly.

“Dragon Lord, you are going to Dongming Region this time, so make sure to be careful of the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan. Don’t get into a conflict with them.”

“En?Why?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“On the path of the previous generation dragon lord’s rise up, he directly annihilated the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan’s Young Lord. They have an irreconcilable death feud with the dragon race. The Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan are also divine beast progenies. Their dragon race bloodline is extremely strong, and they do not fear the dragon race.”

Ye Yuan came to understand, but he said without any care, “My goal this trip is in order to find the Azure Spirit Tree. As long as they don’t come and provoke me, I naturally won’t go and provoke them.”

After obtaining the Azure Spirit Tree, Ye Yuan should be thinking of ways to leave the God Prohibited Demon Region too.

The outside world’s war, the Endless World’s situation was probably not looking good. Ye Yuan could not quite set his mind at ease as well.

. . . . . .

In the dense forest, lightning revolved around Ye Yuan’s body. A cool breeze followed.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s figure vanished from sight!

When he appeared again, Ye Yuan’s figure was already several tens of thousands of feet away.

And this was merely just something which happened in a blink of an eye.

“Huuu. . . This Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art is really hard to train. In three days, I’ve only just learned the fundamentals. But even if it’s just learning the basics, if I run into Wolf Fang now, I can also completely trounce him in speed!” Ye Yuan muttered to himself.

These three day’s time, Ye Yuan had been training this Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art all along.

This was an extremely formidable martial technique. But the cultivation conditions and difficulty were extremely harsh. One needed to comprehend wind and thunder, two kinds of concepts, at the same time. Furthermore, it needed to reach the level of true intent simultaneously!

Ye Yuan had long comprehended the True Intent of Wind Flow. But to want to train in this martial technique, he lacked the True Intent of Thunder.

The Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood was a natural thunder-attribute supreme treasure, carrying the Concept of Thunder itself. With Ye Yuan refining the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood, he could muster the Concept of Thunder at the same time; it was no different from comprehending it himself.

Now that the wind and thunder true intents were already mastered, Ye Yuan could finally cultivate this martial technique!

The formidable aspect of this martial technique was that it could advance in the wake of the martial artist’s concepts comprehension advancing. If Ye Yuan grasped a supreme true intent, then his speed would be heaven-defying.

But the training difficulty of this Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art still somewhat exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

Three day’s time, Ye Yuan merely cultivated this skill to the Entry Level.

Although it was just entry level, Ye Yuan’s current speed was much greater than before too!

“Ugh. . . absorbing the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood and consuming the Thunder Essence Fruits, me breaking through to the Fourth Level Soul Sea now is already something that happens naturally as the channels are formed!” Ye Yuan said.