Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Misunderstanding

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“Quickly look! Someone is transcending tribulation!”

“Yii? That direction, isn’t it where Mister Ye is cultivating at? Could it be Mister Ye is transcending the tribulation?”

“Isn’t Mister Ye initial-stage Tier 4? You look at how terrifying the tribulation clouds in the sky are. Why does it look like transcending a Greater Heavenly Tribulation?”

All of a sudden, the tribulation clouds suddenly arrived. Inside the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan immediately became lively.

Many people all knew that Ye Yuan went into the dense forest to cultivate, but did not expect that Ye Yuan was actually going to break through to middle-stage Soul Sea Realm so quickly.

After human martial artists broke through to the Soul Sea Realm, every minor stage breakthrough would likewise invoke a heavenly tribulation.

It was just that this sort of heavenly tribulation, compared to the 5-in-9 heavenly tribulation Ye Yuan transcended previously, was way lacking.

Such a heavenly tribulation was called Lesser Heavenly Tribulation.

Although the might could not be compared to a Greater Heavenly Tribulation, the Lesser Heavenly Tribulation similarly appeared according to the martial artist’s strength. A moment of carelessness and one would still lose their lives and go to the netherworld.

Ye Yuan’s Lesser Heavenly Tribulation was terrifyingly powerful; it was completely not like a Tier 4 martial artist transcending tribulation.

Yu Xin looked at the tribulation clouds far away and murmured, “Mister Ye’s strength in itself is too powerful. The heavenly tribulation brought down is too terrifying. Even if it’s me, I don’t dare to say that I can transcend this heavenly tribulation either. Is this . . . really a Lesser Heavenly Tribulation? Such a heavenly tribulation, can Mister Ye . . . transcends the tribulation successfully?”

“Big Brother Ye Yuan is so incredible even when transcending tribulations! I believe that with Big Brother Ye Yuan’s strength, he can definitely transcend past it!” Yu Shu had long become Ye Yuan’s brain-dead fan already.

“You, this lass, are really heartless! I know that Mister Ye is incredible. But this heavenly tribulation isn’t a joke! No, wait . . . In that heavenly tribulation, there still seems to be a soul tribulation! Dual-tribulations arriving together! Mister Ye he . . . he’s actually transcending the heavenly tribulation and soul tribulation at the same time . . .” Yu Xin drew a cold breath.

Yu Xin felt that her brain somewhat could not quite wrap itself around it.

Regardless who transcended tribulations, they would all choose to transcend the heavenly tribulation and soul tribulation separately.

But Ye Yuan actually wanted to transcend simultaneously! How powerful a self-confidence did this need?!

When Yu Shu heard Yu Xin say so, her tiny fists clenched tightly too. Clearly, she was very worried, but she still said stubbornly, “No matter what, Big Brother Ye Yuan will definitely be fine!”

Yu Xin looked at Yu Shu and could not help being at a loss for words.

If it were before, she would definitely reproach Yu Shu for being insensible. But now, she knew that Ye Yuan regarded Yu Shu with special attention. No matter what, she did not dare to say this sort of words to Yu Shu anymore.

The audience were currently discussing animatedly when suddenly, a clear sound of a dragon roar came from the distance.

Under everyone’s astonished eyes, a colossal red dragon surged upwards, heading straight for the skies!


The massive dragon directly dispersed the tribulation clouds, leaving everyone staring with a dumbfounded look and agape mouths.

“This . . . Isn’t this too exaggerated as well?”

“I’ve never seen before that one could still transcend tribulations like this!”

“Mister Ye is indeed well-deserving of someone possessing the dragon race bloodline. This strength . . . is too heaven-defying!”

. . . . . .

After roughly ten days, three figures passed through a broad path.

“Big Brother Ye Yuan, I . . . I can’t anymore! You and Young Lord’s movement speed are seriously too fast! I . . . I . . .” behind Ye Yuan, Yu Shu said while gasping for air.

Originally, Yu Huan was only planning on letting Yu Xin accompany Ye Yuan alone. Who knew that Yu Shu sneaked out directly and tailed behind Ye Yuan and Yu Xin, the two of them, along the way.

With Ye Yuan’s strength, how could Yu Shu possibly conceal it?

Before long, Yu Shu was ferreted out.

But Ye Yuan did not say much and brought her along straight away.

In comparison to Yu Xin, Ye Yuan still liked Yu Shu, this innocent and radiant little lass, more. With her accompanying along the way, it was pretty good too.

The three people passed through multiple regions along the way. Yu Xin brought to play a fair bit of effect.

She was very clear about the distribution of the topography and avoided those clans who were slightly stronger. This whole trip, they did not run into any danger.

Occasionally, there were some blind clans, that could not even withstand Ye Yuan’s true dragon oppression.

“En. Rushing on the journey these two days was tough. Let’s rest here for a bit then,” Ye Yuan said.

Along the way, Ye Yuan was not idle either. He could just make use of the journeying time to train. He had been cultivating the Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art constantly.

These ten over days, this martial technique was already cultivated to minor accomplishment realm!

If not for the sake of waiting for Yu Xin and Yu Shu, he would have reached long ago.

The three people directly took a rest by the roadside. Yu Xin said, “Ahead along this road, there’s still half a day’s journey, and we’ll be able to enter the Dongming Region’s boundary. The Azure Mountain Region is only a place which is next to the border. Dongming Region is the God Prohibited Demon Region true core region. The races here, regardless whether it is the numbers or individual strength, are on entirely different levels from the Azure Mountain Region. The Blackwind Demonic Wolf Clan, when placed here, are merely just among the below-average to average clans.”

Towards the might of this God Prohibited Demon Region, Ye Yuan had long gotten used to it.

Any single one of the clans that randomly walked out of here could sweep across a small world!

“En. When you send me to the Darkfiend Tiger’s domain, bring Yu Shu along and head back. At that time, I’ll naturally have compensation,” Ye Yuan said.

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, Yu Xin and Yu Shu both revealed expressions of reluctance.

But they also knew that this here was not their world. The Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan was too weak and completely could not adapt to the law of the jungle here.

Ye Yuan making them go back was actually protecting them.

The three people rested for a bit, then set off for Dongming Region.

What surprised Ye Yuan was that once they entered Dongming Region’s boundary, they got surrounded by a group of burly men.

The strength of the dark-faced brawny man leading the group was not ordinary; he was at the peak initial-stage Tier 5 cultivation.

It was just that he indiscriminately said, “Heh heh, you spies. Want to secretly infiltrate my Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan? Dream on! Brothers, pummel them!”

Ye Yuan’s expression fell. This bunch of fellows said that they were spies without rhyme or reason. Truly courting death.

When a brawny man brandished a hammer that was just about to land on Ye Yuan’s head, Ye Yuan’s figure unexpectedly vanished!


It was only to hear a miserable cry. The dark-faced brawny man leading was directly lifted up by Ye Yuan and slammed onto a large tree.

Peak initial-stage Tier 5 expert actually did not have the slightest leeway to resist under Ye Yuan’s might!

The Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art coupled with the Origin Magnetic Field, his strength mowed down all resistance!

Those big, stupid bears did not see clearly how Ye Yuan made a move at all.

“You, these fellows, are so unreasonable! We only want to borrow the path here. Provoked you and you want to viciously kill us?” Ye Yuan said with a cold snort.

That dark-faced burly man’s build was extremely large but was pinned onto the tree by Ye Yuan. No matter how he struggled, he could not shake free either. His face grew black and red.

“Cough . . . cough, cough . . . If you have . . . If you have the capabilities, kill me! Young Lord will definitely take revenge for me! You spies, want to infiltrate our territory to fish for information, no way!” The dark-faced burly man said chokingly.

Ye Yuan had a baffled look and said crossly, “We just want to go to the Darkfiend Tiger’s territory and need to pass through from your place here, that’s all. What spies and whatnots?”

The burly man was stunned too and said, “You guys . . . you guys aren’t here for the Firesource Crystal?”