Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 647

Chapter 647 Easing Up The Line To Reel In More Easily

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“Firesource Crystals?” Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed as he said.

“Ah! I . . . I didn’t say anything!”

The dark-faced burly man realized that his tongue slipped and hurriedly covered up his mouth.

Ye Yuan knew that this was a misunderstanding and naturally could not kill people randomly as well.

This dark-faced burly man was slow in the head. Although he transformed into human form, he was still a big, dumb bear.

Ye Yuan still had not figured out the situation yet, and this big, dumb bear let his tongue slip himself.

But the Firesource Crystals that this big dumb bear mentioned really moved Ye Yuan somewhat.

Firesource Crystal was a kind of ore crystal containing extremely rich firesource power. To fire-attribute martial artists, it was greatly beneficial to cultivation.

But what Ye Yuan minded was not this. His Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame had already reached the juncture of advancing ranks. This Firesource Crystal just happened to able to help the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame evolve.

Ye Yuan loosened his grip and said coolly, “I already said, we’re just passing through. If you still harass unreasonably, I won’t be courteous.”

He was easing up the line here to reel him in later. Although the big dumb bear was stupid, if Ye Yuan expressed interest in the Firesource Crystals, the big dumb bear would definitely be able to discern something.

So when he expressed no interest in the Firesource Crystals at all, this brawny man indeed fell for it.

That brawny man was very surprised when he saw Ye Yuan loosening his grip and said, “You guys . . . You guys really aren’t here for the Firesource Crystals?”

Ye Yuan frowned and said, “What Firesource Crystals and whatnot? How many times do you want me to say to you, we’re only passing through!”

When the brawny man saw that Ye Yuan was not interested in the Firesource Crystals at all, he also felt that he was too rash earlier and hurriedly apologized in embarrassment. He said, “Sorry about that, this little brother. It was I, Xiong Hui, who didn’t figure out the situation. Seriously sorry about it. Yii, no, wait, you’re a human!”

Only at this time, did this brawny man react to it, and his expression could not help changing as his expression darkened once more.

“Hump! Big Brother Ye Yuan possesses true dragon bloodline! Much nobler than you, this big dumb bear!” Yu Shu said indignantly.

The brawny man turned his head and looked at Ye Yuan suspiciously.

Ye Yuan gave a faint smile. The dragon pressure on his body emitted out was faintly discernible. The brawny man could not help being taken aback.

This dragon pressure was extremely orthodox and was no joke.

“So, it’s the dragon race’s successor. Xiong Hui was impolite,” Xiong Hui hastily said humbly.

“En, looking at your flustered manner, seems like you’ve run into some problems. Just a few pieces of Firesource Crystals. It’s not so serious until you guys have to kick up such a fuss, right? It’s also that you ran into me. If it were other people, they would have already killed all of you just now!” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

“This . . . ”

Xiong Hui revealed a hesitant look. Clearly, he was in a dilemma on whether to tell Ye Yuan or not.

Ye Yuan said indifferently when he saw the situation, “Since you have something awkward to disclose, it’s fine to not say either. We still have to hurry on our way. Let’s say our farewells here. Uh . . . but I have to remind you, although Firesource Crystals are greatly beneficial to your Firesource True Dipper Bear clan, the fire poison in the Firesource Crystals are exceedingly hard to remove. When using, be a little more careful. Yu Xin, Yu Shu, let’s go.”

This Firesource Crystal was indeed very rare. The fire-attribute was already very powerful. But those who knew that it contained fire poison within were not many.

Because when ordinary people absorbed Firesource Crystals, they could not possibly absorb in large quantities. Because they could not withstand the firesource power in the Firesource Crystals at all.

But the Firesource True Dipper Bears were different. They were innately a fire-attribute demon race and had a very strong affinity towards firesource power. The more Firesource Crystals they absorb, the better.

Yet, when absorbing the firesource power in the Firesource Crystals, one would not sense anything for a short while. But following the Firesource Crystals absorbed getting increasingly more, the accumulation of fire poison would get progressively deeper. By the time it was discovered, the poison would basically have attacked the vitals already.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan walked forward without even turning his head back.

Ye Yuan’s words directly breached Xiong Hui’s mental line of defense.

Ye Yuan had just walked out a couple of steps when Xiong Hui yelled out from behind, “Please wait, Little Brother!”

“En? Is there anything else? We still have to hurry along our way and don’t have time to waste on you all.” Ye Yuan pretended to be impatient and said.

Xiong Hui hurriedly said, “Little Brother has wide experience and extensive knowledge. To actually know the drawbacks of Firesource Crystals! It’s just, I wonder if Little Brother has ways to remove the poison?”

“So what if I do, so what if I don’t? Weren’t you not even willing to say anything earlier? As it happens, I’m not willing to listen as well. So don’t be long-winded.” Ye Yuan turned around once more and wanted to go.

Xiong Hui seeing Ye Yuan so steadfast felt even more certain. He hurriedly stopped him and said, “Little Brother, Xiong Hui has given offense just now! Given offense! I’ll tell Little Brother the matter exactly as it is. If Little Brother can provide a way to eradicate the poison, I believe that Young Lord and Clan Head will definitely be endlessly grateful!”

Actually, Ye Yuan already guessed some things long ago through Xiong Hui’s attitude.

This Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan definitely had somebody who refined and absorb Firesource Crystals without heed for their lives, resulting in poisoning themselves.

But the incident should not end here. Otherwise, this Xiong Hui also would not go so far as to get alarmed over nothing, killing on sight.

Only upon hearing Xiong Hui’s words did Ye Yuan finally know what happened to the Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan.

Turns out that some time ago, a Firesource Crystal ore vein was discovered within the Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan’s territory. This made the bear clan thrilled to death.

They mined a batch of Firesource Crystals, and the Clan Head, Xiong Zhan, started refining and absorbing them in a hurry.

This Xiong Zhan was peak initial-stage Tier 6. After absorbing this batch of Firesource Crystals, he would surely be able to break through to middle-stage Tier 6!

The allure of advancing ranks was seriously too great!

Of course, the reason why Xiong Zhan was in a hurry to increase his strength was actually in order to let the bear clan suppress the adjacent Purple Flood Dragon Clan.

Xiong Zhan was completely unaware that refining Firesource Crystals still had this sort of negative effect. The result was that he overreached himself. Now, not only was he unable to break through, he instead became tangled with fire poison and was completely unable to eradicate it,

Even though the bear clan locked down the news immediately, the Purple Flood Dragon Clan seemed to have perceived a little something. This period of time, they kept on testing the bear clan non-stop.

Xiong Zhan was in closed-seclusion right now. The Young Lord, Xiong Tie, could only order people to seal off all gateways to the territory to prevent the Purple Flood Dragons from doing anything fishy.

The result was this scene earlier happening.

Ye Yuan could not help finding it funny in his heart when he heard. He was even somewhat puzzled how these big dumb bears contended with the Purple Flood Dragon Clan until now.

Sending people to seal off all entrances and exits. Wasn’t this making it more conspicuous the more they tried to conceal it?

Even if the Purple Flood Dragon Clan did not know anything, they could also guess that something must have happened to the bear clan.

It would be weird if they did not plunder a burning house at this time!

Furthermore, Xiong Hui this kind of big dumb bear, Ye Yuan had not even asked anything yet, and he confessed himself. Ye Yuan really did not know what he should say.

“Little Brother, if you can help Clan head remove the fire poison, my Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan will definitely thank you generously!” Xiong Hui said.

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and opened his mouth, “No problem with letting me help your Clan Head remove the fire poison. But I have a condition!”

Xiong Hui said, “As long as you can let Clan Head recover anew, forget about one condition, even a hundred conditions won’t be an issue!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “En, actually this condition is also in line with saving your Clan Head. I want 50 pieces of Firesource Crystals!”