Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Refining Firesource Crystals

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“50 pieces?! Firesource Crystals?! Why don’t you go and rob us?!”

Xiong Hui jumped up immediately. This was simply demanding an exorbitant price. Could it be that this fellow did not know the preciousness of Firesource Crystals?

But with Ye Yuan opening his mouth here, Xiong Hui’s eyes became alert too.

Messing around for so long, this Ye Yuan was aiming for the Firesource Crystals still!

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “If I have Tier 5, or even Tier 6 strength right now, I would naturally have no need of Firesource Crystals. Forget it, forget it. Since you feel that I’m plotting for your Firesource Crystals, then just take it as I never said it. Let’s go.”

Xiong Hui was stupefied by Ye Yuan and could not differentiate the truth from the false at all.

Seeing that Ye Yuan was going to leave, he hurriedly stopped Ye Yuan. “Little Brother, don’t go! Dear me, Little Brother, don’t go! This matter, I can’t make the decision either. I need to have our Young Lord make the final call. How about . . . Little Brother take a trip back to the clan with me?”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Nah, nah. I’m rushing for the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s territory for an urgent matter. Let’s say goodbye here!”

As he said, Ye Yuan really brought Yu Xin and Yu Shi and left without even turning his head back. No matter how Xiong Hui shouted, he no longer turned back either.

Xiong Hui watched Ye Yuan’s distant back view, gritted his teeth, and said to a subordinate, “You go and keep an eye on those three. Make sure not to lose them! I’ll report to Young Lord right away. If that little brother can really cure the poison, then he’ll be our Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan’s savior!”

. . . . . .

“Big Brother Ye Yuan, are we really leaving just like this?” Yu Shu asked curiously.

She could sense that Ye Yuan was definitely very interested in that Firesource Crystal. Otherwise, he would not have rambled so much with that big dumb bear either.

But she never expected that Ye Yuan actually really left. Wasn’t this going to pass by the Firesource Crystals by a narrow chance?

“You dumb lass. Mister Ye is easing up the line to reel in more easily later!” Yu Xin clearly thought deeper than Yu Shu and perceived it long ago.

Ye Yuan did not mind and said smilingly, “If I behave too zealously, those big dumb bears will feel that I have other motives instead. But if I behave like it was not worth a single glance, they would definitely feel that I really have the ability. Their clan head got inflicted with fire poison. If it isn’t removed, it will be like bone-infesting maggots, making his life worse than death. At that time, the bear clan will be in danger. Hence, they will definitely come and find me.”

Yu Shu opened her mouth wide and said with a worshiping look, “Big Brother Ye Yuan is incredible! To actually even deduce what those big dumb bears were thinking about!”

Ye Yuan could not help sweating profusely when he heard that. What was what?

If he could not even plot against these big dumb bears, then wouldn’t he be too dumb as well?

Moreover, this was not considered as scheming, right? Those Firesource Crystals were just the consultation fees for treating the ailment; each took what they needed.

It was just that those big dumb bears were too dense. Saying too directly with them, they would heighten vigilance instead.

The few people were just speaking when several figures blocked the path of the three people with a swoosh.

Out of Ye Yuan’s expectations, this Xiong Tie actually looked handsome with well-chiseled features, not at all fitting with his name.

“Little Brother, this is our family’s young lord,” by the side, Xiong Hui introduced.

Xiong Tie clasped his hands and said, “Brother Ye, Xiong Hui has offended greatly previously. I hope that Brother Ye can be magnanimous enough to forgive.”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said, “Just a misunderstanding. No harm. The three of us still have to hurry on with our journey. We’ll have to trouble Young Lord Xiong Tie to make way.”

Xiong Tie hurriedly said, “May I ask Brother Ye if you can really treat Clan Head’s fire poison?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Heh, regardless whether I can treat it or not, does Young Lord Xiong Tie still have other alternatives? I still say that same sentence: Want me to take action, there must be 50 pieces of Firesource Crystals. It’s not that I’m asking for a preposterous price. But to want to remove fire poison, one must have Firesource Crystals. If you guys can’t part with it, then take it as I never said it.”

Xiong Tie hurriedly said, “As long as it can treat Clan Head’s fire poison, don’t talk about 50 pieces, even 80 pieces are fine too!”

Ye Yuan glanced at Xiong Tie and said with a nod, “Alright, deal! However . . . 50 pieces of Firesource Crystals must be given to me first!”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan followed Xiong Tie to the bear clan’s main camp. Before long, Xiong Tie placed 50 pieces of bright yellow crystal stones in front of Ye Yuan.

Looking at these Firesource Crystals, Xiong Tie felt his flesh hurt too.

These Firesource Crystals’ mining was not easy. Close to one year’s time, their bear clan also just extracted two to three hundred pieces.

Clan Head alone used a hundred over pieces already. What was left in the clan right now was also just seventy to eighty pieces.

The 80 pieces he told Ye Yuan previously was already all of the existing stock in the clan.

“Brother Ye, the 50 pieces of Firesource Crystals, I’ve already handed to you. I wonder when can Brother Ye help Clan Head remove the poison?” Xiong Tie said.

Actually, he was still very dubious about Ye Yuan. After all, Ye Yuan only had Tier 4 cultivation. If not for Xiong Hui saying that Ye Yuan’s combat strength was astonishing; far surpassing ordinary Tier 5 experts, moreover, even possessing dragon race bloodline, Xiong Tie would not take this risk either.

Even so, Xiong Tie was still guarded against Ye Yuan and already laid down a tight encirclement in the clan. If Ye Yuan only came to swindle Firesource Crystals, he would kill Ye Yuan mercilessly!

Xiong Tie could not think of any ways at all right now, and only chose to trust Ye Yuan in his helplessness. The shamans in the clan have already convened together for many days and examined many records. But no one could remove the fire poison at all.

Ye Yuan took up a piece of Firesource Crystal and said smilingly, “No hurry, no hurry. Wait until after I refine all of these Firesource Crystals, then I can take action.”

Xiong Tie’s expression darkened slightly as he said, “Brother Ye don’t joke around. How long would it take to wait until you refine all of these Firesource Crystals? By that time, wouldn’t Clan Head be tormented to death by this fire poison? Furthermore, the Purple Flood Dragon Clan is glaring like a ravening tiger and wouldn’t give us such a long time at all!”

Xiong Tie could not be blamed for turning hostile. Xiong Zhan refining these Firesource Crystals, it was basically a piece every three days. By the time Ye Yuan finished refining all of these 50 pieces of Firesource Crystals, wouldn’t it need several month’s time?

Moreover, refining these Firesource Crystals had fire poison! With Ye Yuan’s strength, 50 pieces were enough to claim his life!

At that time, it would be too late!

Ye Yuan did not answer Xiong Tie. Lightly supporting the Firesource Crystal in his palm, a lotus flower crept out from his palm.

This lotus flower was precisely the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus!

The Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus seeing the Firesource Crystal was immediately like being injected with stimulants, directly entangling over.

Under Xiong Tie’s astonished gaze, the bright yellow Firesource Crystal faded at a speed visible to the naked eye! All the way until it became a piece of plain old stone!

“Turns out that Brother Ye wanting these Firesource Crystals was actually in order to nurture essence fire! It’s just that this sort of absorbing process, can Brother Ye endure it?” Xiong Tie said in surprise.

The firesource power in Firesource Crystals was extremely tyrannical. Even if a Tier 6 expert was refining, he needed to be very cautious too. A moment of carelessness and one would damage their meridians.

But Ye Yuan did not take this to heart at all. Using less than 15 minutes to refine an entire piece of Firesource Crystal, was this any different from courting death?

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Young Lord Xiong Tie rest assured. This Ye naturally won’t treat his own life as a joke. I want these Firesource Crystals precisely for the sake of letting the essence fire advance. And removing the clan head’s fire poison also requires borrowing the power of a Tier 5 essence fire. With this, has Young Lord’s mind been put at ease?”