Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Godlike Technique!

"He's a complete amateur in alchemy who doesn't even know how to prepare the herbs. How could he possibly know how to use the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique?"

Preparing herbs was something deeply ingrained in alchemists. Even Wang Jinfu who was an Alchemy Grandmaster would not skip it. 1

After all, it was impossible to comprehend how an Alchemy Emperor refined pills with his realm. 2

Hence, in Wang Jinfu's heart, Ye Yuan had long been determined to be a layman.

"Whether he knows it or not, just continue watching, and you will see. Honestly speaking, even I am looking forward to it!" Feng Ruoqing said with a smile.

Wang Jinfu and co's conversation reached everyone's ears. The students started gossiping among themselves.

"Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique? What the hell is that?"

"No clue. Never heard of it before."

"I'm also confused now. Is Ye Yuan the real deal or is he misleading us?"

"Should be misleading? After all, he doesn't even know how to prepare the herbs."

"En, en. I think so too."

Other people did not know about the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique, but Wan Yuan knew. It was exactly because he knew that caused Wan Yuan's disdain grew even greater.

Although the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique was very powerful, it was extremely difficult to train. He was all too clear on Ye Yuan's capabilities. How could he possibly know this?

Most likely Ye Yuan saw it on some obscure books or records, and then he purposely took it out now to please the crowd by trying to impress them.

Within the refining room, Ye Yuan swiftly completed the refinement of the medicinal essence. Next, was to open the furnace to refine pills.

Similar to that day when he was assistant to Feng Ruoqing, Ye Yuan formed seals with both hands, and the flame obediently split into two parts to scorch the pill cauldron uniformly.

Finishing the preparation work, Ye Yuan waved a hand, and the medicinal essences flew into the pill cauldron.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuan's hands were like flood dragons out in the sea. His left hand formed seals, and his right hand did so too as he controlled the two portions of medicinal essences.

The entire process was not quick, but it was not sloppy at all.

The essence of the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique was synchronization! Just based on this point, Ye Yuan's refinement since the start had been impeccable.

Outside the refining room in the hall, Ye Yuan's refinement finally dispelled everyone's suspicions towards him.

Ye Yuan really knew alchemy!

It was just that . . . it was not easy to judge how high his standard was.

"I didn't think that this rascal really knows alchemy. It's just, why are his movements so slow? Could it be that he isn't familiar with the seals?" Wang Jinfu was baffled.

"The Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique has seven by seven, 49 Yang Seals, and seven by seven, 49 Yin Seals. Each of them is supremely complex. Back then, I also tried to learn the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique. But in the end, I failed. Ye Yuan has been on point since the first seal until now. I also can't see any areas where he's unfamiliar with. Logically speaking, it should be utilized proficiently. I also don't understand why he's so slow. Miss Feng, what do you think?"

Sun Jianming seemed to be rather familiar with the Yin-Yang Separation Flow technique. Most likely, he spent a great deal of time researching it in his youth.

Feng Ruoqing had been staring unblinkingly at Ye Yuan's hands since the beginning. She knew the first 21 seals of the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique by heart. Currently, the seals Ye Yuan executed were like playing it in slow motion for her to see.

"Could it be that he's specifically displaying it for me to see?" Feng Zhirou quickly rejected this thought.

The Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique was incomparably complicated. If he continued like this, the medicinal pills would definitely be ruined. Even if Ye Yuan were really at the level of an Alchemy King, it would be impossible to save it.

Noticing that Sun Jianming questioned her, Feng Ruoqing also shook her head bitterly. "I also don't know."

"En? The first pair of seals is completed. But isn't this speed too slow? At this rate, the medicinal pill can't even condense. The result will surely be a useless pill," Wang Jinfu said.

Ye Yuan started to execute the second pair of seals. The two sets of medicinal essences jumped joyously about in the pill cauldron one after another; akin to fish frolicking.

"En? Old Wang, do you feel that the speed of Ye Yuan's seals is increasing?" halfway through the second pair of seals, Sun Jianming suddenly asked.

"Is that so? I didn't notice it. It's still so slow! But Old Sun, did you notice that even though Ye Yuan's actions are very slow, the medicinal essences don't have any signs of dissipating?" Wang Jinfu also seemed to have discovered something unusual.

In reality, when alchemists were refining pills, most would finish things quickly in order to maintain the shape of the medicinal essence.

It was just like a single log bridge. If you charge across in one breath, you would be able to properly grasp the direction and balance, so as to not fall down. But if you crossed it slowly, it would be easy to lose your center of gravity and then fell down.

However, Ye Yuan's refining was the opposite. He clearly decreased the speed, but each step was very stable. There were no instances where the center of gravity was off.

Sun Jianming took a look and was involuntarily astounded. "It's true! Could it be that Ye Yuan already trained the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique to an extraordinarily high realm? Hence, he deliberately slowed down to allow for the various herbs in the medicinal essence to fuse better? But . . . is this possible?"

Right when the two were debating, Ye Yuan's seals had already progressed to the third pair.

"It's not right. It looks like it sped up again!" Sun Jianming exclaimed.

"En. Now that you said it, it really looks like it's a little faster than at the start. He's increasing his speed!" Wang Jinfu also discovered the change in Ye Yuan's hand speed.

"Don't tell me . . . he plans to keep increasing speed like this?"

Sun Jianming and Wang Jinfu exchanged glances and saw the astonishment in each other's eyes.

Next was the fourth pair of seals.

The fifth pair, sixth pair, seventh pair . . .

Ye Yuan's seal forming speed became increasingly faster and even more elusive.

In the beginning, everyone's eyes could follow Ye Yuan's speed. But towards the end, they could only see a blur.

Ye Yuan's refinement gave people the feeling that he was using his fingertips to dance, dreamlike and mystical.

Sun Jianming and Wang Jinfu no longer discussed Ye Yuan's seals. They were completely drunk on Ye Yuan's refinement and were not able to extricate themselves.

At this moment, their hearts seemed to quiver along with Ye Yuan's hands, becoming excited. Their blood even felt like it was boiling towards the end.

In this place, Sun Jianming's and Wang Jinfu's skill was the highest. But even they were completely immersed in it and unable to extricate themselves; let alone the others.

Even Ye Yuan's enemy, Wan Yuan, was currently lost in it.

Sun Jianming and Wang Jinfu were wholly enraptured as if they were brought into another realm. And this realm was a world that they had never heard of before in their entire lives.

"Yin-Yang! Combine!" Just as that feeling reached its peak, Ye Yuan gave a low cry and suddenly placed his palms together, resulting in the two half portion medicinal pills, which had already taken shape, gathered in the center. A beam of white light shot out from the pill cauldron, blinding everyone's eyes.

Sun Jianming and Wang Jinfu were abruptly woken. The two exchanged looks once again and saw an inexplicable feeling from the other party's eyes.

The entire hall was silent. The students had not woken up from their stupor yet.

Right then, the door of the refining room belonging to Ye Yuan opened, and Ye Yuan walked out slowly.

Bean-sized sweat drops covered his forehead. It was evident that refining a Tier 2 medicinal pill was still too strenuous for him.

"The medicinal pill is already refined. This Little Lord is tired to death. I'm going back to rest first. You have to tell me later whether I pass or not!"

After he said that, Ye Yuan strode out, leaving behind the dumbfounded crowd.

  1. It says Alchemy Master. But previously it was Alchemy Grandmaster. So I'll change this to Grandmaster.
  2. I don't comprehend this part either...