Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 650

Chapter 650 No Other Choice

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“Brother Ye, we . . . Can we start?”

Seeing Ye Yuan, Xiong Tie was thinking whether or not he was being funny, to actually place such stake on this brat who had not even reached Tier 5.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “En. We can begin at any time.”

“This . . . Brother Ye has just absorbed the Firesource Crystals. Are you not going to . . . rest for a bit?”

Xiong Tie was somewhat suspicious now whether Ye Yuan really refined those Firesource Crystals, or he kept it himself.

Refining 80 pieces of Firesource Crystals within a day, was this sheer nonsense?

Even if Ye Yuan’s speed was really that fast, could it be that he did not care about the fire poison? Could it be that he did not care about the tyrannical firesource power?

Ye Yuan was just about to speak when Xiong Hui ran over flusteredly and said, “Young Lord, things are bad! The Purple Flood Dragon Clan seems to have discovered something! Zi Feng has already brought the Purple Flood Dragon Clan and moved out in full force, heading for our territory!”

Xiong Tie’s expression changed drastically when he heard that and hurriedly said to Ye Yuan, “Brother Ye, I’ll bring you to see Clan Head right away! Our Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan’s hope is all on you! I hope that you won’t deceive me!”

Ye Yuan did not show much surprise when he heard this news. Even though Xiong Tie’s mind was sharper than Xiong Hui’s, he was still a big dumb bear in the end. This point, inklings could be seen from his arrangements after Xiong Zhan got poisoned.

The flood dragon clan was innately insidious and skeptical. The bear clan having so many suspicious movements, how could they not have any happenings at all?

At this time, Xiong Tie already had no time to hesitate. He could only stake all hope on Ye Yuan.

Even if Ye Yuan was really a great swindler, he had to pinch his nose and to acknowledge what had to be done. And the price if it failed was the lives of all of their bear clan!

Zi Feng was the Purple Flood Dragon Clan’s Clan Head, whose strength was on par with Xiong Zhan. If Xiong Zhan was unable to recover his strength, then the bear clan only had the path of collapse they could walk.

“Young Lord Xiong Tie rest assured. Leave the clan head to me,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Xiong Tie nodded his head and said, “Xiong Hui, go and invite First Elder over! After I bring Brother Ye to see Clan Head, we’ll go and stop Zi Feng together with you guys!”

The bear clan’s strength was much stronger than the Jade Faced Fairy Fox Clan’s. Not only did they have a peak initial-stage Tier 6 clan head, they even had an initial-stage Tier 6 First Elder. Except, that First Elder did not meddle with worldly affairs. The matters in the clan were basically all passed to Xiong Tie to manage.

Seeing Xiong Tie instructed this, Ye Yuan hurriedly said, “Young Lord Xiong Tie, you mustn’t!”

“En? What do Brother Ye’s words mean?” Xiong Tie said in surprise.

Ye Yuan said, “Young Lord mustn’t assume an appearance like facing a great enemy, and also don’t invite your First Elder to come out of retirement. As long as you let him pay attention to the development of the situation at all times will do. When Young Lord comes across that Zi Feng, just say that Clan Head Xiong Zhan is currently in closed-seclusion and will be ready to leave seclusion in a few days. Make sure not to reveal nervousness. The Purple Flood Dragon Clan are definitely still unable to verify the news right now. That’s why they would put on such a great fanfare. It’s in order to demonstrate their might to cow the tiger. You guys reacting too intensely will fit right in with their wishes. When the situation is detrimental, pretend to be very powerful to deter the enemy. When you’re very powerful, put on a weak appearance to bait the enemy. Understood?”

Xiong Tie seemed to have understood, but he also seemed to not understand. But he felt that what Ye Yuan said was very reasonable.

But at this time, Xiong Tie could not think too much. He nodded his head and brought Ye Yuan to go see Xiong Zhan.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he could not help sighing in his heart too. This big dumb bear clan was really enough to choke on.

But this Xiong Tie more or less should be able to comprehend some of his ideas. Presumably, delaying for a while was doable. But he had to ramp up the speed a little over on his side. Otherwise, if the Purple Flood Dragon Clan really raided in, that would not be fun.

. . . . . .

When Ye Yuan saw Xiong Zhan, he could not help being secretly alarmed too. Just how many Firesource Crystals did this fellow absorb? To actually be poisoned so deeply.

The Xiong Zhang before his eyes had an emaciated appearance, his expression haggard, looking just like a crazed person. How was there any demeanor of a Tier 6 expert?

When Xiong Tie saw Xiong Zhan, he knelt in front of him with tears in his eyes and said, “Clan Head, for the sake of our Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan, you must hold up! I brought Brother Ye here. He can definitely cure your fire poison!”

Xiong Zhan had a listless look. Only after hearing Xiong Tie’s words did he barely manage to open both eyes and briefly sweep a glance over Ye Yuan. He said feebly, “What . . . What means does a Tier . . . Tier 4 brat have?”

“This . . . Brother Ye he is the best shaman. He absolutely has ways to save you!” Xiong Tie was uncertain too. He already did not have any methods right now.

Xiong Zhan shook his head slightly and said, “It . . . It’s useless. Let . . . Let him leave! This fire poison . . . even I have . . . no way around it. How . . . how can he do?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Regardless whether or not I have any means, I’m afraid it’s no longer up to Clan Head Xiong Zhan anymore! Their Purple Flood Dragon Clan has already attacked and now at the entrance. If you continue to be like this, the Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan, this lineage, will probably be terminated!”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Xiong Zhan abruptly opened both eyes. A seldom seen glimmer radiated from both eyes as he asked Xiong Tie, “Is what he said . . . true?”

Xiong Tie froze and nodded his head slightly.

Ye Yuan said, “Alright, no time to waste. Your descendants are going to fight for the bear clan right now. You, this old fellow, got to at least do a little something, right?”

“Want . . . want me to do what?” Xiong Zhan was startled inwardly and muttered.

Ye Yuan did not bother with him, but he said to Xiong Tie, “Young Lord, you leave first. The clan still needs you to preside over the overall situation! Remember what I said before!”

Xiong Tie looked at Ye Yuan and nodded his head hard and said, “Brother Ye, this place will be entrusted over to you! Clan Head, if I don’t return this time, you must help me kill Zi Feng and take revenge for me!”

As he said, Xiong Tie left resolutely.

Xiong Zhan looked at Xiong Tie’s back view and could not help knitting his brows together. Ye Yuan knew that Xiong Zhan’s fire poison flared up again and was currently incinerating his meridians.

Suddenly, Xiong Zhan shut his eyes and said, “Want me to do what, say it!”

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, the corners of his mouth slightly revealed hints of a smile. He knew that the fighting spirit in Xiong Zhan’s heart had already lifted up.

As an Alchemy Emperor, Ye Yuan had saved god knows how many people before in his previous life. He knew his patients’ thoughts like the back of his hand and knew what kind of method to use to stimulate the patient’s desire to live.

Without any doubt, this Xiong Zhan’s soft spot was his clansmen!

His descendants were all fighting a bloody battle outside, while he was powerless to do anything. Nothing could stimulate him more than this.

“What you have to do is to give up control of your meridians and allow me to free rein! I will enter your meridians using essence fire and refine away all the fire poison in your body!” Ye Yuan said.

Xiong Zhan snapped open both eyes abruptly and stared fixedly at Ye Yuan and said, “Young man, what capabilities do you have to dare carry out such conduct?”

Entering other people’s meridians with essence fire. This was an extremely dangerous action. Even though Xiong Zhan was a Tier 6 expert, a moment of carelessness and he would be burned to death by the essence fire too!

Ye Yuan’s way to treat fire poison was seriously too dangerous!

Even if Xiong Zhang very much wanted to go out and fight side by side with his descendants right now, he could not help doubting Ye Yuan’s motives at this time too.

Towards Xiong Zhan’s intent gaze, Ye Yuan was indifferent. Meeting Xiong Zhan’s gaze head-on, he said coolly, “Right now, do you still have other options?”