Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Removing Poison

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“On what basis should I believe you?” Xiong Zhan showed a pained expression as he said.

Ye Yuan took at look at Xiong Zhan and said smilingly, “Every second more you delay here, your clansmen will have a bit more danger. I’m indifferent. But can you . . . afford to dawdle?”

Xiong Zhan’s expression changed, and his face revealed a struggling look. He finally gritted his teeth and said, “Fine! I’ll cooperate with you!”

Ye Yuan nodded and began to feel Xiong Zhan’s pulse.

“My essence energy is going to wander inside your meridians. Do not resist!” Ye Yuan said.

Xiong Zhan nodded his head. The expression on his face was somewhat ugly.

On the one hand, it was because of the fire poison’s anguish. On the other hand, it was because him doing this was equivalent to handing his life over to Ye Yuan.

To a Tier 6 experts, they believed in their own strength more. It was only under such a circumstance whether he had no other alternatives, that he would hand his life over to another person.

However, when Ye Yuan’s essence energy entered Xiong Zhan’s meridians, Xiong Zhan’s expression changed.

Ye Yuan’s essence energy was like a clear flow, slowly flowing within his meridians. Not only was there not the slightest sense of discordance, it even made him have a very comfortable feeling.

The shamans in the clan had taken his pulse before too. But had never given him this sort of sensation before.

This could only mean one thing: Ye Yuan’s medical skills were much stronger than those shamans in the clan!

Xiong Zhan involuntarily opened his eyes and sized Ye Yuan up curiously.

It was only to see that on a young and handsome face, unswerving determination and experiences of the many vicissitudes of life were revealed.

“Focus! Don’t get distracted!” Ye Yuan said with his eyes shut.

Xiong Zhan was startled inwardly and hurriedly reined in his mind. And at this time, his confidence in Ye Yuan increased several times inexplicably.

Before long, Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes, his expression revealing solemness.

Initially, Xiong Zhan was still worried that Ye Yuan was so young, and that his treatment would be unreliable. But now, he was already utterly convinced by Ye Yuan.

Don’t look at how he was young. He had genuine ability! Just this pulse reading skill, which shaman in the clan could compare?

Seeing Ye Yuan’s expression, Xiong Zhan could not help being on tenterhooks. He asked probingly, “Little Brother, could it be that it’s no good?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Not that it won’t work. It’s just much more troublesome than I imagined. I might need to expend some time.”

Through a round of diagnosis just now, Ye Yuan discovered that the fire poison had already gradually mixed together with Xiong Zhan’s demonic essence. When fire poison reached this step, it was exceedingly hard to remove. A single mishap and it would damage Xiong Zhan’s meridians.

Not that Ye Yuan was concerned his ability was lacking, but he was worried that the time stalled over on Xiong Tie’s side would not be sufficient.

When Xiong Zhan heard, his face could not help revealing wild elation as he said, “Then what are you waiting for? Quickly begin!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Alright. But how long Xiong Tie can stall for over there will be up to him. Over here, I can only do my best. Starting now, you have to give your whole attention and open up all of your meridians. During the process of me removing the poison, you mustn’t use the slightest bit of essence energy. Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself!”

Xiong Zhan was like an obedient little child currently. He nodded and said, “Okay! I definitely won’t use! Definitely won’t use!”

Ye Yuan held out his palm. Fiery appeared in his hand.

“Fiery, when you enter his meridians in a while, you have to coordinate well with me. You must be doubly prudent to make sure not to hurt his meridians!” Ye Yuan used his consciousness to communicate with Fiery.

The matter of Fiery unlocking intellect, Ye Yuan naturally did not wish to let Xiong Zhan know.

One had to know that the valuableness of an essence fire that unlocked intellect was not beneath an ordinary divine art! If Xiong Zhan knew, who knows if he would have wicked designs or not?

Finished instructing Fiery, Ye Yuan tapped onto Xiong Zhan’s palm with his fingertip.

. . . . . .

Outside the borders of the bear clan and Purple Flood Dragon Clan’s domain, swords were drawn, and bows were pulled.

Xiong Tie obeyed Ye Yuan’s suggestion and did not bring the remaining First Elder in the clan over here.

When Zi Feng saw Xiong Tie, his face showed slight surprise.

Xiong Tie was not too stupid either. Right away, he said with a threatening aura, “Clan Head Zi Feng, you come bearing down so menacingly, could it be that you want to start a war across the board with our bear clan?”

When Zi Feng saw Xiong Tie’s composed manner, he could not help doubting in his mind.

Could it be that the intel obtained was not accurate? Xiong Zhan was not poisoned at all?

But he naturally would not let it show on his face. He said with a big laugh, “Haha! What is Honorable Nephew saying here? I was just incredibly bored recently and came to find Old Man Xiong to chit-chat. I just happened to bring some youngsters over too. Our two clans are neighbors. We should also be on more intimate terms, isn’t that so? Where’s Old Man Xiong? Such a haughty manner! Old man, I, already came over personally. Doesn’t you know how to come out and welcome me?”

The group of bears inclusive of Xiong Hui all revealed indignation on their faces.

This old man, Zi Feng, was truly shameless. Clearly harboring ill-intent and was wary of Xiong Zhan too. Yet, he just had to feign the appearance of an old friend.

Usually, Xiong Tie would have long swung a hammer over. Why would he talk so much crap with him?

The members of the bear clan were proficient in battle, but they were not good with words. How could they understand this kind of beating around the bush thing?

But before coming, Ye Yuan repeatedly exhorted Xiong Tie to pretend as if Xiong Zhang was fine.

Xiong Tie’s unenlightened brain finally started to set in motion too.

Speaking of which, Xiong Tie was not dumb either; he was much better than Xiong Hui, that straightforward person.

Xiong Tie had a look of sudden realization and said, “Oh! Turns out that Clan Head Zi Feng is here to reminiscence the old days! Our family’s clan head is currently in closed-seclusion. Calculating it, he should exit seclusion these two days? If Clan Head Zi Feng can wait, why not come into the clan and wait a bit for one or two days?”

Hearing Xiong Tie said so, Zi Feng became even more doubtful.

Could it be that the intel was really wrong? Xiong Zhan that old man was really only in closed-seclusion?

Zi Feng’s eyeballs swirled around, but his gaze landed on the Xiong Hui behind Xiong Tie.

Xiong Hui was not as composed as Xiong Tie. That nervous expression was practically written all over his face.

Once Zi Feng saw it, he immediately understood in his heart and thought to himself, Xiong Tie this little bastard, he actually learned to play scheming and intrigues with Your Father too! But sadly, it’s useless for you alone to be smart. The others are still a bunch of dumb bears!

When Xiong Tie initially saw Zi Feng’s expression, he thought that his own performance already hoodwinked the other party’s eyes.

But who knew that Zi Feng suddenly laughed faintly and said, “Since Honorable Nephew invited so cordially, then this old man will accept deferentially than to decline courteously. Go, I’ll follow you all into the clan together. I’ll drink a glass or two with Honorable Nephew, you, first!”

Xiong Tie’s expression changed but stood there without moving.

Zi Feng laughed coldly in his heart, but his mouth said, “What is it? Could it be that Honorable Nephew has anything awkward to disclose? Or . . . this old man isn’t welcomed?”

“A-Are you jesting? Why would . . . Why would I have anything awkward to disclose?”

Xiong Tie was just half-baked too. How could he be Zi Feng, this sly old fox’s match?

Previously, it was just acting in accordance with Ye Yuan’s instructions and thinking of some strategies to respond.

But at this time, being shaken by Zi Feng, Xiong Tie immediately gave himself away.

“Humph! Looks like Xiong Zhan that old fellow really succumbed this time!Haha! Truly, the heaven is helping me! Little bastard, to dare play mind games with this old man, you’re too inexperienced! I’ll slaughter you right here, then go and give my best wishes to Old Man Xiong! Hahaha!” Zi Feng roared with laughter.

“Stinking flood dragon, you’re very cocky huh?! You just try touching a single hair of Tie-er’s!”

[0] Flood dragon versus dragon. Flood dragons are snake-like, live long-term in water, suck blood, delicious. Dragons are auspicious (considered bad luck if killed), proud, divine. In a western context, it will be similar to wyvern versus dragon.