Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Two Clan's Great Battle

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Just earlier, the bear clan’s side were all prepared to die already.

When Zi Feng suddenly flew off the handle, they knew that it could not be dragged any longer.

But this voice, clearly very boorish, yet was akin to a heavenly melody.

However, when Zi Feng heard this voice, his expression changed. Focusing his eyes and looking over, only to see two silhouettes appearing in front of everyone.

“Heh. You stinking purple flood dragon. Pretty adept at looting a burning house!”

Xiong Zhan came in front of Zi Feng, his aura seemingly threatening.

How did he still have the slightest hint being in a sickly state currently? His entire person’s spirit, qi, and vitality all reached the peak state! Apart from being a little thinner than before, his state was indescribably good.

Seeing this scene, Xiong Tie could not help looking at Ye Yuan beside Xiong Zhan in amazement, his eyes filled with admiration.

This fellow actually really did it! Furthermore, it was so fast!

If it was 15 minutes later, their this group of people would all have to lose their lives at Zi Feng’s hands.

This old man Zi Feng was not some goody-two-shoes. Confirming that something happened to Xiong Zhan, he would not show the slightest bit of mercy.

Zi Feng’s face turned black as he said solemnly, “Old Man Xiong, you’re actually really fine? This is impossible! Could it be that you guys have been deliberately laying down a labyrinth in order to draw me out? When did you all have this head for it?”

Xiong Zhan did not just have high martial prowess; his brain was very nimble too. Different from the other big dumb bears’ straightforwardness, Xiong Zhan’s brain worked very well still.

These few years, if not for Xiong Zhan devising strategies in the command tent, the bear clan would have long been played to death by Zi Feng.

This point, Ye Yuan had long seen through some inkling through his conversation with Xiong Zhan.

Xiong Zhan suddenly guffawed with laughter. He was incomparably free from inhibitions in his heart too.

Seeing Xiong Zhan laugh non-stop, Zi Feng said with a black face, “Old Man Xiong, what the hell are you laughing at?”

Xiong Zhan said with a big laugh, “Stinking purple flood dragon, if you knew the truth of the matter, you’d definitely wish to give yourself a few slaps. Just when you arrived, I was still tangled up with a deadly poison. My entire person was almost ruined. If not for your suspicious frame of mind being too strong, I’d really be powerless against you if you attacked over earlier! Hahaha!”

Xiong Zhan chortled very happily right now. But when Ye Yuan was helping him remove the poison, he could not laugh at all.

He originally thought that the trouble Ye Yuan said would require at least half a day to even a day’s time. Who knew that it only needed a short two hours plus.

Ye Yuan’s Tier 5 Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame using to cleanse the fire poison, the effect was unexpectedly good.

The process of eradicating the poison was like floating clouds and flowing water; the areas that the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame passed by, the fire poison got instantaneously cleansed.

Back then, Xiong Zhan was thinking that if there was no trouble, how fast would the speed of this brat removing the fire poison have to be?

Fortunately, Ye Yuan’s speed was really very fast. He rushed over here in time too. If it were any later, the outcome would be too terrible to imagine.

With this, Zi Feng’s face immediately became like a chameleon; all sorts of colors repeatedly changing.

He finally understood why Xiong Tie kept on dawdling with him earlier. Turns out that he was stalling for time! What was more hateful was that because he was filled with suspicions, he really fell for it and missed the optimum timing!

Coincidence or not, right at this crucial time, Xiong Zhan actually recovered!

This timing was really grasped too brilliantly!

Even if he came a bit later, it would also not be as depressing as right now.

Yet, it was only missing just this one step!

A discrepancy of a hair’s breadth could lead to an error of a thousand miles! This situation right now, the difference was huge!

Seeing Zi Feng’s expression, Xiong Zhan laughed even more delightedly.

Both sides had fought for so many years, and they had always been suppressed by the purple flood dragons. Today, seeing Zi Feng deflated, there was no need to mention how liberating Xiong Zhan felt in his heart.

Zi Feng’s gaze suddenly drifted onto Ye Yuan, and he asked with a solemn face, “Don’t tell me that it was this boy who treated the poison in your body?”

“So what if yes? With me, Xiong Zhan, around, can you still harm a hair of his?” Xiong Zhan said arrogantly.

Zi Feng looked at Ye Yuan hatefully and said, “Boy, you’re very gutsy. To actually dare make an enemy out of our Purple Flood Dragon Clan!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m just an alchemist. I saw that there was a patient and just treated him. If it offended Lord Zi Feng because of this, then come and beat me!”

When he was saying the first half of the sentence, everyone, including Xiong Zhan, all thought that Ye Yuan was afraid and conceded.

All the way until the final sentence came out, each and every one of the bear clan all could not resist laughing loudly.

Why did these words sound so liberating!

While Zi Feng’s face was already black like the bottom of a pot already. He looked at Ye Yuan and said coldly, “Fine lad! You’re courting death!”


The aura belonging to a Tier 6 expert suddenly erupted. Zi Feng was going to kill Ye Yuan with one palm.

“Old Man Zi Feng, your opponent is me! What capability does it count as to bully juniors?”

How could Xiong Zhan possibly let Zi Feng prevail? He directly made a move and stopped him. The two people instantly tangled up in battle together.

Two great Tier 6 experts fighting. That might was truly earth-shaking. The others hurriedly backed away to avoid being affected.

While Zi Feng was tangled up with Xiong Zhan, he roared, “Zi Lin, what are you still in a daze for? Kill that boy for me!”

Zi Lin was precisely the Purple Flood Dragon Clan’s Young Lord.

With this roar, how could the bear clan and purple flood dragon clan still sit still? The two clans officially started the great battle!

The Purple Flood Dragon Clan also brought another Tier 6 first elder over here this time, while the bear clan’s Tier 6 first elder also showed up at this time, tangling together with him.

When Zi Lin got Zi Feng’s order, he dashed straight for Ye Yuan.

Yet, Xiong Tie had long viewed Ye Yuan as his benefactor. How could he possibly give him the opportunity to approach Ye Yuan? He directly attacked too to stop him.

For a moment, the two clan’s battle cries rend the air.

Such a scale of fighting was not often seen in the outside world.

A great battle with so many Tier 5 experts and Tier 6 experts, even when adding the Endless World and Fierce Gale World, two worlds together, there was also not such a scale.

Ye Yuan became the idlest one in the battlefield instead and actually became weary with boredom.

Occasionally, there were blind ones who came to find trouble with him and were all casually disposed of by him.

Apart from a few Tier 6 experts, there were really not many who could threaten him here.

Even if that Zi Lin really found him, he would not attach importance to him either.

Ye Yuan’s attention right now was placed on that great battle in the sky.

Xiong Zhan refined a hundred over pieces of Firesource Crystals. Originally, his strength should advance with leaps and bounds. But due to the fire poison, he was unable to break through to middle-stage Tier 6 all along.

But after Ye Yuan helped him remove the fire poison, the effects of Xiong Zhan absorbing the firesource power started to showcase.

The Firesource True Dipper Bears were originally fire-attribute demons. Xiong Zhan absorbed that many Firesource Crystals, breaking through to middle-stage Tier 6 was already something in due course.

Even if he had not broken through right now, Zi Feng was no longer his match as well.

In the air, Zi Feng became more alarmed the more he fought. When did this Xiong Zhan’s strength become so powerful?

“You . . . You’re going to break through soon?” Zi Feng said in shock.

Xiong Zhan laughed wildly and said, “Thanks to you. After crippling you, I’ll be able to break through with a peace of mind!”