Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Roc Clan Young Lord

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“Hahaha! I’ve fought with you, this stinking purple flood dragon for so many years. There has yet to be such a liberating time once before! Wait until Your Father breaks through to the middle-stage Tier 6, I’ll definitely beat you until your mom can’t recognize you!” Xiong Zhan said as he laughed wildly in the air.

Xiong Zhan broke the stalemate very quickly, chasing Zi Feng and beating him up in an overwhelming ferocity.

But the two people’s cultivation realms did not have a great difference. There was not such a great disparity in terms of strength. For Xiong Zhan to want to take down Zi Feng in a short time, it was not something easy.

In reality, Ye Yuan also knew that the current Xiong Zhan could not kill Zi Feng at all. Unless he could break through to middle-stage Tier 6.

“Old Man Xiong, don’t get cocky! Do you really think that you’ve stumped me?” Zi Feng yelled at the top of his voice as he fled.

“So what if stumped you? This old man being stronger than you right now is stumping you! Hahaha! See if you dare to be rampant in front of Your Father again!” Xiong Zhan said.

Xiong Zhan decided to definitely thank Ye Yuan properly after the matter. If not for Ye Yuan, the bear clan would be in danger right now.

Currently, not only was the bear clan’s crisis fully resolved, he even utterly suppressed his old foe of many years. This sort of liberating feeling, Xiong Zhan had never encountered before in so many years of cultivation.

Zi Feng warded off Xiong Zhan’s pursuit and attack while being secretly anxious. Why hasn’t the roc clan’s young lord here? Still not coming? This old man really won’t be able to withstand it! Taking everything to considerations, I didn’t calculate that such a brat would pop out and could actually completely resolve the poison in Xiong Zhan’s body.

The two people’s battle commotion in the air was extremely great. But under Xiong Zhan’s wanton and indiscriminate bombardment, Zi Feng already sustained a fair bit of injuries on his body.

Xiong Zhan was currently fighting fervently and did not think so much at all. But Ye Yuan’s brows gradually furrowed together.

Zi Feng clearly had the ability to escape, but he forcefully endured it and did not leave. If this continued, he would not even have the chance to escape.

This Zi Feng was evidently a cunning old fox. Logically speaking, he should value his life infinitely. But why did he remain behind?

There must be something strange for things to be abnormal!

This Zi Feng would rather sustain heavy injuries and also wanted to stay behind. There must be an even greater scheme.

Could it be that the Purple Flood Dragon Clan still had some way out?

A foreboding premonition gradually welled up in Ye Yuan’s heart.

Just as Ye Yuan was wondering on his own, a small black dot appeared far away on the horizons. Ye Yuan discovered this tiny black dot right away. His heart could not help sinking gradually.

The small black dot gradually enlarged. Ye Yuan strained his eyes to look at the distance. Turns out that it was a flying carriage.

The flying carriage was pulled along by nine Tier 4 flying demonic beasts. The spectacle was extremely grand.

This ostentatious display was not an ordinary kind of extravagant.

Following the approach of the flying carriage, Xiong Zhan and Zi Feng clearly noticed it too.

When Zi Feng saw the flying carriage arriving, his face could not help revealing wild elation. “Hahaha! Xiong Zhan, Young Lord Peng Yun has arrived! I’ll see how you still be arrogant! Today will be the day of extermination of your Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan!”

The moment Xiong Zhan heard the name Peng Yun, his expression involuntarily changed greatly. With a gloomy look, he looked at Zi Feng and said, “You, this fellow, actually dared to betray Lord Hu Yan and call in the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan!”

“Bah! Hu Yan that fellow might have long be dead already! These dozen over years, their Darkfiend Tiger Clan did not look after us the tiniest bit at all. On what basis should my Purple Flood Dragon Clan still work ourselves to the bone for them for?” Zi Feng said.

“You shut your jinx mouth! Lord Hu Yan’s might is immensely formidable! How can he possibly die?! You dared to betray Lord Hu Yan! Prepare to have an awareness of death then!” Xiong Zhan said in an uncontrollable rage.

“Heh heh, you this dumb bear! Who knows how many demon races in the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s territory have already given rise to the thought. Do you think that there’s only my Purple Flood Dragon Clan? Only you, this dumb bear, would be foolishly loyal to Hu Yan that fellow! Today, exterminating you, this big dumb bear, there will naturally be the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan to back me up!’ Zi Feng said with a cold laugh.

Ye Yuan listened to the two people’s conversation and could not help recalling Yu Huan’s repeated warnings. He also did not think that he would bump into the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan so quickly.

If he let them knew that he possessed the dragon race’s bloodline, his outcome would probably not be good.

Listening to it, the Darkfiend Tiger Clan and the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan seemed to be sworn enemies. And the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s boss’ life or death was unknown currently, resulting in the thoughts of the various subordinate demon clans to drift.

The bear clan was all very simple and honest and did not give rise to this thought at all. But the Purple Flood Dragon Clan adjacent to them probably had the intent to rebel long ago already. That was why they threw their lots in with the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan in secret.

Ye Yuan saw that an old man accompanied by that flying carriage’s side. His strength was unfathomable. He was probably still even stronger than Xiong Zhan.

This matter today was likely unable to be settled already.

That flying carriage came close in front very quickly. A hawk-nosed young man sat in the carriage, looking very haughty; as if everyone in his eyes were like ants.

This person was naturally the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan’s Young Lord, Peng Yun.

At this time, a youth on the other side of the carriage came in front and said to everybody very arrogantly, “Young Lord Peng Yun has arrived! Why haven’t you all paid respects?”

Zi Feng disregarded the wounds on his body and hurriedly gave a bow and said, “Lesser clan’s Zi Feng, pays respects to Young Lord Peng Yun, Elder Peng Hai!”

The clan head of a clan, that attitude was unbelievably obsequious.

While Xiong Zhan had a somber look and did not have the intention of paying respects at all.

That youth said in a great rage when he saw the situation, ‘You, this lowly bear clan! Saw Young Lord Peng Yun and still not paying respects?!”

The Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan also possessed the bloodline of an ancient divine beast. Their divine beast bloodline was extremely thick; it was much stronger than the Purple Flood Dragons, Firesource True Dipper Bears, and the others.

Xiong Zhan expression changed, and he said with a cold snort, “I, Xiong Zhan, only recognizes Lord Hu Yan, and I don’t recognize any Young Lord Peng Yun! Want to make me, Old Xiong, pay respects? Dream on!”

When Ye Yuan heard Xiong Zhan’s words, he nodded his head slightly too.

Among the demon clans, to have such integrity was not easy.

One had to know that offending Peng Yun now was risking the danger of clan extermination. But Xiong Zhan did not even furrow his brows.

The youth exclaimed in a great rage, “Creature that refuses face when given! To actually dare be disrespectful towards Young Lord! The Darkfiend Tiger Clan is already nearing its end! In the future, this Dongming Region, only my Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan have the final say! You still don’t know how to appreciate favors?! We’ll exterminate your clan!”

“F*ck your bullshit! Lord Hu Yan’s means are immensely formidable! You all dare to jump around, you’ll be taken care of by him sooner or later one day!” Xiong Zhan said.

“Hahaha! You this dumb bear! To actually still harbor illusions about Hu Yan! Let me tell you, Hu Yan was hurt by the Azure Spirit Tree over ten years ago. Right now, even if he’s not dead, he’s pretty much a cripple too! This Young Lord will give you a chance right now. If you’re still impervious to sense, today will be the day of your Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan’s extermination!” The Peng Yun who had not spoken the entire time finally opened his mouth.

Xiong Zhan’s expression changed, and he could not help looking at the clansmen behind him, his face showing a look of reluctance.

“Huhu, that’s it. You, as the clan head, if all your clansmen die at your hands, then you’ll be the Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan’s eternal sinner! Can you . . . accept that?” Peng Yun seemed to be able to see through thoughts, guiding gently.

Xiong Zhan suddenly turned around. Ye Yuan saw it plainly. A drop of tear water actually flowed down from his eye!

“Children . . . do you all . . . fear death or not?” Xiong Zhan asked sonorously and imposingly.

“Not afraid!”