Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Borrowing Name To Challenge

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“Not afraid!”

These two words, those bears virtually uttered it in unison from different mouths without the slightest hesitation.

Bringing along a moving and tragic aura surging towards the sky!

The moment these two words came out, it was expressing their will with death!

Don’t look at how each and every one of these bears was all slow-witted normally. At this time, all of them had lofty and unyielding characters that reached the clouds. To say that they were doomsday heroes was not over the top too.

Each and every one of that expression, in Ye Yuan’s view . . . was actually somewhat cute.

When Xiong Zhan saw this scene, tears involuntarily coursed down his old face. He nodded and said, “Good! Good children! Lord Hu Yan’s debt of gratitude towards our bear clan is as weighty as a mountain! Today, we’ll repay the favor with death!”

Xiong Zhan turned around abruptly, stared at Peng Yun, and said, “Did you hear that, brat? Want to make my bear clan surrender? Can’t. . . do . . . that!”

Peng Yun originally had a look like everything was under control. But the expression currently was frighteningly grim.

Xiong Zhan’s actions were truly flinging a resounding slap on his face, making him lose all face.

“Since that’s the case, this Young Lord will fulfill your wishes! Peng Hai, exterminate them for me!” Peng Yun said each word slowly.

“Young Lord Peng Yun, Zi Feng has a presumptuous request!” Peng Hai was just about to make a move when Zi Feng suddenly came forward and said.

Peng Yun did not even give him a glance and said coldly, “Speak!”

But Zi Feng’s gaze was looking at Ye Yuan as he said with a cold smile, “Young Lord, can you hand that punk over to me? Xiong Zhan he was originally inflicted with a deadly poison. My Purple Flood Dragon Clan could have originally taken down the bear clan as easy as overturning one’s hands. Yet, this punk opposed Young Lord and cured Xiong Zhan!”

Hearing Zi Feng’s words, Xiong Zhan’s expression could not help changing drastically.

Ye Yuan was his benefactor. It was fine if they died. But if they implicated Ye Yuan, he would die with endless regrets.

“Zi Feng, don’t you sow discord here! Ye Yuan doesn’t know our two clans’ matters at all! He only came to help out of goodwill! If you dare to touch a single hair of his, I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!” Xiong Zhan glared fiercely at Zi Feng and said.

Peng Yun hearing Zi Feng’s words, looked at Ye Yuan rather surprisedly, and he said, ” Oh? Human? This boy only has merely Tier 4 strength, and he could actually resolve the poison in the body of a Tier 6 demon? Looks like he’s quite capable! Uh . . . A pity that he’s a human. Otherwise, he could work for me. Since that’s the case, kill him them!”

When Zi Feng heard the first half of the sentence, his heart leaped to his throat. He even thought that Peng Yun took fancy upon Ye Yuan’s capability.

Only upon hearing the last sentence did he finally set his mind at ease.

Getting the order, Zi Feng had indescribable satisfaction in his heart as he looked at Ye Yuan with a hideous grin and said, “Boy, didn’t you want me to come and beat you earlier? Now, I’ll see what you have to be stubborn! I’m going to tear this mouth of yours to shreds today and see if it’s really that hard!”

Xiong Zhan was secretly anxious when he saw the situation. He was just about to make a move when he felt an extremely powerful aura lock onto him!

This Peng Hai’s strength was middle-stage Tier 6. Moreover, the roc clan’s bloodline strength was exceptionally formidable. Xiong Zhan was not a match at all!

Xiong Zhan hated in his heart. If he could break through to middle-stage Tier 6 earlier, he wouldn’t be at the extent of being so helpless right now too!

Xiong Zhan had the resolve to die long ago. But seeing that Zi Feng actually implicated Ye YUan at this time, the remorse in his heart was indescribable.

If he knew that it was this kind of situation long ago, he should have let him leave first after Ye Yuan treated him!

“Ye Yuan! Quickly leave! What Old Xiong, I, owe you, I’ll definitely pay back in my next life!” Xiong Zhan shouted.

“Run? Running where? With this old man here, can he still run? Hahaha!” Zi Feng chuckled madly.

Ye Yuan did not move there the whole time and did not speak either.

But at this time, he shot Zi Feng a nonchalant glance and said, “Lowly purple flood dragon bloodline is fit to be my opponent too?”

Even if Zi Feng was cunning and experienced with age, he was also infuriated by Ye Yuan’s scornful attitude.

His purple flood dragon bloodline was one of the branches of the dragon race’s bloodlines. Even though the bloodline was very impure, he had the chance to transform from a flood dragon to become a dragon too!

Even though this chance was very slim, it did not seem to have any relations with ‘lowly,’ this word, right?

“Lowly? You, a puny little human, actually dare to utter such wild ravings!”

Ye Yuan was completely disinclined to even give him a glance. His body suddenly erupted with an overwhelming dragon pressure!

The expressions of all the people present, after witnessing Ye Yuan’s dragon pressure, changed drastically.

“Now . . . do you still have complaints about me saying that your bloodline is lowly?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Zi Feng’s expression changed. The embarrassment on his face could not be concealed no matter what.

In front of Ye Yuan, wasn’t his, this Purple Flood Dragon Race, a lowly bloodline?

Flood dragon race, no matter how pure a bloodline flood dragon race, could not compare to the tiniest speck of the dragon race at all!

In front of the dragon race, the flood dragon race bloodline was trash!

Ye Yuan calling his bloodline lowly was not wrong at all!

All of the demon races present, nobody could refute this sentence of Ye Yuan’s, including Peng Yung.

Zi Feng’s face flushed scarlet, wanting to say something, but discovered how feeble words were currently.

Ye Yuan did not bother with him but slowly pulled aside his collar, revealing that piece of reverse scale below his neck.

Seeing that piece of emerald-green reverse scale, Peng Yun and Xiong Zhan’s expression changed once more as they cried out in concert, “Dragon Lord!”

Xiong Zhan did not think that Ye Yuan was actually this generation’s dragon lord. He cursed secretly in his heart.

The dragon lord and the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan were incompatible like water and fire. The Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan had once sent out the news that as long as the next dragon lord came into being, they would kill the dragon lord at all costs!

Now, Ye Yuan actually took the initiative to expose his own status as dragon lord. This . . . Wasn’t this courting death?

Indeed, Peng Yun’s and Peng Hai’s expressions currently both changed, becoming rather terrifying.

Very clearly, the current Ye Yuan’s weight in their eyes had already far surpassed Xiong Zhan’s.

Seeing this scene, Xiong Zhan heart involuntarily pounded.

Ye Yuan wasn’t doing this in order to save the bear clan, right? But his strength was only Tier 4. Wasn’t doing so striking a rock with an egg?

It was just that no matter what the result was, the favor that Xiong Zhan owed Ye Yuan this time was massive.

“I heard that my predecessor once killed a roc young lord. Didn’t think that I’d run into the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan again today. Really quite fated.Huhu, it’s just that I don’t know if you have the guts to have a battle with me?” Ye Yuan looked straight at Peng Yun.

Under everyone’s gaze, Ye Yuan was actually going to challenge Peng Yun!

One had to know that Peng Yun was late-stage Tier 5, while Ye Yuan was only middle-stage Tier 4. This huge disparity in strength was also too great.

Even if Ye Yuan was the dragon lord and possessed true dragon bloodline, the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan’s bloodline power was extremely formidable too.

Even though it could not compare to the dragon race’s, it still belonged to a first-rate bloodline.

Adding in that his strength was a major realm higher than Ye Yuan’s, there was simply no fight between the two!

When Peng Hai saw Ye Yuan challenge Peng Yun, he could not help knitting his brows together slightly. Taking a step forward, he said, “Young Lord, this old man will go and kill him!”

“Hang on!” Peng Yun slowly got up from the flying carriage, walked in front of Peng Hai with his hands behind his back, and said, “The Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan’s humiliation must be washed away by the roc clan’s Young Lord! You’re called Ye Yuan, right? This Young Lord will fulfill your wish today!”