Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Challenging The Other Party's Forte

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“Young Lord, you mustn’t fall for this boy’s trickery! He laid everything bare and challenged you. He probably has ill-intent!” Peng Hai warned.

Peng Yun smiled confidently and said, “Uncle Hai, you’re also too cautious. My strength, could you still not be aware? With my strength, if I can’t even take down a puny little Tier 4 Dragon Lord, how will I command the Dongming Region in the future? If I don’t even dare to accept the challenge of the Dragon Lord, what qualifications do I still have to inherit the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan? Whatever moves he has, just unleash them. This Young Lord will receive it all!”

Indeed, this was a certain-win battle. Peng Yun had no reason to refuse.

Tier 5 against Tier 4; there was a difference of a major boundary. If he could still lose like this, then him, this Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan successor, would also have no face to come out and mix around in the future.

Ye Yuan highlighting his dragon lord identity, he, Peng Yun, would have to accept this challenge.

The entire Dongming Region all knew that the Thousand Mountain Great Roc’s Young Lord had died at the hands of the previous generation’s dragon lord before. If he did not accept Ye Yuan’s challenge, he would be a complete and utter wuss.

Ye Yuan was forcing him to the bitter end here!

Of course, in Peng Yun’s view, Ye Yuan was forcing himself to the bitter end!

When Peng Hai heard Peng Yun say so, he naturally knew that he could not very well stop this either. But he would be sure to keep an eye tightly on Ye Yuan. As long as Ye Yuan had any weird ideas, he must deal a lightning-quick blow!

Peng Yun got down from the flying carriage and came before Ye Yuan. Shaking his head disdainfully, he said, “Didn’t expect that this generation’s dragon lord’s strength is actually so lousy. If not for you flashing the reverse scale, I’d even somewhat suspect that you’re a fake.”

Ye Yuan was obviously fake. How was he some dragon lord?

But at this time, Ye Yuan was very grateful for this dragon lord identity.

This Peng Yun’s appearance was too sudden. Ye Yuan did not have time to prepare anything. Hence, ever since Peng Yun appeared, Ye Yuan had been pondering on how to respond the entire time.

And the dragon lord identity was his only choice!

“Huhu, your predecessor was slaughtered by my predecessor. And today’s results won’t have any difference. Although the great roc clan has some skill, they are at the very best just an upstart too, forever too inferior to show in public,” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

To the Four Divine Beasts, this level of divine beast, the other demon races were all upstarts.

The dragon race had this confidence and also this pride.

Ye Yuan’s performance made Peng Yun believe his identity even more. Because the previous generation dragon lord was as rampant as Ye Yuan.

Peng Yun’s expression was dark as he said, “Creature who don’t know life from death. To actually dare goad this Young Lord’s baseline. You’ll die very horribly!”

Even though the dragon race’s might was universally acknowledged, in this God Prohibited Demon Region, apart from the appearance of a dragon lord every few years, there were no dragons existing.

Of course, there might be inside there. It was just that inside there was cut off from the world. Regardless of what happened in the outside world, they would not intervene either.

Even though they did not know where on earth the dragon lord came from, the greatest possibility was there!

Because that place, it was the most mysterious place! As mysterious as the dragon lord!

There had been records of dragon lords being killed before in history. But there had been no reaction from that place.

It was precisely because of this that the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan had the confidence to raise a hue and cry.

If from inside there had been any stirrings, what did the dragon lord killing the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan’s young lord count for?

Peng Yun’s Tier 5 aura was released fully. The pressure of the great roc bloodline was released, instantaneously enveloping everybody inside.

When Xiong Zhan saw this scene, his heart could not help sinking. He also did not expect that Peng Yun’s divine beast Kun Peng bloodline would actually be so thick. It had most probably . . . already surpassed the previous generation’s great roc young lord.

Peng Yun’s strength was much stronger compared to ordinary late-stage Tier 5’s!

Xiong Zhan’s gaze involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan and starting worrying for him.

Compare to Peng Yun, Ye Yuan’s strength was seriously too weak!

Furthermore . . . demons possessing Kun Peng bloodline, their speed were all very heaven-defying. Xiong Zhan could not see the tiniest bit of hope of Ye Yuan obtaining victory at all.


At virtually the same instance, Ye Yuan’s aura suddenly skyrocketed too, directly breaking through to peak Sixth Level!

Origin Spirit Nine Transformations!

Initially, Fiery was only Tier 4 and already did not have much effect on the present Ye Yuan. But now, Fiery broke through to Tier 5. The power of Ye Yuan’s Origin Spirit Nine Transformations was manifested once again.

Seeing this scene, Peng Hai’s brows involuntarily knitted slightly. Clearly, he was very surprised by this move of Ye Yuan and also could not help worrying for Peng Yun.

Not knowing why, Peng Hai kept feeling that this Ye Yuan was not simple.

Peng Yun himself was only slightly surprised. He gave a cold smile indifferently soon after and said, “Indeed have some capabilities. It’s just that like this . . . is still inadequate!”

Finished talking, everyone had not reacted to it, but Peng Yun’s entire person already vanished from sight.


Peng Yun struck Ye Yuan directly with a palm!

Everyone was greatly frightened. This scene seriously happened too suddenly.

Could it be that Ye Yuan was finished off effortlessly like this?

Yet, only when everyone came to their senses, did they notice something amiss.

Ye Yuan was still standing there perfectly fine. A faint smile was still hanging at the corners of his mouth.

Then . . . Ye Yuan’s figure gradually dissipated. It was actually an afterimage!

“Heh, everyone says that the Kun Peng divine beast’s speed in unparalleled under the heavens. In my opinion, it’s also nothing more than this.”

Ye Yuan’s faint voice drifted over, filled with contempt.

Peng Yun’s expression fell slightly as he said, “No wonder you dared to challenge this young lord. Turns out that you’re quite capable in terms of speed. However . . . do you think that this is enough? Too naive!”

Peng Yun’s bloodline power undulated out. His speed instantly rose to the peak, dashing straight for Ye Yuan.

With this, his speed was several times swifter than just now!

This was a deadly tempo!

Apart from the few Tier 6 experts present, there was nobody who could see Peng Yun’s trajectory clearly at all.

The roc clan’s speed claimed to be unparalleled under the heavens. It was indeed not for show.

Yet, the next instant, something that made everyone’s jaws drop even more happened.

Ye Yuan’s figure also suddenly vanished from sight. The two people were actually like air; disappeared!

“This . . . How swift a speed does this need?! These two people’s speed are simply unimaginable!”

“Young Lord Peng Yun’s speed being fast is something within expectations. But what’s going on with that Ye Yuan? When has the dragon race’s speed be this swift too?”

“Young Lord Peng Yun’s bloodline power absolutely surpassed the previous generation’s! This speed is heaven-defying level! This Ye Yuan could actually draw with Young Lord Peng Yun in terms of speed! To be able to clash head-on in speed with the roc clan, it’s still my first time seeing!”

Everyone was amazed by Ye Yuan’s speed. It was too terrifying!

These two people’s competition in speed, compared to Ye Yuan’s competition in speed with Wolf Fang back then, was simply a great sorcerer meeting a small apprentice.

Yet, Peng Yun’s speed being fast was within reason. But Ye Yuan’s speed made everyone all feel very astounded.

Battling with the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan, it basically needed to rely on absolute strength to overwhelm. To want to catch up to them in terms of speed was simply a pipe dream.

But now, Ye Yuan swept away the faces of all the rocs resplendently in terms of speed.