Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Sole Victor

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Peng Yun’s mood right now was extremely similar to Wolf Fang’s back then.

Clearly, his speed was a bit faster than Ye Yuan’s. But each time he caught up to Ye Yuan, his body would always sink without rhyme or reason, slowing a tiny bit of speed.

Except, just this tiny bit made him forever unable to catch up to Ye Yuan.

This sort of feeling, there was no need to talk about how depressing it was.

Kun Peng bloodline was well-deserving of being the most skilled in speed among the divine beast bloodlines. Even with Ye Yuan’s Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art cultivated to minor accomplishment realm, it was still slightly inferior to Peng Yun.

But adding in the Origin Magnetic Field, Peng Yun could forget about catching up to him.

With a swoosh, Ye Yuan directly dashed out several miles away.

“Want to run? How can it be that easy?!”

Peng Yu brought out his true power too, chasing after without any hesitation.

The Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan was also an extremely proud race. With his most proficient speed being unable to obtain victory, this made Peng Yun feel an utter loss of face.

Yet, when Peng Hai saw this scene, his expression changed greatly. “Young Lord, careful!”

At the same time, Peng Hai attacked like lightning!

But even if he was a Tier 6 expert, going from being stationary to movement still needed some time.

However, Ye Yuan and Peng Yun were in the midst of high speed movement. This slight time difference was sufficient!

What Ye Yuan was waiting for was this moment!

“Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman! Explode for me!”

Ye Yuan roared, directly throwing the last remaining Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman on him at Peng Yun!

This change was too sudden. Peng Yun could not react at all.

Originally, it was a one-sided situation. How could Peng Yun think that Ye Yuan could release such a horrifying attack?

Caught by surprise with this, how could he parry it in time?

Only to see dozens of bolts of terrifying lightning land, blasted right onto Peng Yun’s body.


Peng Yun suffered heavy injuries straight away, falling down.

“Young Lord!”

Right then, Peng Hai arrived!

However, how could Ye Yuan give him any chance?

Right from the beginning, Ye Yuan already planned out every segment. That far escape earlier seemed to be casual. Actually, the distance was planned out long ago!

Even though this Peng Hai’s speed was fast, Ye Yuan was only a hundred feet away from Peng Yun.

The moment he, Peng Yun, got hit, Ye Yuan already sped over with extreme speed.

In an instant, Ye Yuan grabbed hold of the Peng Yun who was currently falling down rapidly, a finger pointed at the middle of his back!

“Stop!” Ye Yuan grabbed hold of Peng Yun and shouted.

Peng Hai’s figure stopped abruptly, and he said sternly, “If you dare to harm a hair of Young Lord Peng Yun’s, I’ll make you die without a burial ground!”

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “I’ve already inserted essence fire into his meridians. As long as you dare to take another step forward, I’ll burn him into a roasted great roc first, do you believe or not?”

Peng Hai’s expression was frighteningly grim but really did not dare to come forward.

Meridians were not just humans’ most fragile area, it was likewise demons’ most fragile area. Once the essence fire erupted, it was not a joking matter.

“Boy, you have such deep scheme!”

At this time, how could Peng Hai still not tell that the situation in front of him was all cooked up by Ye Yuan single-handedly?

To be able to find this ray of hope under such an adverse circumstance, this boy was indeed someone who had great wisdom.

If it were other times, Peng Hai would surely have to praise Ye Yuan’s performance highly.

But right now, he was hostile with Ye Yuan, and Ye Yuan even captured Peng Yun to be a hostage. Peng Hai wished that he could eat his flesh.

“Is that so? You guys looting a burning house isn’t considered deep scheming?” Ye Yuan refuted without any hesitation.

Truthfully speaking, today’s situation was practically a lost game. Ye Yuan also stumbled upon a dragon lord identity by chance, to be able to provoke Peng Yun into taking action.

Otherwise, even if he had the Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talisman, how could he possibly be Peng Yun’s match too?

Towards this Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan, Ye Yuan obviously did not have any favorable impression.

“Enough crap! Quickly let Young Lord go! I can spare your life!” Peng Hai said.

Ye Yuan snickered and said, “Do you take me for a fool? If I released him, would you let me leave alive?”

Peng Hai’s brows furrowed and he said, “Then what do you want?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “You kill Zi Feng first, then bring your men and get lost from here!”

By the side, Zi Feng was already dazed from watching long ago. Hearing Ye Yuan’s words at this time, he involuntarily shuddered.

He never could have thought that the situation would turn around so quickly. Just now, it was still him wanting to kill Ye Yuan. In this short while, it became Ye Yuan wanting to kill him.

“Lord Peng Hai, don’t listen to that brat talking rubbish! Zi Feng is loyal and devoted to Lord Peng Tian! The heaven can bear witness!” Zi Feng said with a mournful face.

“Hahaha! Zi Feng, since you say that you’re loyal and devoted, then you naturally have to use your life to exchange for Young Lord Peng Yun’s life, isn’t it?” Ye Yuan said with a big laugh.

Zi Feng’s face immediately became black like the bottom of a pot as he cursed inwardly. This boy is really hard to tangle with; digging a pit for Your Father to jump!

“Punk, don’t sow discord here! If you don’t release Young Lord Peng Yun, you can forget about leaving here today!” Zi Feng said furiously.

Facing this sort of non-threatening threat, Ye Yuan did not take it to heart at all. He said with a snigger, “Looks like in your heart, this old life of yours is still more precious than Young Lord Peng Yun’s! Sigh . . .”

As Ye Yuan said, he even shook his head and sighed. That appearance was simply asking for a beating to the max.

Zi Feng cursed fervently in his heart, yet, he was helpless against Ye Yuan.

Forget about him, right now, even Peng Hai was holding back from taking action out of fear. They did not have the capital to bargain at all.

As long as Ye Yuan lightly spat out force, Peng Yun would croak right away!

“Boy, you . . .”

Zi Feng was just about to curse angrily but was stopped by Peng Hai with a hand gesture.

Peng Hai shook his head and said, “Ye Yuan, as long as you release Young Lord, any condition is open for discussion! My Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan has everything you desire. As long as you open your mouth, we will be able to take it out!”

Once Zi Feng heard that Peng Hai did not have the intention of killing him, he was also considerably more at ease in his heart and shut his mouth sensibly.

Yet, right at this time, a wave of powerful demonic essence erupted out suddenly.

That instant just now, was precisely the instant that Zi Feng was the most relaxed. He completely did not think that Peng Hai would suddenly launch an attack. By the time he reacted, it was already too late.


An immensely huge palm force directly imprinted onto Zi Feng’s forehead!

Before dying, Zi Feng was still glaring with wide, round eyes, not daring to believe everything happening before his eyes.

“Clan Head!”

“Lord Clan Head!”

. . . . . .

How could the Purple Flood Dragon Clan’s clansmen expect such a change to happen? Each and every one of them looked at Zi Feng’s corpse with deep hatred and resentment, still not daring to believe everything that happened in front of them.

What in the world happened? Wasn’t coming today to exterminate the Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan? Why did Clan Head die first instead?

The entire incident struck one snag after another. From the Purple Flood Dragon Clan’s great army bearing down on the border, to Xiong Zhan showing up and overturning the raging tides, then to Peng Yun showing up and overpowering Xiong Zhan, then to Ye Yuan trigger Young Lord and capturing Peng Yun alive. The development of today’s situation seriously made everyone unable to take it all in with their eyes.

However, Zi Feng’s death made everyone all understand that today’s victor was only one person!

That person was Ye Yuan!