Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Displaying Meager Skill Before An Expert

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Ye Yuan did not think that this Peng Hai would actually be so decisive either, killing right away.

But Ye Yuan was clear in his heart, this sly old fox knew that Zi Feng must die today, that was why he killed ruthlessly.

Ye Yuan was also someone extremely decisive and could not possibly tolerate Zi Feng, such a Tier 6 expert, to live in the world. This was an immense threat to him.

In addition, Peng Hai wanted to use this sort of method to shock him, wishing to make him not act rashly without careful thought.

However . . . he seemed to be overthinking it.

Could this bit of method stun him with awe?

“Zi Feng is already dead. Can you release Young Lord yet? You should know that even if you really killed Young Lord, you’ll also with buried with him! Not just you. All the people present would all have to be buried with Young Lord! Including me!”

If Peng Yun were killed by people under Peng Hai’s protection, it would surely be hard for Peng Hai to absolve himself from the blame. Then the final outcome was Peng Hai killing all of the people, then committing suicide himself.

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly at looked at Peng Hai as if he was in the middle of struggling inside his heart.

“I can hand over to you. But how will you ensure my safety? You also know that Peng Yun is my only trump card. If after I release him, you don’t acknowledge what you said, won’t I have to stretch my neck out to be chopped off?” Ye Yuan said.

Peng Hai seeing that Ye Yuan seemed to be loosening up, could not help being overjoyed in his heart.

He was still too young in the end. Even though he was decisive in going for the kill and highly intelligent, slightly scaring him a bit and his confidence spilled out.

But Peng Hai did not show the slightest hint on his face and said seriously, “That’s easy. I can swear a Heavenly Dao Oath. This way, you can put your mind at ease, right?”

Once Ye Yuan heard, the expression on his face involuntarily eased up and said, “You swear a Heavenly Dao Oath first, then talk!”

Peng Hai seemed to be eager to save his master, and he did not hesitate either, directly swearing a Heavenly Dao Oath, “I, Peng Hai, take an oath in the name of Heavenly Dao, as long as Ye Yuan releases Young Lord Peng Yun, I, Peng Hai, absolutely won’t kill him! If I violate this oath, Heavenly Dao, please rain down punishment!”

Finished talking, Peng Hai looked at Ye Yuan and said, “How is it? Now, you can relax, right?”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and seemed to have finally set his mind at ease towards Peng Hai.

He was just about to hand Peng Yun to Peng Hai, but heard Xiong Zhan yell out, “Ye Yuan, don’t believe him! This fellow definitely has ill intentions!”

Peng Hai did not expect for Xiong Zhan to cut in rudely at this time. His expression could not help darkening slightly as he said, “Xiong Zhan, you don’t slander people! I’ve already sworn the Heavenly Dao Oath. What else do you still want? Could it be that you want me to commit suicide before you’re satisfied?”

Xiong Zhan could not help choking up when he heard this. He could not find words to refute.

He only faintly sensed that there was something amiss, that was why he voiced out to warn. But to really want him to say, he also could not say what was amiss.

In the end, the bear clan’s head was still not too useful.

Ye Yuan just said with a faint smile, “Senior Peng Hai even swore a deadly oath and Zi Feng was killed too. Of course he can be trusted. Catch well!”

As he said, Ye Yuan pushed lightly, pushing Peng Yun to Peng Hai.

Peng Hai gently received the unconscious Peng Yun, his expression instantly becoming grim.

He handed Peng Yun to that youth behind him and said with a cold smile, “Heh heh, you’re still too young, believing people so easily! To dare hurt Young Lord Peng Yun, everyone present today, apart from Ye Yuan, all have to die!”

Peng Hai was a notable figure of a region too. When had he been coerced by people like this before?

Regarding Ye Yuan, he wished that he could kill and be merry after. But due to the Heavenly Dao Oath just now, he did not dare to make a move.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed when he heard that and said, “Senior, you already swore the Heavenly Dao Oath! How can you go against it?”

Peng Hai said with a loud guffaw, “Young man, I only said to not kill you, but didn’t say to not harm you! As long as I don’t kill you and capture you back to slowly torture, the Heavenly Dao Oath won’t descend punishment! Hahaha!”

At the thought of being proud of himself, Peng Hai could not help bursting into laughter but did not detect a hint of sneer flash across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth.

The laughter gradually stopped. Peng Hai seethed with killing intent and said, “Boy, you have much to learn!”

Peng Hai’s overwhelming aura was released, making everyone’s faces all change color, including Xiong Zhan.

But right at this time, a tragic cry broke apart this abnormal atmosphere. Peng Hai’s imposing momentum suddenly ceased, instantly vanishing without a trace. The pressure on everyone’s body suddenly lightened.

This miserable cry was naturally emitted out of Peng Yun.

When Peng Hai saw this scene, his expression could not help changing drastically!

“Boy, what did you do to him?!” Peng Hai questioned.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “I already gave you a chance. But you yourself don’t know how to grasp it well. This time, I even showed leniency. His injuries still have a chance to be treated. However . . . there won’t be a next chance!”

Talking until the back, Ye Yuan’s tone gradually became icy, killing intent seething.

How could Peng Hai’s tiny trick possibly hoodwink Ye Yuan?

This sort of hole to crawl through in a Heavenly Dao Oath, it was long played rotten at the Divine Realm. This Peng Hai actually still used this sort of small trick to bluff him. Simply courting death.

Ye Yuan and Fiery’s thoughts were already interconnected. Earlier, Ye Yuan inserted a wisp of Fiery’s clone into Peng Yun’s meridians.

As long as Ye Yuan was willing, he could take Peng Yun’s little life at any time.

Hence, whether or not Peng Yun was in Ye Yuan’s hands, it was actually all the same.

Peng Hai took back Peng Yun and thought that he deceived Ye Yuan, but never dreamed that he was actually being toyed with within Ye Yuan’s palm all along.

As long as Peng Yun did not die, even if Peng Hai had greater fury, he had to force it back too!

“You! What a terrific lad! What a fine dragon lord! Today’s matter, this Peng has remembered it! Make sure not to fall into this peng’s hands! Let’s go!”

Finished talking, Peng Hai brought Peng Yun and left without even turning back.

After Peng Hai left, the Purple Flood Dragon Clan immediately scattered like birds and animals.

They had already betrayed the Darkfiend Tiger Clan and could not possibly be accepted by the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan too. In the future, they could only find a place to tuck their tails and live.

Xiong Zhan came to Ye Yuan’s side. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan again was filled with veneration!

Yes! A Tier 6 expert, produced a mentality called veneration towards a Tier 4 Soul Sea Realm martial artist!

Today’s matter’s unforeseen accidents were too great. Xiong Zhan had already made the preparations for his entire clan to die.

But this Tier 4 youth before his eyes actually relied on his own strength to overturn the raging tides! Truly heaven-defying!

The entire Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan only survived thanks to Ye Yuan!

Counting in Ye Yuan helping him to remove fire poison prior to this, within one short day, Ye Yuan already saved him, this Tier 6 powerhouse, twice!

This favor was massive.

“Xiong Zhan represents the entire Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan to thank Dragon Lord, Your Excellency!”

Xiong Zhan came in front of Ye Yuan and bowed deeply.

Ye Yuan supported Xiong Zhan and said smilingly, “Clan Head Xiong Zhan don’t need to be courteous. I’m not some Dragon Lord, Your Excellency. Just now, I only passed off as the dragon lord due to circumstances.”

Xiong Zhan said in amazement, “You possess orthodox dragon race bloodline and also have a reverse scale on your body. How could you possibly not be Dragon Lord, His Excellency?”

Ye Yuan said with a chuckle, “Yes means yes, no means no. Why would I need to be pretentious? Alright, this matter is over. I should move out and head for the Darkfiend Tiger Clan.”