Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Real And Fake Dragon Lord

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“This . . . Will the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan stage a comeback and take revenge on us or not?” Xiong Zhan said with a heart loaded with anxiety.

The Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan was famed for being domineering. Losing such an immense amount of face here today, it was impossible for it to be dropped like this.

Once they came to take revenge, the Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan would be the first to bear the brunt.

With the bear clan’s present strength, they could not even resist a Peng Hai. It was completely impossible to be their match.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No need to worry. If that great roc clan really cares about this whatever Young Lord Peng Yun’s life, they shouldn’t come over in the short term.”

Xiong Zhan raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s the meaning of that, Dragon Lord?”

“Having the meridians burned by my essence fire, how can wanting to treat it be that easy? If the great roc clan doesn’t have a shaman with superb Alchemy Path strength, they would most likely still have to come and beg me in the end,” Ye Yuan said confidently.

Burning the meridians could be divided into many different types. Since Ye Yuan took action, how could he finish the job carelessly and leave behind future trouble for himself?

After that Peng Yun returned, he more or less had to suffer for a while too. How could the great roc clan be in the mood to deal with a puny little bear clan?

The moment Xiong Zhan recalled Ye Yuan’s fire controlling measures that reached the acme of perfection, he could not help shuddering.

This essence fire could treat people. It could naturally also ruin people. If Ye Yuan gave him a shot when he was treating him, he would have long been burned to ashes now.

With Ye Yuan’s ability, wanting to perform a bit of trickery in Peng Yun’s meridians was simply too easy.

“Dragon Lord indeed has great skills. Xiong Zhan admires! However . . . since Dragon Lord wants to go to the Darkfiend Tiger Clan, I’ll travel together with you then. The roc clan is concocting a sinister plot. I must inform Lord Hu Yan. Additionally . . . I’m also a little worried about Lord Hu Yan,” Xiong Zhan said.

Peng Yun’s words made Xiong Zhan very concerned about Hu Yan’s safety. He definitely would not be at ease without going to the Darkfiend Tiger Clan to take a look.

Regarding Xiong Zhan insisting on addressing him as Dragon Lord, Ye Yuan did not rectify. He already explained it before. Whether Xiong Zhan believed or not was his matter.

As for Xiong Zhan accompanying him to the Darkfiend Tiger Clan, Ye Yuan naturally did not have any objections.

With Xiong Zhan, this head clan’s recommendation, presumably, going to the Darkfiend Tiger Clan would be much easier.

At this time, Yu Xin and Yu Shu’s guide mission was naturally considered completed too. Under Ye Yuan’s request, Xiong Zhan arranged for Xiong Tie to personally send the two of them back to the clan.

In-between this naturally still could not dispense with reluctance to part. But the two of them were considered sensible too and knew that the matters at the back were not what they could get involved in.

Of course, Ye Yuan refined a few kinds of medicinal pills for the two of them. Guaranteeing them to breakthrough to middle-stage Tier 5 naturally did not have too big an issue.

Settling everything, Ye Yuan headed for the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s territory together with Xiong Zhan.

. . . . . .

“Argh!! Pain! It hurts to death! Let me die! C-Clan Head, kill me!”

In the roc clan, a series of miserable wails transmitted out from time to time, sounding incomparably pitiful and shrill.

These miserable wails were naturally from none other than precisely the Peng Yun whose meridians were burned by Ye Yuan.

Seeing that wretched appearance of Peng Yun’s, Clan Head Peng Tian’s brows involuntarily knitted together.

“What are you all getting paid for? Yun-er only had his meridians burned by a Tier 5 essence fire. You guys are all Tier 6 shamans and are actually at a loss on what to do?”

The Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan was one of the two strongest demon clans in Dongming Region. Among them, Tier 6 powerhouses were plenty. There was naturally no lack of Tier 6 shamans.

It was just that among these Tier 6 shamans, there was actually not a single one who could treat Peng Yun’s injuries, leaving him no choice but to be furious.

Peng Yun’s Kun Peng bloodline was hard to come by in hundreds of years. If there were any mishap, Peng Tian would really rampage.

A Tier 6 shaman among them came forward and said, “Clan Head, Peng Yun’s meridian burns are extraordinary. The methods of the person who executed the skill are extremely ingenious. The positions of some burns are very sensitive. A careless move and not only will it not treat his injuries, but it might also even damage his meridians instead; making a fool of oneself by trying to be clever. Currently, this sort of situation, we can only suppress his injuries with medicinal pills to prevent them from deteriorating.”

Peng Tian’s expression was dark. Clearly, he was very displeased towards such an excuse.

“Then your meaning is to . . . let Yun-er carry on like this all the way?”

That shaman hurriedly said, “This . . . In order to untie the knot, the one who tied it is required. This person’s skills is exceedingly exquisite and understands the meridians of demons extremely well. His Shamanic Path strength is absolutely above ours! If he came, he would surely be able to treat Young Lord’s meridians.”

The Alchemy Path was called the Shamanic Path among demons. But it was merely the form of address that was different. The principle was all interlinked.

What was different was that the division of the demon race’s meridians was vastly different from the human race.

In the entire Divine Realm, those able to cultivate both the human race’s and demon race’s Alchemy Path to this sort of realm was also just Ye Yuan.

During his previous life, Ji Qingyun had no shortage of being invited by the demon race’s major powers to refine pills to save people. He had a massive number of connections among the demon races too.

Peng Tian suddenly waved his hand, indicating for those shamans to withdraw.

After they left, Peng Tian suddenly said, “Peng Hai, you’re certain that the one you guys ran into was the Dragon Lord?”

Peng Hai had been standing at one side with his hands by the sides all along, not daring to speak. Only seeing Peng Tian question at this time, did he answer. He said, “Yes, Clan Head. This subordinate saw the reverse scale on his body with my own eyes. I absolutely won’t be mistaken!”

Peng Tian said with a cold smile, “Is that so? Then why have I already received news on my side that the Dragon Lord has already appeared at the Darkfiend Tiger Clan?”

Peng Hai could not help being greatly surprised when he heard. Calculating according to the time, Ye Yuan should just be reaching the Darkfiend Tiger Clan right now.

But the news Peng Tian received was clearly already several days ago.

Didn’t that mean that two dragon lords appeared at the same time?

This . . . What in the world was going on here?

“Clan Head, this . . .” Peng Hai knew that Peng Tian absolutely would not be joking with him, and could not help becoming absent-minded.

“Heh heh, looks like the Dragon Lord coming into being this time . . . will be quite fun! Peng Hai, you immediately depart for the Darkfiend Tiger Clan now and find that boy called Ye Yuan. No matter how great a price you expend, you must make him treat Peng Yun,” Peng Tian said.

“This . . .” Peng Hai said worriedly.

“Rest assured. Even if Hu Yan isn’t dead right now, he definitely can’t even fend for himself too. They won’t dare to do anything to you! I’ll only give you four words: act according to circumstances! Got it?” Peng Tian said.

Peng Hai knew that this calamity could not be avoided and could only nod his head and said, “Yes! Subordinate understands!”

. . . . . .

“Halt! Who are you people?”

Ye Yuan and Xiong Zhan arrived at the Darkfiend Tiger Clan and was stopped by people very quickly.

Xiong Zhan took a step forward and reported his family clan, “I’m the Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan’s Clan Head, Xiong Zhan. I have important matters to request an audience with Lord Hu Rong! This one beside me is this generation’s Dragon Lord, Ye Yuan!”

But who knew that that tiger clan member’s expression changed and he said, “Xiong Zhan! Such immense gall you have! What are your motives for bringing a fake dragon lord forward to the Darkfiend Tiger Clan!”

Xiong Zhan could not help being stupefied when he heard that. Taking a look at the Ye Yuan beside him, then glancing at that tiger clan member, he said, “You don’t make slanderous remarks! Ye Yuan possesses true dragon bloodline and has a reverse scale on him too! Who is he if not the Dragon Lord?”