Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Tiger Clan's Call Into Question

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“Then that’s strange. The Dragon Lord is clearly a guest inside my tiger clan currently. Why would another Dragon Lord appear out of thin air? Come, men. Take down these two people concocting a sinister plot for me, and await disposal!” the tiger clan member said with a cold smile.

In his view, this Xiong Zhan fabricating a dragon lord definitely had malicious motives.

Right then, Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “You see. I said that I wasn’t the Dragon Lord, right. But you just didn’t believe. Now, we’ve made a fool out of ourselves, right?”

When Ye Yuan said these words, the tiger clan member naturally felt that he was weaseling his way out.

Wicked plot failed to prevail, so he wanted to use such a method to escape. How could it be that easy?

“Heh, thinking of going back on your words now? Too late!” The tiger clan member’s expression changed as he extended his hand like capturing Ye Yuan away.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed. The dragon pressure in his body erupted out abruptly.


Ye Yuan’s palm directly sent that tiger clan member flying.

This tiger was an initial-stage Tier 5 who originally thought that taking down Ye Yuan, wasn’t it still easily done?

But who knew that Ye Yuan actually defeated him in one move.

Very clearly, Ye Yuan did not wish to blow the matter up and already pulled his punches.

Ye Yuan’s attack was not heavy. The injuries on this tiger’s body were not severe. It was just that the dragon pressure Ye Yuan emitted made him greatly astonished.

This dragon pressure was extremely pure. What was this if not orthodox dragon race bloodline?

This . . . How could there be two dragon lords showing up?

“Who is it? To actually dare act wildly in my Darkfiend Tiger Clan!” The commotion here finally attracted quite a number of tiger clan members. A youth took the lead and came forward to rebuke.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “We came to deliver news out of goodwill, and your tiger clan wants to capture people right away. Is this your way of treating guests?”

“En? Human?” said that youth in surprise.

“Young Lord Hu Xiao, this person possess extremely pure dragon blood. Just now, he even . . . called himself a dragon lord!” That tiger who was beaten down by Ye Yuan already recovered at this time and came forward to clarify the situation.

This youth was actually the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s Young Lord!

Hearing his clansman say so, Hu Xiao’s brows raised up, and he said with a mocking laugh, “Dragon Lord? What a joke!”

Ye Yuan took a look at Hu Xiao and said coolly, “Young Lord Hu Xiao, is it? It’s just a misunderstanding! I possess dragon blood and gave birth to a reverse scale. Previously, I was forced to impersonate as the dragon lord and fought a great battle with Peng Yun. That’s why Senior Xiong Zhan would be mistaken about me.”

“You exchanged blows with Peng Yun? Haha! What a colossal joke! How could your bit of strength possibly be Peng Yun’s match?”

Hu Xiao seemed to have heard some hilarious joke. Ye Yuan was merely just middle-stage Tier 4. How could he possibly be Peng Yun’s match?

When boasting, one needed to boast something a bit more believable too!

Xiong Zhan did not speak the entire time. But hearing Hu Xiao be so contemptuous towards Ye Yuan at this time, he was displeased.

“Young Lord Hu Xiao, this matter is absolutely true! My entire Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan can bear witness for him! If not for Ye Yuan, my Firesource True Dipper Bear Clan would have been fully exterminated already! Old Xiong, I, came here today in order to report this matter to Lord Hu Rong. Didn’t expect that I was actually taken to have ulterior motives! Humph! Ye Yuan, let’s go! Didn’t think that after my bear clan resisted foreign enemies with a will to die, what it exchanged for was such a result! Lord Hu Yan had no news for many years. Looks like the Darkfiend Tiger Clan has really gone sour!”

The tiger clan’s attitude also deeply hurt Xiong Zhan’s heart, making him, a high elder, feel bitterly disappointed.

Recalling back then when Lord Hu Yan was around, the Darkfiend Tiger Clan quashed the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan until they could not even lift their heads.

Now . . . haha . . .

Xiong Zhan did not bother with Hu Xiao either, turning right around and left.

Xiong Zhan was, at any rate, a Tier 6 expert. There were really not many people able to stop him.

Right then, a middle-aged man appeared in front of Xiong Zhan since who knows when and blocked his path.

“Younger Brother Xiong Zhan, don’t get angry. Young people are insensible. Don’t haggle about it with them! You’re my Darkfiend Tiger Clan domain’s high elder. Anyone might have ulterior motives, but you won’t even have any,” the person said to Xiong Zhan with a smile, like old friends catching up.

When Xiong Zhan saw the arrival, his eyes involuntarily reddened as he said, “Lord . . . Hu Rong, long . . . long time no see!”

Hu Rong sighed lightly and said, “Sigh . . . yes, really long time no see!”

. . . . . .

Inside the clan, when Hu Rong heard Xiong Zhan’s battle report, he could not help looking at Ye Yuan deeply.

He was seriously unable to imagine how this Tier 4 youth before his eyes accomplished to this step.

Xiong Zhan’s words sounded just like talking about a book from the heaven; there was no proof whatsoever.

In the middle of a bunch of Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts, a Tier 4 youth led the battle situation, making use of another person’s hands to kill a Tier 6 expert and severely injuring Peng Yun.

This series of events sounded somewhat preposterous no matter what!

When Xiong Zhan finished talking, Hu Rong nodded his head and said, “Turns out that in-between this, so many things actually happened! Younger Brother Xiong Zhan has worked hard. It’s getting late today. You and this little brother rest in the clan first. I’ll reward the two of you tomorrow with a feast tomorrow.”

Xiong Zhan was not a fool and naturally could tell that Hu Rong did not believe the words he said.

But Xiong Zhan also knew that all of this that he said was seriously somewhat too fantastical to imagine. Listening to it really seemed like weaving a story.

If he did not see with his own eyes but was relayed to him by other people, he definitely would not believe it.

Xiong Zhan nodded his head and turned around and left with Ye Yuan.

After the two left, Hu Rong suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Xiao-er, how much of Xiong Zhan’s words do you think can be trusted?”

Hu Xiao scurried out from inside and shook his head and said, “This child feels that there isn’t an iota of credibility! That Ye Yuan only has Tier 4 strength. Even if he really had the ability to cross boundaries to battle, how could he possibly defeat Peng Yun? Furthermore, what the roc clan is most proficient in is speed. To let a Tier 4 martial artist go and compete in speed with a late-stage Tier 5 Peng Yun . . . isn’t this a joke?”

Hu Rong nodded his head, but he did not comment anything. He then asked, “Is the person sent out already?”

Hu Xiao nodded and said, “Already sent out. But the quickest most likely also needs three to four days’ time before it can be thoroughly investigated.”

“En. Xiong Zhan is our Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s elder. Back then, he received Big Brother’s great grace. Presumably, he won’t betray the tiger clan. Rather, that youth has unclear origins. There’s no choice but to guard against him! If there’s really any problem, it’s almost certain to have been planned by that youth. Sigh. . . If Big Brother could take a turn for the better, we wouldn’t be at an extent of quaking in our boots these few years either, akin to treading on thin ice!” Hu Rong said.

“Sigh . . . That’s also something that can’t be helped.” Hu Xiao followed up with a sigh. Suddenly, his eyeballs swiveled around, and he moved closer to Hu Rong and said, “Uncle Rong, why not send somebody to go and test that boy a bit? Whether he’s really capable or bragging, wouldn’t it be out with a probe?”

“You’re saying . . .”

“Didn’t that boy claim to be the Dragon Lord? Then let’s make the real Dragon Lord exchange blows with him and see who’s the real Dragon Lord!” Hu Xiao felt that this idea was pretty good and said proudly.

Hu Rong’s eyes lit up, and he said, “This idea is not bad! The Dragon Lord’s identity is extraordinary. Once he knows that somebody impersonated him, he probably won’t tolerate the other party’s existence!”