Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Miracle, Legendary Realm!

"He . . . he left just like that?"

Wang Jinfu forgot to stop Ye Yuan just now. When he recovered, Ye Yuan was already gone.

Sun Jianming took a deep breath and sighed. "If he doesn't leave, then what? His essence energy is already exhausted. If he doesn't recuperate in time, it might leave behind hidden dangers. Even though he managed to refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill using his Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation, it was still overly forceful. It would be a pity for such a figure to leave behind hidden dangers because of a single refinement."

"Sigh. So what if it was forceful. He already has the strength to refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill. What's lacking is only the accumulation of essence energy." Wang Jinfu's words still contained deep shock.

Sun Jinfu nodded in agreement.

However, he suddenly became agitated. Trembling, he said, "A miracle! Ye Yuan's refinement just now was simply a miracle!"

"That's right. It was truly a miracle! Could it be that Ye Yuan's Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique had already reached that legendary stage?" Wang Jinfu wondered.

"It's definitely the Legendary Realm! A Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm refining pills managed to affect even the mental states of us both. It's impossible to not be the legendary stage!" Sun Jianming said in agreement.

The various refinement techniques in alchemy had fundamental similarities with martial techniques. It was just that alchemy techniques did not possess attack power.

However, refinement techniques were differentiated into five realms based on the level of mastery. They were namely: entry stage, small success stage, large success stage, great circle stage, and legendary stage!

The distinction between realms was pretty much the same as martial techniques. The only difference was in the fifth stage's name.

One was the breaking illusion stage, while the other was thelegendary stage.

The difference also showed the fundamentally distinct goals between martial techniques and alchemy techniques.

Martial techniques pursued extreme destructive powers. What was necessary was breaking shackles and surpassing limits. Hence the name, breaking illusion.

On the other hand, alchemy techniques pursued a type of boundless creation power. Endless possibilities lay hidden inside a tiny, tiny medicinal pill, and what alchemy methods chased after was the creation of even more possibilities. Hence the name, legendary.

The moment one's alchemy technique stepped into the legendary stage, the refined medicinal pills would produce limitless possibilities and often would also increase the medicinal efficacy multiple times.

An alchemy technique at the legendary stage could even bestow additional attributes onto the medicinal pill and yield unexpected results.

Wang Jinfu seemed to recall something and suddenly bellowed, "What are you still standing there for? Quickly go and 'invite' out the medicinal pill Ye Yuan refined!"

When Wang Jinfu spoke, he subconsciously used the word 'invite.'

The Alchemy Master at the side only came to a realization now and rushed over to retrieve the medicinal pill.

Meanwhile, Wan Yuan's face took on a grim expression. In his heart, he felt inexplicable shock and a strong sense of shame.

He knew that the relationship he just struck up with Wang Jinfu was gone now. It was already impossible for Wang Jinfu to acknowledge him as a disciple.

Things would be fine if Ye Yuan did not know alchemy. Taking advantage of Wang Jinfu's rotten mood from being messed with, he could 'throw dirty water' with all his might by the side.

But now, Ye Yuan and his conflict already came out into the open. Wang Jinfu would most likely not have any good impression towards Wan Yuan as long as he slightly recalled Ye Yuan's words.

What made Wan Yuan feel even more ashamed was that he was actually lost in that mysterious feeling brought by Ye Yuan and could not extricate himself. This showed that his Alchemy Dao was much more inferior to Ye Yuan's.

How did this happen?

A month ago, Ye Yuan was clearly still a good-for-nothing. Now, not only did he achieve dazzling results in the Martial Path, his Alchemy Dao standard broke the general knowledge, and he completed an impossible task.

In this short while, Ye Yuan's medicinal pill had already been carefully brought out on a jade tray by an Alchemy Master. A fire-red pill appeared in front of everyone.

"This is . . . a low Tier 2 Strengthening Pill?" Sniffing the overwhelming medicinal aroma, Wang Jinfu quickly identified the medicinal pill.

"That's right. It's really the Strengthening Pill! A transcendent-grade Strengthening Pill!" Sun Jianming said with a grave expression.

The Strengthening Pill was a very low-level medicinal pill which was frequently used by bottom-tier martial artists.

The use of the Strengthening Pill was to increase the power in a particular area of the body. It was a medicinal pill that allowed a partial part of a martial artist's body to exceed their existing strength.

Tier 1 Strengthening Pills were highly popular among demonic beast hunters as it could often help them defeat demonic beasts that were slightly stronger than them.

It was very low-level but very practical.

On the other hand, Tier 2 Strengthening Pills were not as popular as Tier 1's. This was because Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists were much wealthier than Essence Qi Realm martial artists. They were also much stronger so they could afford higher level medicinal pills.

The difference between each minor cultivation realm after the Spirit Condensation Realm was huge. Even if one used a Tier 2 Strengthening Pill to partially increase their strength, the effects were severely limited. That was because the level of the medicinal pill was too low; barely reaching the level of low Tier 2.

Hence, the position of Tier 2 Strengthening Pills became very awkward.

But no matter what, a Tier 2 Strengthening Pill was a Tier 2 Strengthening Pill; it was a genuine Tier 2 medicinal pill. Nobody was able to refute it.

Of course, nobody would go and dispute it right now. Everyone was sizing up this medicinal pill curiously.

Wang Jinfu and Sun Jianming exchanged glances. Wang Jinfu opened his mouth and said, "Old Sun, what are you thinking now?"

"The same as you," Sun Jianming replied.

"Then . . . try it?" Wang Jinfu asked uncertainly.

But Sun Jianming shook his head instead. "This medicinal pill was refined by Ye Yuan. According to the association's rules, this medicinal pill belongs to him. We don't have the right to test it."

Currently, Wang Jinfu and Sun Jianming felt like their hearts were being scratched by cats. They were highly curious about the medicinal effects of this transcendent-grade Tier 2 Strengthening Pill.

However, the participants who came to take part in the Alchemist Association's test had already paid the test fees. Hence, the medicinal pills refined naturally belonged to them.

Dan Wu Academy had already paid the test fees for their students. Both Wang and Sun obviously could not casually test the medicinal pill.

Wang Jinfu suddenly recalled something. Slapping his thighs, he exclaimed, "Miss Feng . . ."

Halfway through his sentence, he stopped abruptly. That was because when he turned his head, he found out that Feng Ruoqing currently had her eyes shut, and she had entered a strange state.

"Sudden enlightenment!" Wang Jinfu sucked in a cold breath.

No wonder he did not hear Feng Ruoqing speak until now. She had actually entered a sudden enlightenment state!

"Her soul strength is growing. She's about to break through!" Sun Jianming clearly also noticed her peculiar state.

'Everyone be quiet! Don't interrupt Miss Feng's breakthrough!" Wang Jinfu said in a low voice.

The test hall instantly quietened down. Everyone was focused on Feng Ruoqing's breakthrough.

Feng Ruoqing had long held a studious mindset when watching Ye Yuan's Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique. After Ye Yuan's refinement became dreamlike and mystical, she felt like she comprehended something. Following which she entered a state of sudden enlightenment.

Nobody here had more profound attainments than her in term of the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique. Also, nobody understood the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique better than her.

Towards the end, Feng Ruoqing's divine soul and Ye Yuan's Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique developed a resonance, and under this resonance, her divine soul gradually grew stronger.

Feng Ruoqing's soul strength was only a hair's breadth away from being a high-rank Alchemy Master. Relying on this resonance, she successfully crossed the threshold and finally became a high-rank Alchemy Master.