Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 660

Chapter 660 Long Teng's Unexpected Invitation

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“Ye Yuan, you’re really not the Dragon Lord?”

After settling down, the first question Xiong Zhan asked was ascertaining the issue of Ye Yuan’s identity.

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “I said that I wasn’t the Dragon Lord long ago.”

“But . . . you clearly have a reverse scale on you! Apart from the Dragon Lord, how can a reverse scale possibly appear on the bodies of other people?” Xiong Zhan could not figure it out even after racking his brain.

In this God Prohibited Demon Region, a reverse scale would only appear on the bodies of the genuine dragon race.

If Ye Yuan was not the Dragon Lord, who on earth was he?

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Who said that having a reverse scale is the dragon lord? Anyway, I’m indeed not the Dragon Lord.”

“. . . . . .” Xiong Zhan was speechless and only said after a long time, “Alright then. Drop this matter for now. The news that we brought, Lord Hu Rong doesn’t believe it at all! Sigh, talking about it is vexing too. If Lord Hu Yan was around, why would there be a need for me, this puny little bear race, to worry about this matter? What do you think we should do now?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “One word, wait!”

“Wait?” Xiong Zhan said, baffled.

“That’s right! Just set your mind at ease and stay here will do. After a few days, we’ll naturally see the outcome,” Ye Yuan said coolly, seemingly indifferent.

. . . . . .

Returning to his residence, Ye Yuan’s mind suddenly stirred, and he entered inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

“Senior Long Teng, you’re looking for me?”

A person appeared before Ye Yuan’s eyes. It was precisely Long Teng.

Ever since Ye Yuan obtained the Vast Heaven Pagoda, this fellow had always been deep in slumber. This was still his first time coming out to speak but did not know for what.

But Long Teng frowned slightly and said, “There’s a dragon race’s little bastard nearby!”

Ye Yuan gave Long Teng a glance rather surprisedly, thinking to himself why did this fellow have such a great grievance towards the dragon race?

Long Teng normally appeared to be unwilling to expend the tiniest speck of energy. That was why he was in a state of deep sleep all along. Today, for the sake of a nearby dragon, he actually materialized a clone out.

Ye Yuan reckoned that this Dragon Lord was roughly similar in strength with that Hu Xiao and Peng Yun too. To Long Teng, he was just a junior. Was there a need to raise such a big ruckus?

“Senior is impressive. There is indeed a dragon nearby. He claims to be the Dragon Lord,” Ye Yuan said honestly.

Even though he had not met the dragon lord, without a doubt, that fellow was definitely a dragon.

Long Teng’s expression turned cold, and he said to Ye Yuan, “Dragon Lord? Heh heh, a creature who has an unduly high opinion of himself. What high-sounding sentiments! Ye Yuan, I don’t care what method you use, you must thrash this fellow brutally for me! Beat him until he cries for his daddy and mummy!”

What a terrific fellow. Ye Yuan had not even met with him yet, and Long Teng made him be so ruthless. How great an enmity was this?

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Hu hu, this doesn’t need much work. If my conjectures are right, that Dragon Lord will probably come to find trouble with me tomorrow.”

This Dragon Lord clearly had pretty good relations with the tiger clan. With Xiong Zhan’s protection, the tiger clan could not very well make a move on him too.

Want to ascertain his actual situation, the Dragon Lord was undoubtedly the best option.

As long as they disclosed the matter of Ye Yuan impersonating the Dragon Lord, most likely, the dragon lord definitely would not take things lying down.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Leng Teng’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Like that huh,then that’s for the best! That punk’s strength is a little stronger than yours. Let’s begin special training now. You train properly for me! You must beat him down for me!”

Ye Yuan could not help being confused when he heard and said, “Making a frantic last-minute effort, there’s no time, right?”

But Ye Yuan was still secretly quite startled in his heart. Long Teng should be very clear about his strength. He actually said that he was not that Dragon Lord’s match. Looks like this Dragon Lord truly had a well-deserved reputation.

No wonder every generation’s Dragon Lord could all leave behind a legend in the God Prohibited Demon Region. Looks like their strength could not be underestimated.

The Void Escape Thunderous Explosion Talismans in Ye Yuan’s hands were already used up. Dealing with late-stage Tier 5 demons was still rather taxing.

Long Teng casually fished out a piece of crystal stone and said, “I say can make it, means can make it!”

Ye Yuan’s expression could not help changing when he saw the crystal stone in Long Teng’s hand. “A chaos gem!”

“Huhu, you, this brat, really knows quite a bit! To actually even recognize chaos gems! One piece of chaos gem can make the Vast Heaven Pagoda’s time flow slow down 60 times. Furthermore, it can last for three days. Therefore, you still have a night’s time, which is also roughly 20 day’s time!” Long Teng said excitedly.

Ye Yuan’s face could not help turning black when he heard that and said, “You said before previously that there’s no way to make time flow become slow!”

Long Teng appeared slightly embarrassed as he said, “Hehe, the chaos gems I have on hand are not many already. I naturally have to use them sparingly. Since you know about the chaos gem, you should also know its preciousness. Furthermore, with your comprehension abilities, you actually don’t need to control time flow, isn’t it so?”

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Is that so? Does senior feel that I’m so easy to . . . hoodwink? Apologies, I don’t wish to establish a powerful foe for no reason at all. This match, can I not fight?”

Long Teng hurriedly said when he heard that, “Don’t, don’t, don’t! I’m really not bluffing you! The chaos gems I have on hand are really not many already!”

Ye Yuan said with a half-smile, “Huhu, is that so?”

Long Teng could not help choking up as he said dejectedly, “Speak then. What terms do you want?”

Ye Yuan was thrilled when he heard and said smilingly, “Wouldn’t it be done if you were so straightforward in advance? I don’t want much either, just ten pieces are enough!”

“No way! At most two pieces!”

“Eight pieces! Any lesser and there’s nothing to talk about!”

“Consider yourself ruthless! Five pieces! Can’t be any higher! I also just have a total of 20 pieces of chaos gems on hand. You know that I still have use for it myself!”

“Fine. Deal!” Ye Yuan agreed without any hesitation.

Long Teng felt his flesh hurt. The muscles on his face were all spasming.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan held the chaos gem in his hand and asked, “How to use this thing?”

Long Teng said with a black face, “Insert the chaos gem into the Vast Heaven Stele will do. You’re the Vast Heaven Stele’s owner now. This 180 days, you can use them freely!”

Ye Yuan nodded his head and inserted the chaos gem into the Vast Heaven Stele according to what was said.

Indeed, Ye Yuan very quickly sensed the time flow around him become slow.

Right then, Long Teng fished out another small bottle and threw it to Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan received it, took a look, and in delight he said, “Heaven’s Heart Earth Nether Milk!”

“You only have 20 day’s time. Break through to the Sixth Level Soul Sea for me, then bash that fellow down for me! With this, there’s no issue, right?” Long Teng said.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “If I can’t even beat down the Dragon Lord like this, then what face do I still have to come and see senior? You just wait here for my good news!”

Heaven’s Heart Earth Nether Milk contained incomparably, extremely titanic amounts of essence energy. It was a superb item to use for cultivation.

This one small bottle of Heaven’s Heart Earth Nether Milk was extremely precious. To think that Long Teng actually brought it out casually.

Looks like the treasures on this fellow’s body was really quite a fair bit. In the past, what was given to those geniuses was most likely some trash goods.

The genuinely good stuff was all stashed away himself!

Looks like in the future, got to find a time to properly squeeze this old fellow!