Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Brutally Clobbering The Dragon Lord

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In the Vast Heaven Pagoda, 20 days passed in a flash.

In these 20 days, Ye Yuan relied on the Heaven’s Heart Earth Nether Milk to successfully break through two levels in a row, finally breaking through to the Sixth Level Soul Sea.

As long as he had sufficient essence energy to support, Ye Yuan’s breakthroughs would only follow as a matter of course.

But the Heaven’s Heart Earth Nether Milk that Ye Yuan expended was also rather considerable. The essence energy he required to break through was too terrifying!

“Do you remember all that I’ve told you?” Long Teng said.

Ye Yuan shot Long Teng a strange look and said, “Senior is really going through painstaking efforts! You already said this much. If I don’t pummel that fellow to a pig’s head, wouldn’t I let you down too much?”

Long Teng did not have any intention of being embarrassed. He burst into laughter when he heard that and said, “Hahaha! What I want is this sentence of yours!”

This time that Long Teng came out, Ye Yuan discovered that his temperament simply changed drastically; there was no hint at all of that sort of taciturn and steadiness from before.

One could tell that Long Teng did not want to kill that dragon lord either. Just purely harboring the thought of beating up and humiliating the other party.

Unfortunately, Ye Yuan became his hired thug!

Of course, regardless of whether Ye Yuan was willing or not, he, this hired thug, could not run away.

. . . . . .

The next day early morning, Ye Yuan just came out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda and heard a loud roar from outside the house.

“Little thief Ye Yuan! Scram outside for this Dragon Lord! A mere human actually dares to pass off as the Dragon Lord? I think that you’re tired of living!”

Ye Yuan left the house but just happened to bump into Xiong Zhan.

When Xiong Zhan saw Ye Yuan, he was so shocked that his jaw almost hit the ground.

“You . . . You broke through . . . two minor boundaries?”

Breaking through two minor boundaries overnight. This . . . This was simply heaven-defying!

Ye Yuan smiled but did not explain anything.

This sort of thing, the more one explained, the more confusing it became. Might as well make it a mystery.

Ye Yuan came outside the house and saw a young man in azure clothing. He said coolly, “Where is this dog from? Barking madly here early in the morning and disturbing people’s sweet dreams?”

The azure clothing youth snorted coldly and said, “I was wondering what kind of expert he was, to actually dare impersonate the name of Dragon Lord. Turns out that it’s just a Tier 4 rookie! I’ll give you one chance. Kneel before this Dragon Lord, and I can spare you from death!”

Ye Yuan’s face revealed an expression of sudden enlightenment and said, “So, you’re this generation’s v? Previously, I kept hearing how every generation’s Dragon Lord is a hero of the world. Seeing it today, it really makes me too disappointed.”

The Dragon Lord’s face darkened, and he said in a solemn voice, “How this Dragon Lord is, isn’t up to you, this sort of trash, to comment! Looking at your appearance, you aren’t planning on giving this Dragon Lord an account?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Want me to give an account, sure. That will have to see if you have that capability.”

“Heh, truly not shedding tears until you see the coffin! Since that’s the case, I’ll send you off!”

The Dragon Lord did not say another word. An outrageous dragon pressure directly erupted out, truly incomparably stunning.

The two people’s commotion was so great that there had already been quite a number of Darkfiend Tiger Clan members crowding over long ago.

Even though the Darkfiend Tiger Clan had divine beast bloodline too, furthermore, considered a very powerful clan in the God Prohibited Demon Region, compared to the Dragon Lord, it was still far too lacking!

It was precisely because dragon’s bloodline was extremely pure that they could become every generation’s king.

Ye Yuan could not help smiling coldly when he saw the situation. The dragon pressure in his body abruptly erupted out at the same time!

With this, everyone’s faces all changed.

Ye Yuan’s bloodline power was actually even stronger than the Dragon Lord’s!

“This . . . What’s going on here? The dragon race bloodline power in this boy’s body is actually even stronger than the Dragon Lord’s!”

“Really seeing ghosts! This boy is clearly a human. How can his bloodline power possibly be stronger than the Dragon Lord’s?”

“Could it be that the Dragon Lord in our clan all along was fake?”

The Darkfiend Tiger Clan members were discussing animatedly. It naturally could not hide from Dragon Lord’s ears.

These commenting sounds sounded so ear-piercing to him.

He seriously could not figure out why the bloodline power in the body of a human would be even more powerful than his!

How could he know that the dragon blood Ye Yuan refined was a half-divine beast blood essence?

What kind of notion was a half-divine beast?

That was an existence whose bloodline had already evolved towards the divine beast. The might and power were already formidable to an unimaginable extent.

Their bloodline power already infinitely approached divine beast.

Forget about him, a puny little Dragon Lord. Even if those dragon race major powers in the Divine Realm came, they might not be more powerful than Ye Yuan’s bloodline power.

If not for Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm being too low, just based on his bloodline power, he would be able to crush this Dragon Lord until he could not lift his head!

Furthermore, the dragon blood that Ye Yuan refined, there was still a large portion of energy incubating within his body.

Following Ye Yuan’s strength becoming increasingly stronger, the bloodline power in his body would also get more and more powerful.

Ye Yuan broke through two minor boundaries overnight and stimulated another portion of dragon blood out. To want to suppress the Dragon Lord in terms of bloodline power, wasn’t it still like playing?

“A mere human actually dares to steal dragon race bloodline? Death penalty!”

The Dragon Lord roared furiously and directly transformed into a phantom, attacking Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s aura abruptly erupted, directly breaking through the bottleneck of late-stage Soul Sea, reaching Eighth Level Soul Sea!


The Dragon Lord who had a tumultuous imposing momentum was directly struck flying out.

Then . . . the entire battle became Ye Yuan’s solo performance.

The insufferably arrogant Dragon Lord was directly reduced to Ye Yuan’s sandbag, being beaten until he did not have the slightest strength to retaliate.

Each and every one of the surrounding Darkfiend Tiger Clan all had wide gaping mouths. Clearly, they were dumbfounded by this scene.

In their view, the Dragon Lord was an ever-victorious existence. This battle should be a one-sided one.

En, right now, it was indeed one-sided. It was just that the winning and losing sides . . . were reversed.

The Dragon Lord really wanted to explode. Yet, he already lost the initiative and did not even have the leeway to retaliate.

How terrifying was Ye Yuan’s strength?

Disregarding others, just solely on the subject of speed, the Dragon Lord could not even catch up by whipping his horse!

Ye Yuan’s speed was what even Peng Yun was powerless against, let alone the Dragon Lord.

Though the dragon race’s strength was formidable, speed was not their strong point.

Just in terms of speed, Ye Yuan was established in an undefeatable position.

Often, when Ye Yuan’s attack landed, the Dragon Lord had yet to hit the ground and was directly intercepted in midair by Ye Yuan already.

Under such a speed, it was practically something impossible for the Dragon Lord to want to counterattack.

When experts exchanged moves, losing the initiative was equivalent to losing one’s life.

The Dragon Lord’s evaluation of Ye Yuan’s strength in the beginning was severely lacking, resulting in somewhat underestimating the opponent.

Who could have thought that once Ye Yuan made a move, it would be earth-shattering?

Actually, even if Ye Yuan broke through two minor boundaries originally, adding in the Origin Spirit Nine Transformations, it was also not possible to beat the Dragon Lord until like this.

In-between this naturally still had some matters that had no need to let others know.

At the same time that the Dragon lord was getting a beating, he was unbelievably perplexed.

He was puzzled why Ye Yuan was so clear about his weak points.

He just stuck his butt out, and Ye Yuan knew what was going to come out.

In addition, losing the initiative right from the beginning, the Dragon Lord was passive in all respects right now, getting a beating all over.

It was also uncertain how long had passed. Ye Yuan’s attacks suddenly ceased. Only then did those surrounding tiger clan members finally come back to their sense. Their gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with awe and veneration.

Looking at the Dragon Lord again . . . he was already pummeled until looking like a pig’s head!