Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Who Dares To Touch My Big Brother

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Everyone looked at this scene in horror. They were speechless for a long while.

Each generation’s Dragon Lord were all legends. This was a sentence passed down in the God Prohibited Demon Region.

However, what happened . . . here now?

Too subverting!

If let’s say the Dragon Lord and Ye Yuan fought until neither could gain an upper-hand, they could accept it. To say that the Dragon Lord and Ye Yuan had a great battle for hundreds of rounds, then was defeated, they could accept that too.

However, how was this some fight? It was simply Ye Yuan’s one-sided abusing!

When did dragon lords become so noob?

“Bloodline power can’t match up to this Little Lord, so you say that Little Lord’s dragon race bloodline power was stolen. If you have the capabilities, steal one for me to see!” Ye Yuan looked at the pighead-like Dragon Lord and said with a cold smile.

Yeah. To talk about stealing inferior dragon blood, that was not impossible.

But the dragon blood in Ye Yuan’s body was too pure; even purer than the Dragon Lord’s!

Dragon blood like this, regardless of whether it was placed, it would be a supreme treasure. Wanting to steal was simply impossible.

Such slandering was way too groundless.

“Uncle Rong, i-isn’t this Ye Yuan’s strength too formidable? The Dragon Lord didn’t have the strength to counterattack in front of him at all!” Hu Xiao’s tone was somewhat quivering. Clearly, he was alarmed by Ye Yuan’s strength.

Hu Xiao’s strength and the Dragon Lord’s were also almost the same. Ye Yuan could easily defeat the Dragon Lord, indicating that his strength was definitely above his.

Previously, he doubted if Ye Yuan had this strength to defeat Peng Yun or not. But now, Ye Yuan used strength to prove everything.

Hu Rong had a look of astonishment too. But he shook his head and said, “This Ye Yuan’s fighting style seems to curb the Dragon Lord quite a lot. Plus, his own strength is super strong. That’s why the Dragon Lord could not not use the slightest strength to retaliate. If judging according to both party’s strength, the Dragon Lord might not lose to him much. It’s just that . . . Ye Yuan seems to be intentionally humiliating the dragon lord. This isn’t some good sign! This fellow, isn’t deliberately sowing dissension between the Dragon Lord and our Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s relationship, right?”

Hu Xiao’s expression changed, and he said, “When he came yesterday, he was clearly only Fourth Level Soul Sea. He actually broke through two minor realms overnight. Too bizarre! This fellow’s origins are unclear, and his strength is formidable. We must be on guard!”

Xu Rong frowned and said, “Could it be . . . the bear clan really betrayed us?”

“Uncle Rong, people’s heart is hard to fathom! Him not betraying in the past doesn’t mean not betraying now! This boy called Ye Yuan, the timing he appeared is too coincidental! In my view, he’s definitely here for the Azure Spirit Tree! Our tiger clan has been plotting all along for these ten years in order to capture this Azure Spirit Tree. Now, when it’s finally time to draw the net in, not the tiniest bit of accident can be tolerated!”

Hu Rong nodded and said, “Xiao-er, what you said is right! This boy’s origins are unclear. Even if we don’t kill him, we also have to detain him first before talking! Wait until we capture the Azure Spirit Tree and save Big Brother, it’s not too late to release him then!”

Finished talking, Hu Rong’s figure flashed and stared at Ye Yuan with a dark expression as he said, “Boy, you actually dare to beat our tiger clan’s esteemed guest until like this. What intentions do you have?”

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed, but he had yet to speak when Xiong Zhan came forward and beat him to it, “It was this fellow himself who provoked first! It was plain for everybody to see! Who can be blamed for his strength to be lacking himself and getting beaten until like this by Ye Yuan? Hu Rong, aren’t you going too far like this?”

Unknowingly, Xiong Zhan’s address towards Hu Rong also quietly underwent a change.

Very clearly, he felt very disappointed by the tiger clan’s current sort of situation.

Otherwise, with Xiong Zhan’s forthrightness, a personality that would rather sacrifice the entire clan than be willing to surrender, he definitely would not be this way.

Hu Rong clearly also did not expect that the all along staunch and steadfast Xiong Zhan would actually take the lead to rebuke him. His expression involuntarily darkened as he reproached, “Xiong Zhan! Looks if you’ve really changed! Say then, just what intentions do you have for entering the tiger clan in collusion with this boy this time!”

Hu Rong’s words were like a knife, cutting viciously on Xiong Zhan’s heart. That sort of pain, there was no way of using words to describe it.

“Senior Xiong Zhan, no need to waste your breath. This person is prone to suspicion. The more you explain, the more he feels that you have ulterior motives. Since this place doesn’t welcome us, let’s go!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Showed your true colors, right? Heh, brat who overestimated his own ability! You don’t think that you can leave this place by relying on the strength of you two, right?” Hu Rong said with a cold smile.

As he said, Hu Rong’s powerful aura enveloped Ye Yuan duo inside fully.

This Hu Rong was late-stage Tier 6 strength; it was totally not what Ye Yuan duo could withstand.

Right at this time, a pure, yet powerful pressure crept over. Everyone’s faces changed!

Those tiger clan members whose strength slightly weaker all knelt down in submission without prior consultation!

This was the divine beast pressure belonging to the tiger race. It was not strong; only initial-stage Tier 5 strength. But this pressure was much more unadulterated compared to Hu Rong, this sort of inferior brand.

Hu Rong’s face changed as he said, “This . . . This is Tiger Lord, His Excellency’s pressure! Why is he here?”

A young profile slowly appeared in everyone’s sights. This young man looked rather like a half-grown child; he was dignified and strong, but with an appearance still possessing childish innocence.

Once this tiger race pressure descended, Ye Yuan’s mind stirred.

This pressure actually seemed familiar!

But when this young man appeared, Ye Yuan could not help being uncertain. Because he had never seen this young man before.

“Who dares to touch my Big Brother!” the youth said with a rather childish voice.

Hearing these words, everyone’s reaction was all very different.

Hu Rong’s expression changed, and his face revealed a look of dread. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan became different.

While Ye Yuan’s eyes gleamed with light as he looked at that dignified and strong-looking young man.

The youth had his back facing Ye Yuan currently. He suddenly turned out and flashed Ye Yuan a bright smile.

Ye Yuan started smiling too, his laughter becoming increasingly bigger.

Until the back, the two people laughed loud and long and had a fierce embrace.

Who was this youth, if not the White Light after taking form?

“Stinking brat! A few days of not seeing and you actually took form successfully already!”

Ye Yuan chortled with laughter as he slammed a fist onto the youth’s chest with indescribable excitement.

He was still worried about White Light’s safety previously, afraid that he was stuck in the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog. Ye Yuan originally planned on coming to the tiger clan to inquire about it. Who knew that he actually stirred up such trouble with the tiger clan.

He did not expect that White Light was actually at the Darkfiend Tiger clan. Furthermore, he succeeded in taking form.

“Haha! If I don’t hurry up and take form, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Big Brother’s speed! I’m an exalted divine beast progeny. I can’t drag Big Brother down no matter what!” White Light said with a big laugh.

The two people started chatting like no one else was around. But Hu Rong’s expression became increasingly uglier.

He never would have thought that the Tiger Lord would actually think of Ye Yuan as his brother. Looking at the appearance, the two people’s relationship was good enough until they could wear one pair of trousers.

What to do?

Right then, another figure appeared inside the tiger clan.

“Haha! The Darkfiend Tiger Clan is so lively! Looks like I came really just in time!”