Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Looting A Burning House

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Once this person appeared, the atmosphere immediately became tense.

The tiger clan members had a look akin to facing a great enemy. They were clearly very fearful of the arrival.

The moment that person saw the tiger clan members’ appearances, he could not help laughing, “Haha! Everyone, I don’t have ill-intentions. I’m here to find Mister Ye!”

Hu Rong’s expression changed once more, his gaze involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan on alert.

The arrival was none other than precisely the Peng Hai who was sent over by Peng Tian!

“Ye Yuan, aren’t you going to give us an explanation? Tiger Lord, this person is harboring malicious intent, colluding with the roc clan with intent to attack the tiger clan!” Hu Rong gritted his teeth and said.

Ye Yuan was rather surprised looking by the side. White Light was clearly only Tier 5 cultivation, but Hu Rong seemed to be very fearful of him.

Already to this sort of extent and he actually had not fallen out with White Light yet.

White Light snorted coldly and said, “Explain about what? Whatever my big brother says, that’s how it is! With me around, how can my big brother be detrimental towards the tiger clan? Shut your mouth up and listen to what he has to say!”

White Light had a childish voice when talking, but was imposing and domineering, making Ye Yuan keep on wanting to laugh.

Ye Yuan shot Peng Hai a nonchalant look and said, “Since you came, you still dare to play this sort of petty tricks with me? I think you’re complaining that Peng Yun has lived for too long, right?”

Peng Hai was still snickering just now. Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, his expression suddenly changed.

Indeed, he was rash just now and purely wanted to implicate Ye Yuan a bit.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan actually guessed his purpose for coming long ago.

Looks like the injuries on Peng Yun’s body was totally intentional by Ye Yuan.

Having such a precise grasp on Peng Yun’s injuries, this Ye Yuan was simply too terrifying!

“Cough, cough, that . . . Didn’t I not have chance to say yet? H-Haha,” Peng Hai landed in the field as he said awkwardly.

Hu Rong and the others still had a manner as if they were facing a great enemy. Furthermore, they became even more cautious.

Although Hu Rong’s strength was above Peng Hai’s, who knew if he had brought numerous roc clan experts over behind him or not.

Moreover, they did not receive any news beforehand. This was the scariest.

“Since Lord Hu Rong wants an explanation, then you give it to him.”

Ye Yuan said it coolly, but everyone was anxious and uncertain.

Hu Rong and the others were not fools either. They could also tell from Peng Hai’s look that he was very wary of Ye Yuan.

Hearing the meaning in Ye Yuan’s words, Peng Yun’s small life seemed to be grasped in the hands of Ye Yuan.

That was to say . . . Ye Yuan and Peng Hai were not together?

Could it be that those words Ye Yuan said previously were all true?

Once the thought hit, Hu Rong’s entire person was somewhat ruffled.

Peng Hai smiled awkwardly and said, “Hu Rong, you don’t need to be like this. I’m here to make peace with your tiger clan on behalf of the roc clan.”

“Make peace?” Hu Rong doubted if his own ears heard wrongly or not.

Now at this time, it was precisely when the tiger clan was the weakest, and the roc clan the stronger. Peng Hai actually came to find him to negotiate peace.

This bunch of fellows wouldn’t have eaten the wrong medicine, right?

Hu Rong unwittingly looked over towards Ye Yuan once more. What in the world did this fellow do, to actually be able to let the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan make peace at any cost?

“That’s right! It’s make peace! Mister Ye, I wonder if you’re still satisfied with this explanation?” Peng Hai looked at Ye Yuan and said.

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “What has it got to do with me whether you guys make peace or not? What I want isn’t this explanation!”

Peng Hai’s heart went slightly cold. Could it be that kissing ass kissed onto the foot?

He saw that Ye Yuan and that tiger lord’s relationship was very intimate and would definitely stand on the tiger clan’s standpoint, that was why he gave rise to this idea. Who knew that Ye Yuan did not buy it at all.

Looks like the tiger clan offended Ye Yuan badly!

Yet, Ye Yuan’s words made Hu Rong’s heart quiver.

This peace negotiation that had come to an agreement was gone just like that?

Honestly speaking, the roc clan suggesting peace negotiations right now, they were more than happy to welcome it. Why would they refuse?

But Ye Yuan this fellow actually messed up the peace negotiations with one sentence!

Like the saying went, don’t wash dirty linen in public. Actually, Peng Hai also did not wish to let the tiger clan know about the news of Peng Yun almost getting crippled.

But at this time, he clearly could not hide it anymore, and could only come clean.

“Actually, I came here this time to invite Mister Ye to be a guest at our roc clan, and treat our Young Lord Peng Yun’s injuries with you’re at it! Previously, we had understandings between us, resulting in causing some unnecessary trouble . . .”

Peng Hai spoke with fervor and assurance, briefly describing the events that happened on that day. It was actually not much different from Xiong Zhan’s.

“Forget about being a guest. I don’t wish to cross the Rubicon 1 ! Anyway. . . why should I treat Peng Yun’s injuries? If you didn’t harbor devious thoughts back then, you also wouldn’t have ended up coming to beg me in an obsequious manner now,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Peng Hai had an awkward look as he said, “Whatever terms Mister Ye has, feel free to state them. As long as my roc clan can accomplish it, we absolutely won’t shirk!”

Ye Yuan smiled rather wickedly as he said, “Really?”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s smile, Peng Hai’s heart involuntarily palpitated a bit and had a foreboding premonition.

But upon recalling Peng Tian’s words before setting off, Peng Hai could not help nodding his head fiercely.

Ye Yuan said, “I want three drops of Kun Peng blood essence. Don’t tell me you don’t have!”

Peng Hai nearly jumped up. He pointed at Ye Yuan and said, “You! You’re looting a burning house here!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “I knew that you’d have this reaction. I only stated the price. Whether you agree or not is up to you. Furthermore, I feel that using three drops of Kun Peng blood essence to exchange for Peng Yun’s life, it’s still you guys who got off real cheap. You think about it; the Kun Peng blood essence that you all expended on him far surpassed three drops, right?”

Ye Yuan understood quite a bit about the demon races’ situation and knew that in demonic beasts progeny clans, they generally had their own sacred ground. That was the place to enshrine and worship forefathers.

Before demons died, they would normally all enter the sacred ground and contribute a portion of their own blood essence.

Inside the sacred ground had this power that could cleanse and purify bloodline, letting the blood essence rank rise.

But this process was exceedingly slow. Furthermore, every generation’s demon clan would expend blood essence. Hence, the blood essence that every clan stored in reserve was not considered much.

Actually, Ye Yuan only want to probe a bit just now. Because what he understood was just the Divine Realm’s demon clans’ situation. He did not think that the demon clans inside the God Prohibited Demon Region really had blood essence reserves.

Kun Peng blood essence was an extremely valuable divine beast bloodline too. Although it could not compare to dragon race bloodline, it was also an exceptionally high-grade bloodline.

Of course, the Kun Peng blood essence that the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan stored was definitely unable to compare to the dragon blood that Ye Yuan swallowed. The two were not on the same level at all.

Peng Hai’s expression changed several times, and he said, “This matter’s stake is too significant. I can’t make the decision and must ask for instructions from the clan head. If Clan Head agrees, the Kun Peng blood essence should be able to be delivered within three days!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Alright. I’ll wait for your news! Uh . . . Our matter is settled. You guys continue. How it should be, let it happen. Make sure not to give me face!”

Hu Rong’s expression changed when he heard that. His gaze involuntarily looked towards White Light embarrassedly and said, “Tiger Lord . . .”

White Light turned the whites of his eyes up at him and said crossly, “Who asked you all to not know good from bad and offended my big brother! Now you know his prowess, right?”