Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Dark Forest

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White Light’s words made Hu Rong have an embarrassed look.

“This . . . Tiger Lord, you also know that the tiger clan right now is experiencing extraordinary times . . .”

White Light waved his hand and said, “Alright, alright, so much crap! The matters in the past, I won’t care about them. But you remember it now, anybody can be provoked, but make sure not to provoke my big brother!”

White Light paused for a bit and said, “Because . . . you can’t afford to provoke him!”

White Light’s words made everyone shocked.

But at this time, there was already nobody who doubted this sentence.

Ye Yuan’s origins were mysterious, beat Peng Yun to heavy injuries when it was impossible, and kept the entire roc clan in check.

Now, Peng Hai was begging in front of Ye Yuan like a grandson.

The Dragon Lord ran in front of Ye Yuan and raised a racket. In the end, he was bashed until turning into a pig’s head.

The tiger clan wanted to make things difficult for Ye Yuan. Who knew that he and the Tiger Lord were actually bosom friends.

Looking at it now, if they made White Light choose between Ye Yuan and the tiger clan, he would definitely choose Ye Yuan without the slightest hesitation.

Such a person, who could afford to provoke?

Ye Yuan’s strength was clearly not strong. Yet, anyone present was all unable to do anything to him.

Hu Rong showed a difficult look and said, “But . . . this way, we’re bound to offend the Dragon Lord.”

“Dragon Lord? The Dragon Lord is nothing in front of my big brother! Also, if you guys don’t want to offend the Dragon Lord, you’ll have to offend me, this Tiger Lord! Up to yourself!” White Light said disdainfully.

“This . . . ”

“This what this! Why haven’t you apologized to my big brother yet?! If not for my sake, just based on your actions, do you think that my big brother would be willing to let it go?”

Currently, the tiger clan’s fate depended on just a word from Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan joined hands with the roc clan to attack the tiger clan, the outcome would be too terrible to imagine.

Hence, White Light’s words did not have areas that were the slightest bit exaggerating things to raise an alarm.

Hu Rong was not a fool either. After struggling with it for a while, he finally still lowered his head.

He came before Ye Yuan and said, “Mister Ye, it was all Hu Rong measuring the stature of a great man by the yardstick of a petty man. Mister Ye, please stay your hand in mercy.”

With White Light around, Ye Yuan naturally would not really do anything to the tiger clan.

Furthermore, the present situation, it was clearly better for both sides to keep each other in check than for one side be annihilated.

The card in other people’s hands and on his own hand was of course different.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Today, I was taking into consideration on account of White Light’s face. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t mind going to the roc clan to be a guest.”

When Peng Hai heard, he was naturally filled with unwillingness in his heart. But at this time, there was nothing he could do to Ye Yuan as well.

He had planned out well in his heart long ago. Once Young Lord Peng Yun’s injuries recover, he would definitely show Ye Yuan some colors!

But Peng Hai obviously would not bring it out on the surface. He went forward and said, “Mister Ye, Young Lord Peng Yun’s injuries . . .”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “As long as you all bring the Kun Peng blood essence here, there’s naturally no issue. I’ll start a furnace and refine pills in a while to refine the medicinal pills to treat Peng Yun’s wounds.”

Peng Hai could not help being overjoyed when he heard those words and said, “I’ll send a message to Clan Head right away!”

“Hang on!” Peng Hai was just about to leave when Ye Yuan stopped him.

“Does Mister Ye still have any instructions?” Peng Hai inquired cautiously.

“En, I haven’t finished talking yet.”

When Peng Hai heard, his heart thumped, and he cried out inwardly: not good.

Indeed, he heard Ye Yuan say leisurely, “Previously, my attack wasn’t light nor heavy, resulting in Peng Yun’s injuries to be somewhat severe. Although my medicinal pills can treat him. The medicinal effect of one medicinal pill is definitely not enough.”

When Peng Hai heard, his expression was indescribably nasty.

What was called one medicinal pill was not enough?

To be able to hurt Peng Yun until like that, but not cripple him, how precise did the attack have to be?!

Ye Yuan even calculated him coming before he came!

Such precise skill, he would be neither light nor heavy?

Only a ghost would believe you!

However . . . that did not seem to have any use at all.

Whatever Ye Yuan said now was what it was.

“Then . . . roughly how long is needed before he can recover?” Peng Hai asked with a quivering voice.

“Uh . . . Roughly half a year or so I guess. Take a medicinal pill once every two months. Three pills should be sufficient.”

“. . . . . .”

Peng Hai left with a dispirited look.

. . . . . .

Inside the tiger clan’s hidden chamber, Ye Yuan and White Light had another bear hug. The two people were clearly both very agitated.

“Haha! Big Brother, really didn’t expect to be able to see you here! I just broke through not long ago and was just thinking of deploying the tiger clan’s strength to go find you! I knew that with your capabilities, you could definitely walk out of the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog!” White Light said rather excitedly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I also didn’t expect it! How did you walk out of the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog and also become the Tiger Lord?”

Ye Yuan guessed that a tiger lord should be an existence similar to a dragon lord.

It was just that no idea why Hu Rong would be so fearful towards the White Light who was only Tier 5.

Only under White Light’s explanation did Ye Yuan came to a realization.

Turns out that after White Light entered the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog, the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog actually did not have any effect on him at all.

Ye Yuan had exhausted all the essence energy recovery medicinal pills back then and broke through to Heart Like Monolith realm before barely managing to charge out.

Listening to White Light’s encounters, Ye Yuan was also speechless.

But after White Light walked out of the Essence Devouring Confounding Fog, he went rather far away from Ye Yuan and actually appeared in the vicinity of the tiger clan directly.

White Light’s bloodline power made all of the tiger clan fall head over heels.

White Light’s tiger race bloodline was even much more powerful and pure compared to that Dragon Lord who got beaten up.

Not only that, White Light’s bloodline power was even purer than the blood essence in the tiger clan’s sacred ground.

Such pure White Tiger bloodline, he was naturally deified as a god by the tiger clan, thinking that White Light came out from there.

The Dragon Lord coming to the tiger clan was at most just a friend. But White Light in the tiger clan, his position was entirely different.

He was like a prince descending to the mortal realm, revered by the tiger clan.

“Ever since I entered the God Prohibited Demon Region, I kept on hearing about that place. Only now do I know that that place is called the Dark Forest. No idea just what kind of place this Dark Forest is. To actually make all of the demon clans guard the secret so closely,” Ye Yuan said in puzzlement.

One had to know that in this God Prohibited Demon Region, Tier 6 experts were everywhere. Legends had it that there were even Tier 7 powerhouses.

Such powerful existence was actually all very fearful of the Dark Forest.

White Light shook his head and said, “This, I don’t know either! But I heard Hu Rong they all say that the Dark Forest is the God Prohibited Demon Region’s forbidden land. Nobody can get close. Even if one’s strength were any greater, one would also die mysteriously when approaching there.”

Ye Yuan said in surprise, “Even Tier 7 powerhouses can’t enter?”

White Light shook his head and said, “Can’t enter! But under my curiosity, I once ran to the peripherals of the Dark Forest. At that time, the bloodline within my body actually faintly stirred. It seems like that place and my origins have a great relation!”

Hearing White Light’s words, Ye Yuan was also slightly startled in his heart.

Could it be that White Light actually walked out from the forbidden land in the Endless Forest’s forbidden land?

But White Light also said that once he came close to the Dark Forest, a dangerous aura came with it too. It seemed to be a warning to him. Hence, he did not dare to enter too deep as well.

Ye Yuan was also incomparably shocked in his heart. Looks like this Endless World was truly hiding secrets everywhere!