Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Return In Defeat

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Ahead, was a stretch of lush green forest. The wood essence power emitting out of there made people feel refreshed.

Hu Rong looked at the clansmen currently bustling about, his gaze filled with anticipation.

Ye Yuan said that the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array could not deal with the Azure Spirit Tree. But Hu Rong did not believe in this heresy.

How could ten years of effort be handed over on a platter?

Today, he brought over ten Darkfiend Tiger Clan Tier 6 experts. Apart from a few staying in the clan to hold down the fort, it could be said to be moving out in full force.

“Lord Hu Rong, the array formation is done!”

A clansman came in front of Hu Rong, with a face full of wild elation.

This array formation was laid down for ten years. Today, it was finally completed. How could they not be excited?

The demon race was not skilled in the path of formations. Plus, laying down the formation needed to avoid the Azure Spirit Tree’s eyes and ears. The progress of this array formation was naturally very slow.

When Hu Rong heard, he was thrilled in his heart too. But he forcefully suppressed it.

“Prepare to activate the array formation! Don’t lower your guard! This Azure Spirit Tree’s strength is extraordinary, and no mistakes can be tolerated!” Hu Rong instructed.

Even though Hu Rong did not believe Ye Yuan’s words, he was also not as optimistic at this time. Instead, he bucked all the spirits up.

“Yes, Lord Hu Rong!” The clansman received the order and left.

When all the preparations were ready, Hu Rong waved his hand and said, “Activate the array formation!”


A violent sound spread throughout the entire forest very quickly. A grand array instantly enveloped this wood-attribute spirit vein.

In an instant, a boundless fire essence power pervaded inside the grand array.

Those lush green trees drooped and withered away at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Hu Rong took this spectacle fully into his eyes and was excited and worried.

Honestly speaking, he was really very afraid that Ye Yuan’s words would come true.

Although Ye Yuan this youth was young, he completely could not be measured with common sense.

But looking at the current situation, Ye Yuan’s concern was clearly uncalled for!

The Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array perfectly restrained those plants inside. Hu Rong did not see the slightest possibility of the Azure Spirit Tree retaliating at all.

“Hahaha! The Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array is indeed powerful! The Azure Spirit Tree is already an object in our Tiger Clan’s bags!”

“It was not in vain for us to spend the price of ten years to set up the formation. Today, we’ve indeed achieved the effects!”

“When we capture the Azure Spirit Tree, Lord Hu Yan will be able to recover to his peak state! Our Darkfiend Tiger Clan will be able to roam the God Prohibited Demon Region unhindered again!”

These Darkfiend Tiger Clan members were all unbelievably agitated. When it was time for ten years of plowing and weeding to receive the harvest, agitation was hard to avoid too.

Hu Rong was a little calmer than them. But this sort of composure was also gradually being whittled away to nothing by the might of the grand array.

But he was not anxious. Because the Azure Spirit Tree had not shown itself yet.

It was definitely impossible for the Azure Spirit Tree, this sort of powerful spirit tree, to resign itself to death like this. He would definitely come out.

As was expected, before long, a great towering tree suddenly grew up in the grand array.

This tree was originally inconspicuous among all of the trees. But at this time, it covered everything.

To be able to still have such vibrant energies within the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisonment Array, there was only the Azure Spirit Tree!

It was only to see the Azure Spirit Tree extended out many vines and violently bombarded the grand array.

But the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array was indeed extraordinary. Those vines had yet to come into contact with the grand array when they were suddenly ignited by flames.

Those vines danced in the air just like humans waving their hands and stomping their feet when in pain.

“Hahaha! This Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array is indeed extraordinary! Even if here is the wood-attribute spirit vein, so what? Isn’t the Azure Spirit Tree still going to submit to us without resistance obediently?” Hu Rong said ecstatically when he saw the situation.

At this time, the last trace of worry in his heart also melted away into nothing along with it.

“Deploy the grand array! Beat the Azure Spirit Tree to heavy injuries first!” Hu Rong immediately gave the order.


The clansman presiding over the grand array received the order and immediately went forward to deploy the grand array.

Thick fire essence power crept towards the Azure Spirit Tree very quickly. The Azure Spirit Tree suddenly radiated a resplendent azure light, wanting to isolate these fire essence power.

Yet, all of this was a futile effort. This azure light only resisted for a little whole and was breached by the great fire.

The flames ignited the great towering tree very quickly!

This scene made all of the Darkfiend Tiger Clan members’ hot blood boil over while they watched.

The Azure Spirit Tree inside the grand array was peak Tier 6. This fire looked to be incomparably powerful. But to talk about burning it to death, that was impossible.

What Hu Rong they all wanted was for the Azure Spirit Tree to be severely injured.

This moment did not let them wait for too long. That Azure Spirit Tree wilted away very quickly under the attack of the flames.

Right at this moment, Hu Rong gave the order!

“Charge inside! Capture the Azure Spirit Tree!”

The Darkfiend Tiger Clan members had long been raring to have a go. Under Hu Rong’s command, over ten figure leaped, directly entering inside the grand array.

These ten over figures were all Tier 6 experts. Their movements were extremely swift, arriving in the proximity of the Azure Spirit Tree in a blink of an eye.

Yet, right at this time, a change suddenly occurred!

The Azure Spirit Tree suddenly gave off a dazzling azure light. Thick wood essence power welled up from under the ground, surging to an extent where it was practically going to burst forth.

Sensing such thick wood essence power, Hu Rong’s expression changed drastically and he roared madly, “Quickly retreat! We fell into a trap! This fellow wasn’t tricked at all!”

At this moment, Ye Yuan’s words suddenly flashed across Hu Rong’s mind, regretting until his intestines went green.

But at this sort of critical moment, he could not be allowed to think too much at all, bringing his clansmen far away immediately.

Yet, how could the Azure Spirit Tree be easy to bully?

How was there still any hint of waning on the Azure Spirit Tree’s body? It was even more powerful than before!

Countless rows of vines zigzagged out from the Azure Spirit Tree, intertwining over towards those dozen over figures with extreme speed.


This attack, Hu Rong brought out all of his might!

Luckily, he was a late-stage Tie 6 expert too. Even though he could not compare to the Azure Spirit Tree, slightly withstanding a bit was still achievable.

This attack of Hu Rong’s proved effective, delaying those vines a moment of time.

But even so, there were still three or four clansmen with slightly weaker strength who were tangled up by the vines.

They did not even get to yell out a cry for help and were drowned by countless vines.

How could Hu Rong still dare to remain at this time? He brought the remaining clansmen and charged right out of the grand array.

Once out of the grand array, Hu Rong’s entire person was dead-exhausted, directly kneeling onto the ground.


Hu Rong’s fist smashed onto the ground with unspeakable remorse and vexation.

Looking at the other clansmen again, how was there still any trace of excitement from before?

. . . . . .

In the tiger clan, Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes and spat out a long breath of turbid air.

“This Kun Peng blood essence can’t compare to the dragon blood refined previously in the end. The difference between the two is too great!” Ye Yuan sighed.

“Big Brother, can your cultivation speed be a little slower? Your speed, I can’t catch up even by whipping my horse!” by the side, White Light said gloomily.

Ye Yuan had just refined the Kun Peng blood essence the roc clan sent over and directly broke through to the Seventh Level Soul Sea!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You’re a Tier 5, Taking Form, expert now. Why are you saying that my cultivation speed is fast instead?”

White Light said huffily, “Even though I succeeded in taking form, the strength disparity between us became even greater instead! Forget it, forget it, not talking about this anymore. Big Brother, could it be that you’re not worried at all?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I’m indeed quite worried. Worried that not one of them will return.”