Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 667

Chapter 667 A List

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“Cough, cough, is Mister Ye around?”

Ye Yuan and White Light were currently chatting when Hu Rong’s embarrassed voice came from outside the door.

White Light gave Ye Yuan an odd look. Very clearly, Ye Yuan’s prophecy had, unfortunately, came true once again.

“Come in,” Ye Yuan did not seem to be very surprised and said nonchalantly.

After Hu Rong entered, his entire person was somewhat bashful and his gaze dodging non-stop, not daring to look straight at Ye Yuan. His face was even somewhat burning.

A late-stage Tier 6 powerhouse was rather like a girl, shy to meet people at this time, making people’s jaws drop.

After entering, Hu Rong did not speak. Ye Yuan naturally would not open his mouth first either. For a moment, the atmosphere became quite awkward.

Finally, it was still Hu Rong who could not endure this awkward atmosphere and broke the silence, “I wonder if . . . Mister Ye has any ways to be able to capture the Azure Spirit Tree?”

Uttering this sentence was equivalent to admitting his mistake from before.

A Tier 6 powerhouse lowering his head to a Tier 4 martial artist. This was not a scene that should appear under normal circumstances.

Evidently, Hu Rong was already utterly helpless about the Azure Spirit Tree.

The Azure Spirit Tree’s might far surpassed his imaginations. It was no wonder that Lord Hu Yan also suffered a huge loss at his hands.

Ye Yuan took a look at Hu Yan and said coolly, “You should remember the words that I said before, right?”

Hu Rong’s face revealed a struggling look. The function of the Azure Spirit Tree was not just able to treat Hu Yan’s wounds.

Otherwise, why would Hu Yan expend such a great price to capture him back then?

The Azure Spirit Tree was a heaven and earth spirit wood. The wood essence power was incomparably powerful.

Wood-attribute’s cardinal characteristic was life. Regardless of whether it was for humans or demonic beasts, it had immensely beneficial aspects.

And the Azure Spirit Tree was even different from ordinary spirit woods. It had extremely great nourishing effects on martial artists’ divine soul.

Tier 6 breaking through to Tier 7, there was a massive barrier!

That was the huge bottleneck from the middle three realms breaking through to the upper three realms. Regardless of whether human or demon, there were countless people stopped by this barrier.

This degree of difficulty was much, much harder compared to the difficulty of Sea Transformation Realm breaking through to Soul Sea Realm.

And the crux of breaking through this step was the divine soul!

Therefore, Hu Yan wanting to catch the Azure Spirit Tree back then was surely in order to break through to Tier 7!

It was just that he never expected that the Azure Spirit Tree’s strength was so formidable. It could truly be called tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice.

This point, Hu Rong was definitely aware as well.

Hence, to make him give up on the Azure Spirit Tree, he really could not do it.

“This . . . Can Mister Ye change to another condition? The Azure Spirit Tree has immense significance to my clan, and we really can’t yield. Mister Ye can state other terms. Even if the price is equal to the Azure Spirit Tree, it’s fine,” Hu Rong said.

But Ye Yuan shook his head when he heard and said, “The Azure Spirit Tree is useless to me. But it’s a life-saving item to a friend of mine. If you all insist on the Azure Spirit Tree, then think of a way yourself.”

Towards Hu Rong’s attitude, Ye Yuan was not concerned.

Even the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array was powerless. The Darkfiend Tiger Clan already had no other tricks left to play. Hence, he was not worried about Hu Rong refusing to give in.

As long as he did not make a move, Hu Rong could forget about getting the Azure Spirit Tree.

Hu Rong was incredibly aggrieved right now. He very much wanted to subdue Ye Yuan and force him to go capture the Azure Spirit Tree.

But White Light’s existence made him very wary.

White Light’s strength was not powerful. But his bloodline was too noble!

To their Darkfiend Tiger Clan, White Light’s identity was not much different from their master.

And what made Hu Rong most fearful was about what happened that day when he accompanied White Light together to the outer-regions of the Dark Forest.

When White Light went near the Dark Forest, that aura emitting off of his body actually echoed together with the Dark Forest across a great distance!

Furthermore, White Light himself did not know that there were no demons in the God Prohibited Demon Region who dared to walk so near like him at all!

To say that White Light did not have any relations with inside there at all, Hu Rong would not believe even if he was beaten to death!

Losing the Azure Spirit Tree, Hu Yan would only lose the chance to become Tier 7.

But if any mishap happened to White Light, his Darkfiend Tiger Clan would probably be at risk of clan extermination!

To divine beast progenies, they, these lesser clans with impure bloodlines, were existences that could be blotted out at will.

This point was determined from before they were born!

If not for this case, even if the Tiger Lord appeared, on what basis should he, Hu Rong, be so respectful towards a junior?

Divine beast progenies were born proud!

“This . . . Alright then! But you must promise me to treat Big Brother Hu Yan’s injuries!”

Struggling for a long time, Hu Rong still made this difficult decision.

Because he discovered that he could not do anything to this Tier 4 brat at all.

His background was too tough!

Ownself possessing terrifying dragon race bloodline, even pummeling the Dragon Lord to a pig’s head, and was even a life-or-death good brother of Tiger Lord, His Excellency.

Such a person, who among the demon clans dared to provoke?

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Rest assured about that. The Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid will naturally distribute to you guys some.”

Hu Rong felt his flesh hurt as he nodded and said, “Alright, deal!”

“Hang on, I never said deal. Did you forget the words that I said before?” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Hu Rong froze and could not help recalling Ye Yuan’s words the last time. His expression became even uglier.

Ye Yuan said that if they came to find him again, he would raise the price!

“This . . . Mister Ye, you and Lord Tiger Lord are life-and-death good brothers and are also considered the tiger clan’s honored guest. We already plotted for as long as ten years for the sake of this Azure Spirit Tree! Losing the Azure Spirit Tree is already a great loss of vitality to our tiger clan. If you list any more conditions. . .”

Hu Rong showed a difficult look but turned his imploring gaze towards White Light.

White Light said huffily, “You, this fellow, are really forgetful! That day when you wanted to be detrimental to Big Brother, what did I warn you?”

Hu Rong could not help sweating profusely when he heard, secretly protesting against the injustice in his heart.

Not that I wished to provoke this great deity, but he demanded an exorbitant price!

Moreover, the tiger clan plotted for ten years for the Azure Spirit Tree. How could he possibly give up hope without giving it a shot?

Ye Yuan said, “On account of White Light’s face, I won’t make things difficult for you. This is a spirit medicine list. You take it and help me prepare it will do.”

Hu Rong was overjoyed when he heard and said, “Just preparing some spirit medicines? My tiger clan still has some forces in the God Prohibited Demon Region. Preparing some spirit medicines is naturally nothing difficult.”

Ye Yuan just smiled. After Hu Rong checked the list, the smile on his face instantly became stiff.

The spirit medicines on the list had a large stack written densely. Among them even had quite a number that he had not even heard of the names before.

Some were Tier 5 spirit medicines, some were Tier 6 spirit medicines. Moreover, the quantity asked for was quite a bit.

This . . . This was simply robbery!

“What? Just now, you were still saying that it’s nothing difficult. Regretting so fast?” Ye Yuan said with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Hu Rong wished that he could give himself a tight slap. Clearly aware that this boy was a great robber, why did he still brag?

Now, it was great. He could not smack his own mouth, right?

Furthermore, with this boy’s personality, if he refused, he might even do something!

“H-Haha, n-no problem. I . . . I’ll do my best to prepare!” Hu Rong said with an awkward look.