Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Because Im Handsome

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Ye Yuan’s temper was like this.

Other people give him a unit of respect, he would return them ten.

If Hu Rong did not repeatedly make things difficult for him back then, not only would he not put Hu Rong in an awkward situation right now, he would even give Hu Yan a pointer or two after treating him to help him break through to Tier 7.

But now, everything was naturally off the table.

Actually, what Ye Yuan made Hu Rong prepare was primarily still the spirit medicines to refine the Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill.

Even though Ye Yuan had obtained the Iceheart Tranquil Lotus, the spirit medicines needed for the Five-Revolutions Iceheart Pill was very rare. Ye Yuan had not managed to gather them up.

As it happened, making use of this chance, Ye Yuan could gather up these spirit medicines in the tiger clan and extort a sum while he was at it. Where was the sense in not doing this?

But Ye Yuan did not go to capture the Azure Spirit Tree right away. He waited for Hu Rong and asked for another large amount of materials, and only exited seclusion after fiddling around alone in his room for two days.

Upon leaving seclusion, Ye Yuan discovered a large group of people surrounding his entrance. They were all Tier 6 experts.

Very clearly, these Darkfiend Tiger Clan members were all waiting for him to go to the spirit vein together to catch the Azure Spirit Tree. Furthermore, quite a number of them were still carrying injuries on them. It was clearly caused by catching the Azure Spirit Tree the last time.

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “No need for so many people. All rest at home. Hu Rong, you bring three to five people along will do.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan did not care about everyone’s reactions either, bringing White Light along and left right away.

Hu Rong was helpless and could only pick out a few clansmen whose strength were the strongest and followed after.

The party came to the spirit vein area once more. The scene before their eyes involuntarily made their expressions change drastically.

The Azure Spirit Tree was surrounded by a magnificent azure light, attacking the grand array non-stop.

Under the Azure Spirit Tree’s attacks, the grand array actually had a feeling of teetering on edge!

This Azure Spirit Tree’s strength was actually daunting to such an extent already!

Hu Rong and the others all sucked in a cold breath. Recalling the scene that day, they still had some lingering fear.

“Heh, looks like this Azure Spirit Tree is already just a step away from breaking through. The might of his strength is likely much more daunting than even peak Tier 6! If not for the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array having restraining effects on him, a mere peak Tier 6 grand array would likely still be powerless against him. Even so, this grand array can’t sustain for much longer too,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

The few people by the side looked at him like looking at a monster. This fellow was really calm!

One had to know that Ye Yuan himself was merely just Tier 6. Facing the peak Tier 6 Azure Spirit Tree, he actually did not reveal the slightest hint of fear. Did this fellow not care about anything?

To face such a spectacle and keep a straight face, other than not caring about anything, it could only be that his own strength was already powerful until there was no need to fear.

Ye Yuan’s understanding towards these heaven and earth spiritual objects was entirely not what the Darkfiend Tiger Clan people could imagine. In the entire Divine Realm, no one was worthy of being placed alongside him too!

His knowledge and experience in the field of alchemy were not just limited to those low-ranking medicinal herbs.

“Mister Ye, quickly take action! I’m afraid that the grand array almost can’t hold on anymore!” Hu Rong could not refrain from urging.

The Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array was already tottering on the verge of collapse and could be breached by the Azure Spirit Tree at any time. How could Hu Rong still be in the mood to listen to Ye Yuan sigh with admiration at the Azure Spirit Tree’s might here?

Ye Yuan nodded his head and casually pulled out a small bottle. In the bottle was some powder-like stuff.

“Sprinkle this powder on your bodies. Those vines naturally won’t come and harass you guys.” Ye Yuan said.

“Is . . . Is this reliable?”

A Darkfiend Tiger Clan member looked at the powder in the small bottle with a face full of disbelief.

He had witnessed the prowess of those vines. Even a Tier 6 power like him could not resist. A tiny bottle of powder could shield against those vines?

Wasn’t this joke a little too big as well?

Ye Yuan darted him a nonchalant glance and said, “If you’re self-confident in being able to avoid those vines, you can choose not to sprinkle. Don’t blame me for not warning you. Those vines can secrete poison which can damage the divine soul. Once tangled up, it is a certain death.”

The few people’s expressions all changed when they heard. They really did not know that these vines were actually able to secrete poison.

Wasn’t this Azure Spirit Tree able to secrete Azure Spirit Heart Fusing Fluid? Why was it able to secrete poison still?

But Hu Rong’s expression became apprehensive and he said, “No wonder! No wonder! After Big Brother Hu Yan returned, he became dispirited and inert, and could not even speak. Turns out that he was actually inflicted by this Azure Spirit Tree’s poison!”

Back then, after Hu Yan came back, he only said a few words, “Catch Azure Spirit Tree! Save me!”

Ever since then, he never woke up again either.

However, when the shamans in the clan inspected Hu Yan’s body, they could not find the reason at all. They only knew that Hu Yan’s divine soul was low-spirited and inert. Clearly, he had suffered very severe injuries.

Only with no other alternatives did the tiger clan lay down the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array, planning on catching the Azure Spirit Tree in one stroke. Who knew that it still fell short of success at the last stage.

Ye Yuan said, “How can this sort of heaven and earth spiritual object possibly not have any ace-in-the-hole measures? The poison of the Azure Spirit Tree is named Traceless Soul Poison. It specifically targets the divine soul. Using ordinary methods simply can’t detect it. Once the Azure Spirit Tree reaches the borders of life and death, it’s able to force the Traceless Soul Poison out of its body and let the air be filled with this toxin everywhere. This toxin has no color or smell and is extremely hard to be on guard for. Presumably, Clan Head Hu Yan must have forced it into a crisis back then. As a result, he fell into the trap himself instead.”

Even though Ye Yuan had never met Hu Yan, he had surmises about his illness long ago.

Hearing Hu Rong said so at this time, it was naturally not far off.

This Traceless Soul Poison was the trump card means of the Azure Spirit Tree. It was extremely formidable. If one was unfamiliar with the Azure Spirit Tree, it was very easy to succumb to the move.

But this sort of heaven and earth spiritual objects were extremely rare to begin with. How many really understood it?

However, Ye Yuan also knew that once the Azure Spirit Tree forced the Traceless Soul Poison out of its body, it’s strength would also be greatly diminished.

Fortunately, this place was a wood-attribute spirit vein. At present, not only did the Azure Spirit Tree’s strength recover to its peak state, it even advanced a step further!

Now, if that Hu Yan came again, the Azure Spirit Tree would not need to employ this trump card move at all.

The few people were all taken aback with shock after listening to Ye Yuan’s words.

This Azure Spirit Tree was really not easy to deal with!

If the Azure Spirit Tree also used this move on that day, none of them would be able to escape, and all would have to die here.

Fortunately, their strength was not strong enough and could not force the Azure Spirit Tree to use its ultimate move at all.

“That’s all I have. Up to you all to sprinkle. The grand array can’t hold on much longer already. I don’t have the time to waste with you guys. If you guys still don’t make a move, I’m going to go in myself!’ Ye Yuan said impatiently.

Hu Rong knew that this little lord was not to be provoked and instructed with a solemn face, “Tell you all to sprinkle, then sprinkle. What’s with all the crap?”

After the few people heard Ye Yuan’s words, they had an even deeper understanding towards the Azure Spirit Tree’s might. But it was precisely because so that they were even less confident in this powder of Ye Yuan’s.

But with Hu Rong’s order, they could only act accordingly and scattered quite a bit of powder on their own bodies.

The powder carried an intensely pungent smell, making them feel dizzy and their eyes blurry for a while.

“This powder is poisonous, but the toxicity isn’t high. Just get used to it for a while will do. You all don’t circulate your powers to force the poison out. Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself!”

These people were just about to circulate their skills to force the poison out when Ye Yuan’s words arrived already.

Hu Rong’s expression flickered incessantly as he said, “Why . . . why are you perfectly fine?”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes at him and said coolly, “Because I’m handsome!”