Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 669

Chapter 669 Battling The Azure Spirit Tree

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Ye Yuan was good-looking, but it was definitely not because he was good-looking that there was no reaction.

But Ye Yuan naturally would not tell them about the matter of him possessing the Origin Magnetism Spirit Wood. This bit of poison was not considered much to Tier 6 experts. Endure a bit, and it would pass.

It was just that they still held a distrustful attitude towards the effects of this powder. When they entered the grand array, each and every one of them was standing by with their full power, fearful of those vines intertwining over towards them.

But Ye Yuan walked very confidently, swaggering his way into the grand array.

When they approached the Azure Spirit Tree, the Darkfiend Tiger Clan members discovered that not only did those vines not harass then, they avoided like the plague instead.

Seeing this scene, these few people finally knew that Ye Yuan was not bragging.

He had genuine ability!

No wonder a Tier 4 boy dared to boast shamelessly and came to capture the Azure Spirit Tree. Just a tiny bottle of power resolved the thing which gave them, these Tier 6 experts, a huge headache.

“Big Brother, this power of yours is really magical. Those vines actually really ignored us!” White Light clicked his tongue in wonder too.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Myriad things in the world reinforce and counteract each other. It’s true that this Azure Spirit Tree is formidable. But there are some things that he is fearful of. This powder was refined and formed with Deer Birth Grass as the lead and mixing together some other materials. Its name is Deer Birth Powder, precisely one of the things that the Azure Spirit Tree dreads. The Deer Birth Grass’s rank isn’t high; it is just Tier 5. But once its toxins enter the Azure Spirit Tree, it will be like a plague, curbing the wood essence power in his body. These vines are all the Azure Spirit Tree’s children bodies and are naturally very fearful towards the scent of the Deer Birth Powder.”

Hu Rong and the clansmen were all dazed from listening by the side. Didn’t this Ye Yuan understand the Azure Spirit Tree a little too much?

The logic of myriad things in the world reinforcing and counteracting each other, anybody understood. But who could know the natural enemy of the Azure Spirit Tree, this sort of seldom-seen object?

Could this boy be a living dictionary?

White Light extended his thumb and sighed with admiration, “Big Brother is Big Brother! Really impressive!”

Ye Yuan scolded laughingly, “Is this your first day knowing me? What does this small thing count as?”

Hu Rong and the clansmen exchanged glances, all feeling very speechless.

The matter than the tiger clan set up for ten years and did not settle, Ye Yuan got it done with a bottle of powder. This also did not count as much?

Then what kind of thing could be considered remarkable in Ye Yuan’s eyes?

“Almost approaching the Azure Spirit Tree’s main body already. You all be a little careful. This stretch of spirit vein is already completely occupied by the Azure Spirit Tree. His tentacles can extend to every corner. In a while, you guys help me to tie down these children bodies. I’ll deal with the main body,” Ye Yuan said solemnly.

“You deal with the main body?” Hu Rong’s eyes turned into wide-saucers, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Hu Rong knew that Ye Yuan’s capabilities was not small and should be able to restrain a very large portion of the Azure Spirit Tree’s energy.

But according to Hu Rong’s envisage, the main attack still needed him to carry out. After all, Ye Yuan’s strength was too meager.

But what the hell was going on now? Why was it the other way round from his envisage?

“I wanted to let you go. But are you his match? The Azure Spirit Tree is attacking the grand array with all its strength right now. These children bodies are relying completely on instincts to act. Once the main body comes back to its senses, it’s also useless no matter how powerful this Deer Birth Powder is,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Hu Rong was rendered speechless by the question. He did not have the slightest strength to counterattack in front of the Azure Spirit Tree at all.

“Alright, don’t waste any more time. In a while, the bigger the commotion you all stir up, the better. Draw his attention and leave the rest to me.”

“Big Brother, you be careful!” White Light said concernedly.

“En. Relax, I’ll be fine.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan leaped, approaching towards the Azure Spirit Tree’s body with extreme speed.

With this, Hu Rong and the rest were not as relaxed as before anymore. Each one of them heightened their vigilance akin to facing a great enemy.

Ye Yuan’s swift approach finally startled the Azure Spirit Tree!

But the Azure Spirit Tree did not pay much attention to Ye Yuan. It just sent all of the vines to intertwine over towards Ye Yuan, while it itself continued attacking the grand array.

In his eyes, Ye Yuan this Tier 4 brat, was also not much different from ants.

Yet, Ye Yuan’s Concept of Wind Flow was released fully, avoiding those vines extremely dexterously, and still headed towards the Azure Spirit Tree at high speed.

By the time the Azure Spirit Tree reacted, Ye Yuan was less than a thousand feet away from the Azure Spirit Tree’s main body.

A thousand feet’s distance was merely a blink of an eye to the present Ye Yuan.

With this, the Azure Spirit Tree finally took this ant-like Ye Yuan seriously and ceased attacking the grand array. It placed its focus on Ye Yuan.

With the Azure Spirit Tree shifting his focus here, the grand array finally got a breather and directly suppressed the Azure Spirit Tree’s azure light down a lot.

Even so, with the Azure Spirit Tree’s strength, it was still plenty to deal with Ye Yuan!

It was only to see the main body radiate a brilliant azure light once more. After that, countless vines tore out of the ground, flooding the entire stretch of space.

Even if Ye Yuan’s movement technique was at the zenith, it was also impossible to charge over in a place without gaps.

In front of Ye Yuan right now was like a high wall. No matter how it strove, it was also unable to leap over.

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly. Waving a hand, countless fire lotuses suddenly appeared around him, wrapping Ye Yuan up tightly.

Once those fire lotuses appeared, they burned towards those vines without any hesitation.

Fiery was already a Tier 5 essence fire at this time. The power of its flames was incomparably daunting.

Those vines were all the Azure Spirit Tree’s children bodies and also just around Tier 5 strength.

But in terms of attributes, the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus completely restrained those vines!

It was only to hear crackling sounds coming from those vines. They were burned to ashes by Ye Yuan’s essence fire very quickly.

But the headache was that this region was the wood-attribute spirit vein. Those vines were completely grass that could not be burned out by a prairie fire, growing again with the spring breeze.

They grew frenziedly, then they were burned entirely by Fiery without mercy afterward.

Hu Rong and the others were also terribly busy at this time, tangled in battle with those vines.

But their few people’s commotions over here was also not as great as what Ye Yuan caused when added up together.

Even though these few people were all Tier 6 experts, facing such frenziedly growing vines, they were at a loss on what to do as well.

Originally, the Azure Spirit Tree placed his focus on Hu Rong they all. But at this time, how could he still have the time to bother with Hu Rong, those few people. He directly placed all of his energy on Ye Yuan.

With this, the vines over on Hu Rong’s side lost control, making the pressure on them lessen abruptly.

Hu Rong could not help being flabbergasted with his mouth gaping when he saw the huge commotion over at Ye Yuan’s side.

What he was shocked by was not that Ye Yuan possessed essence fire, but that Ye Yuan’s degree of control towards the essence fire had already reached the acme of perfection!

Even if ordinary martial artists owned essence fire, they absolutely could not do it to the extent of completely isolating the vine attacks too!

Furthermore, this place was the wood-attribute spirit vein. Even if ordinary essence fires could stop the vines, it was also impossible to burn them into ashes instantaneously.

This essence fire was not simple too!

This young man was really too terrifying!

It was just that Ye Yuan’s speed was also slowed down by these frenziedly growing vines.

The distance of a thousand feet was not that easy to rush over.