Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Testing Medicinal Efficacy!

All of a sudden, the surrounding essence energy gathered around Feng Ruoqing, forming a small essence energy storm around her.

Feng Ruoqing greedily absorbed the concentrated essence energy and broke through the shackles in one motion.

Originally, she was at the Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Taking advantage of the sudden enlightenment to break through, not only did her soul strength broke through to the high-rank Alchemy Master realm, but her cultivation also broke through the Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, directly rising to the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

Only after the essence energy in the hall recovered its tranquility did Feng Ruoqing slowly opened her eyes.

"Congratulations, Miss Feng, in advancing to high-rank Alchemy Master in one stroke!"

Wang Jinfu immediately went up to congratulate, and the others also came up to express their felicitations.

Feng Ruoqing could breakthrough to high-rank Alchemy Master at such an age. In the future, it was basically a given for her to become an Alchemy Grandmaster.

It was essential to be on friendly terms with a future State of Qin's major figure now.

Except that while Feng Ruoqing returned the well-wishes perfunctorily, her eyes scanned the crowd, but in the end, she failed to find the person she was looking for.

"Many thanks for everyone's compliments. Ruoqing dare not accept it. For Ruoqing to be fortunate enough to breakthrough today, I still have to thank Ye Yuan. I wonder, where did he go?" Feng Ruoqing asked in puzzlement.

In the state of sudden enlightenment, Feng Ruoqing was completely dead to the outside world. She was still not aware that Ye Yuan had already left.

"Miss Feng, because Ye Yuan completely exhausted his essence energy to forcefully refine the Tier 2 Strengthening Pill, he went back to rest right after he exited the refining room," Wang Jinfu replied.

Feng Ruoqing came to a realization. 'Then the medicinal pill he refined . . .?"

The moment she mentioned the medicinal pill, everyone's expressions became peculiar. Feng Ruoqing was baffled, but her heart jumped, and she asked anxiously, "Don't tell me Ye Yuan failed? Impossible!"

"Relax, Miss Feng. Of course, Ye Yuan passed. It's just . . ." Wang Jinfu found it hard speak up.

In reality, it was somewhat impetuous to test the medicinal pill that other people refined. However, Wang Jinfu really wanted to know if this transcendent-grade Tier 2 Strengthening Pill had any special effects.

"It's just what?" Feng Ruoqing asked curiously.

Wang Jinfu sighed and said, "I'm also not afraid that Miss Feng will laugh. Not only did that Ye Yuan refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill, but it was also a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill! His performance earlier was simply miraculous! So . . ."

Hearing Wang Jinfu said all that, Feng Ruoqing immediately understood in her heart.

Transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill.

These six words represented extraordinary significance in the State of Qin's alchemy world!

Even a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster could not refine a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill! Even if the medicinal pill was the lowest of the low Tier 2.

Tier 2 medicinal pills and Tier 1 medicinal pills were two completely different concepts. The soul strength requirement was not high for Tier 1 medicinal pills. It was easier to refine in comparison.

However, the complexity level of Tier 2 medicinal pills was several times, even dozens of times of Tier 1 medicinal pills!

Because of that, a more powerful soul strength was necessary to advance to Alchemy Master.

This gap also brought about a phenomenon. Tier 1 medicinal pills would occasionally come out as transcendent-grade. However, a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill had never appeared in the State of Qin before!

Hence, Wang Jinfu really wanted to see just what effects this medicinal pill had.

Seeing everyone look at her with expectant eyes, Feng Ruoqing obviously did not feel nice to reject. In reality, she was also curious just how mystical this so-called transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill was.

Even if Feng Ruoqing was the only one who believed that Ye Yuan could refine a Tier 2 medicinal pill among this crowd, the shock that she currently felt was no less than the rest.

Feng Ruoqing felt that it was extremely appropriate for Wang Jinfu to use the word 'miracle' to describe Ye Yuan's refinement just now.

"Since that's the case, then test it out."

Hearing Feng Ruoqing said this, everyone let out a sigh of relief, and their eyes shone with anticipation.

"Hahaha. I finally refined a Tier 2 medicinal pill! I'm also an Alchemy Master now!"

Right at this moment, a somewhat crazed laughter echoed out. The audience involuntarily turned to look, only to see Feng Zhirou.

This made everyone recall that there were still two examinees who had not come out yet . . .

Feng Zhirou caught sight of Feng Ruoqing and danced with joy. Rushing in front of her, she shook her hands as she said, "Aunt, I actually refined a Tier 2 medicinal pill! I didn't expect Ye Yuan that punk to really have a few tricks up his sleeves. He casually gave a few pointers, and I refined a Tier 2 medicinal pill. Now, I'm also an Alchemy Master!"

"What? Ye Yuan gave you pointers?" Feng Ruoqing asked in bewilderment.

"Yeah. He said that my cultivation law restricted my soul strength, so he told me not to refine with full strength. I followed his method and really refined a Tier 2 medicinal pill! Although what was refined is only the lowest Tier 2 medicinal pill, at least it succeeded! Yii? Where's Ye Yuan? Don't tell me he's not out yet?" Feng Zhirou still had not sensed the unusual atmosphere and carried on talking by herself.

Feng Ruoqing, Wang Jinfu, and Sun Jianming exchanged glances and saw the wordless shock in each other's eyes.

Casually gave a few pointers and he could make Feng Zhirou advance to Alchemy Master?

Just what kind of monster was this Ye Yuan?!

. . . . . .

Right now, the Alchemist Association's training room was already packed with people.

Two Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists stood in the center of the training room. They were the martial artists who would test this transcendent-grade Tier 2 Strengthening Pill.

Testing a medicinal pill's effects was a highly dangerous matter. That was because nobody knew what kind of consequence would result from eating the medicinal pill.

However, testing a very mature medicinal pill such as the Strengthening Pill would not be too dangerous. Furthermore, the medicinal effects of a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill would only make someone stronger. It naturally would not cause any harm to a martial artist's body.

These two martial artists were decided after an intense debate. One was called Cheng Hua, while the other was called Zhu Qiang.

Cheng Hua was at the First Level Spirit Condensation Realm, while Zhu Qiang was at the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. There was a difference of four minor cultivation realms between the two of them, which also meant a minor stage gap.

This gap was huge.

It was highly difficult to jump ranks and battle within the Spirit Condensation Realm. It was because the difference was very large even between one minor cultivation realm. Not to mention four minor cultivation realms.

A Tier 2 Strengthening Pill, even if it was a high-grade Tier 2 Strengthening Pill, could not allow a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist to defeat a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm even after the partial strengthening. Unless the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm stood still there for him to hit.

However, nobody had ever tried a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill's effects. Hence, as a precautionary measure, the powerful Zhu Qiang was chosen to be the sandbag to avoid accidental injuries.

Zhu Qiang's mission was to stand there and take an attack head-on from Cheng Hua!

Even so, Zhu Qiang did not feel that Cheng Hua could hurt him. The difference between them was not something that could be breached using medicinal pills!

Even if it was a transcendent-grade medicinal pill!

Under everyone's eyes, Cheng Hua consumed the transcendent-grade Tier 2 Strengthening Pill which Ye Yuan refined.

Many people were envious of Cheng Hua. He was the first martial artist in the State of Qin to consume a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill!

"Haha. How's the feeling of eating a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill?" Zhu Qiang asked with a laugh.

Cheng Hua who initially had his eyes closed to sense the medicinal strength opened his eyes and flashed Zhu Qiang a smile. "I feel am full of power! I'm attacking. Be careful, Brother Zhu!"

Zhu Qiang also gave a laugh as he said boldly, "Come on. Even a transcendent-grade Tier 2 medicinal pill can't compensate for the enormous difference in cultivation realms!"

Cheng Hua did not waste his breath and threw a punch.

A single fist struck out, and then there was silence.