Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Spirit Sealing Needle

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Ye Yuan’s footsteps forward were very slow but moved very solidly.

On this stretch of spirit vein, the Azure Spirit Tree’s wood essence power was virtually limitless. Hence, it was able to deploy vines to attack Ye Yuan endlessly.

But Ye Yuan’s essence fire was seemingly limitless too. No matter how many came, Ye Yuan could still burn it all away!

Utilizing essence fire to this sort of degree, Ye Yuan’s essence energy expenditure was also extremely rapid.

But coming here this time, Ye Yuan made ample preparations and replenished quite a number of medicinal pills.

At this time, he was downing pills crazily; there was no worry about essence energy drying up.

At this time, the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame’s powerful purifying power was manifested beyond all doubt!

Those incomparably sturdy vines were directly burned cleanly by the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame. This speed of burning was absolutely much more powerful than ordinary Tier 5 essence fires.

Fiery gave birth to intelligence after evolving. The power of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame naturally became much stronger compared to ordinary Tier 5 essence fires too.

This was, for instance, a grand array controlled consciously by people versus operating automatically. The power was absolutely different.

Very soon, Ye Yuan crossed a distance of 500 feet and was increasingly closer to the Azure Spirit Tree’s main body!

All of a sudden, the Azure Spirit Tree vines around Ye Yuan retreated like tidewater. Looks like it was thoroughly frightened by Ye Yuan.

Over at Hu Rong’s side, the pressure was reduced tremendously now. Seeing this scene, he could not help being overjoyed.

Looks like the Azure Spirit Tree could not hold on anymore!

This Ye Yuan was truly incomparably formidable, to actually be able to kill until the Azure Spirit Tree threw away its helmet and coat of mail!

“Lord Hu Rong, what’s he doing? Why isn’t he moving?”

“Yeah. Such an opportune chance, how can one let it slip by?”

After the vines retreated, Ye Yuan did not continue the triumphant pursuit. Previously, he was still advancing forward. But at this time, he stopped completely, making the Darkfiend Tiger Clan members all very puzzled.

“You pig heads! The Azure Spirit Tree is a peak Tier 6 spirit wood. How can it be so easy to deal with? Shut your mouths and stir up a bigger commotion. Make the Azure Spirit Tree get a little more distracted, and you’ll all have rendered merits!” White Light suddenly roared.

White Light’s speed was extremely quick. Shuttling back and forth between the vines was accomplished with ease. Those vines could not catch his figure at all.

Hu Rong’s and the others’ hearts tightened when they heard this. The strength in their hands increased a few more parts.

They all understood that it had reached a critical moment at this time and must go all-out!

Ye Yuan stood there without moving a muscle, but not that he did not do anything.

On the contrary, Ye Yuan’s pressure currently was even greater than before!

Only Ye Yuan knew that the Azure Spirit Tree’s most powerful aspect was not those pestering vines, but the divine soul attack which was as elusive as a ghost!

The Azure Spirit Tree to martial artists was like a piece of rare treasure. Because it could nourish the martial artist’s divine soul, helping the martial artist to break through realms!

But likewise, the Azure Spirit Tree regarding divine soul attacks was similarly incomparably daunting too.

Disregarding the Traceless Soul Poison which Hu Yan was inflicted with, the Azure Spirit Tree’s main body could even secrete a type of colorless, scentless, and formless substance, which specifically attacked the martial artist’s divine soul.

This sort of means was kind of similar to human martial artists’ divine soul mystic art, but also somewhat different.

Because the Azure Spirit Tree had no divine soul. This sort of attack method, it was just born with it.

But this kind of attack method was even harder to defend than divine soul attacks, let alone that this Azure Spirit Tree in front of him was a Tier 6 existence.

Ye Yuan was in full gear at this time, fully immersed in the Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm!

Any trace of undulation in the surroundings was unable to escape his perception!


Ye Yuan gave a light cry, his figure suddenly vanishing from sight!

With Ye Yuan’s current soul force. He was unable to withstand this kind of attack at all. So he could only evade.

Regarding those golden characters and the black bead, Ye Yuan seriously did not have much confidence.

Attack missed target every time, the Azure Spirit Tree unleashed frenzied attacks.

Ye Yuan’s Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art was unleashed to the limits, continuously moving in a wide area, avoiding the Azure Spirit Tree’s attacks.

But Ye Yuan was not fleeing in disorder aimlessly. He was advancing forward in a roundabout manner consciously!

This point, probably even the Azure Spirit Tree did not notice.

The Azure Spirit Tree was not only a heaven and earth spiritual object, but also an object without intellect. It was just that it had clearly already unlocked wisdom cultivating until now. Furthermore, its intellect was rather high.

Hu Rong they all activated the grand array wanting to trap the Azure Spirit Tree, but was schemed and ambushed by the Azure Spirit Tree instead, and nearly got completely annihilated.

From this point, one could tell how high the Azure Spirit Tree’s intelligence was.

It discovered to its dismay at this time that the ant which it looked down on the most actually really had the strength to threaten it!!

This time, the Azure Spirit Tree really became anxious!

All of a sudden, the Azure Spirit Tree stopped the divine soul attacks towards Ye Yuan.

At the same time, some faintly perceptible things seemed to have started brewing in the air.

“Now is the time!”

Ye Yuan had grasped the timing long ago. Right when the Azure Spirit Tree was about to release its final ultimate move, throwing the Traceless Soul Poison into the air, Ye Yuan stimulated his speed to the limits!

At the same time, Ye Yuan activated the Kun Peng bloodline in his body frenziedly. Coupled with the Wind-Thunder Extreme Light Shuttling Art, his speed immediately surged immensely!

In practically a blink of an eye, Ye Yuan arrived near the front of the Azure Spirit Tree’s main body!

It was not certain when, Ye Yuan had an additional dozen over silver needles in his hands. He fired them into the positions of the Azure Spirit Tree’s roots without hesitation at this time.

“Huff, huff, huff . . .”

Hu Rong and and the others all suddenly panted heavily for air.

Right then, their scalps all tingled. An extremely dangerous aura came from the air, making each and every one of them hold their breaths.

But this dangerous aura vanished without a trace under Ye Yuan’s dozen over silver needles.

Hu Rong looked towards that back view in the distance, his gaze filled with fear.

This young man was too powerful!

The Azure Spirit Tree which made the entire tiger clan wring their hands in dismay was actually locked down by him just like this!

“Lord Hu Rong, the Azure . . . Azure Spirit Tree got captured?” A clansman asked rather disbelievingly.

Hu Rong nodded his head solemnly and said, “Definitely so! If he weren’t caught, we would already be dead men just now!”

“Don’t need to doubt it! Big Brother said that he could capture him, means he definitely can capture!” White Light had a proud look like this Azure Spirit Tree was caught by him.

Hu Rong and the others came close. Seeing the few silver needles inserted in the tree roots area, they could not help marveling, “Really hard to imagine that such a great towering tree was actually locked down by a few tiny little silver needles!”

Just as they were speaking, this massive tree that towered into the clouds actually shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming a small tree the size of the rim of a bowl very quickly.

“The Azure Spirit Tree cultivating to this sort of level, changing size is naturally as easy as overturning one’s hands. He got hit by my Spirit Sealing Needle. The wood essence power within his body is already hard to be maneuvered,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“If not for seeing with my own eyes, I really wouldn’t dare to believe that a peak Tier 6 Azure Spirit Tree was actually subdued by a Tier 4 youth!” Hu Rong sighed with admiration.

He could be said to have his horizons broadened today. The Azure Spirit Tree which even Clan Head Hu Yan could do nothing about was actually defeated at Ye Yuan’s hands just like that.

Ye Yuan was just about to speak when his expression changed greatly!

A terrifying aura arrived close from far away in a blink, heading towards them.

That speed was inconceivably swift!