Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 671

Chapter 671 The Oriole Behind

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“White Light, quickly retreat!”

Without time to think much at all, Ye Yuan’s figure retreated explosively.

White Light’s reaction was not slow either, following Ye Yuan and retreating.

Very clearly, that person’s target was the Azure Spirit Tree!

The person’s strength was too strong. Hu Rong and the others did not dare to clash head-on with him either, and they also chose to yield one after another.

In front of the Azure Spirit Tree, a figure gradually emerged. When Hu Rong and the others saw the arrival, their faces all changed greatly.

“Hahaha! It’s been hard on the few of you! This gift isn’t bad! I’ll accept it,” the person said with a big laugh.

“Peng Tian! You’re so despicable!” Hu Rong simmered with anger.

The arrival was none other than precisely the Thousand Mountain Great Roc Clan’s Clan Head, Peng Tian!

This fellow was actually lurking nearby the entire time. After waiting for Ye Yuan they all to succeed, he then seized the Azure Spirit Tree with a momentum as forceful as a sudden peal of thunder that left no time for covering the ears!

Peng Tian said with a delighted look, “Despicable? Spiritual objects under the heavens, fated ones get it! Very clearly, you guys aren’t that fated one!”

As he said this, his gaze actually looked towards Ye Yuan and said, “Boy, you really didn’t let me down. To actually really restrain the Azure Spirit Tree! But you never would have thought that your actions would become other people’s wedding dress, right? Hahaha!”

Talking about how he was pleased with himself, Peng Tian could not resist chortling with laughter.

Hu Rong and the others, their expressions were indescribably ugly. This Azure Spirit Tree landing in Peng Tian’s hands, Hu Yan would be dead for certain.

This outcome was what they could not bear.

Ye Yuan’s face did not have an overly dejected expression, but he asked calmly, “Clan Head Peng Tian, nice scheming. This Ye admires you. I wonder how you knew that I could restrain the Azure Spirit Tree?”

Peng Tian said delightedly, “I initially wasn’t fully certain either. But the timing that you appeared was too coincidental. Coming to the Darkfiend Tiger Clan at this time, the goal can only be the Azure Spirit Tree. Even though your strength is meager, you’re able to turn something rotten into magical and are bound to have areas surpassing others in. Therefore, I decided to let you give it a try. I didn’t expect that you really succeeded! Even if you didn’t succeed, with the Darkfiend Tiger Clan to be cannon fodders for me isn’t bad as well.Hahaha!”

Peng Tian had evidently known the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s activities long ago. Yet, the Darkfiend Tiger Clan still pretended to be mysterious. It was simply a joke.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Looks like you sending Peng Hai to the Darkfiend Tiger Clan and satisfying my every request was in order to lower our guard, right? And these few years, you’ve actually long investigated the tiger clan’s situation clearly in the dark. Halting the troops and not moving all along was because you were not confident in dealing with the Azure Spirit Tree, so you wanted to let the tiger clan charge in front to be cannon fodders?”

Peng Tian said with a loud laugh, “Haha! You, this boy, are too clever! What you said is perfectly accurate! This old man is a figure as famous as Hu Yan in this Dongming Region. How could I not even be a match for Hu Rong, this fool? This fellow fancied himself clever and used all kinds of measures to delude the roc clan, and even thought that his plans were seamless. But he didn’t know that I was just meeting one ruse with another, letting the tiger clan be the scapegoat, that’s all!”

Hearing Peng Tian’s words, Hu Rong’s expression was indescribably ugly.

These ten years, he spared no efforts. Who knew that in the end, he actually became a clown!

Now that it fell just short of complete success, how could he be worthy of Clan Head Hu Yan? Once Peng Tian acquires the Azure Spirit Tree, he was bound to break through to Tier 7.

At that time, who else could be his match in the entire Dongming Region?

When his thought reached here, Hu Rong even had the intention to fight to the death!

If the final outcome was the tiger clan’s destruction, then he, was the entire Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s eternal sinner!

“Clan Head Peng Tian is indeed impressive. Truly took every conceivable possibility into account! However . . . Peng Yun’s small life, could it be that you don’t care?” Ye Yuan said with an emotional sigh.

Peng Tian said with a cold snort, “As long as I break through to Tier 7, what do Yun-er’s injuries count as? Furthermore, do you think that it’s still up to you at this time? Boy, hand over the medicinal pills!”

Ye Yuan looked at Peng Tian with a smile that wasn’t a smile and said, “If I don’t hand them over?”

“If you don’t hand them over, you’ll be unable to pray for life nor beg for death!” Peng Tian threatened.

“Like that huh. Looks like I must hand over no matter what?”

“Enough nonsense. Quickly hand over!”

Ye Yuan had a look of helplessness and fished out two medicinal pills from his storage ring. It was precisely those remaining two to treat Peng Yun.

Peng Tian seeing Ye Yuan submit, his face involuntarily revealed a smug smile and reached his hand out in preparation to receive the medicinal pills.

Ye Yuan raised his hand but did not throw the medicinal pills out. His right hand suddenly clenched in a fist, holding the two medicinal pills in the center of his palm, and kneaded a few times hard.

Ye Yuan had a smile on his face as he looked at Peng Tian. Slowly opening up his hand, a light breeze blew. Wisps of powder went with the wind.

Ye Yuan destroyed the medicinal pills just like this.

Hu Rong and and the others, their expressions changed when they saw the situation and secretly thought to themselves that Ye Yuan was indeed gutsy, to actually dare provoke Peng Tian at this time.

Peng Tian’s smile froze on his face. The hand that extended out was incomparably awkward, clenching into a fist shape, displaying his fury currently.

“Fine lad. You dare to fool me?” Peng Tian gnashed his teeth as he said it word by word.

Ye Yuan smiled unconcernedly and said, “Little Lord, I, have a problem, that is I can be persuaded by reason but not cowed by force. If you talk to me nicely, this Little Lord might just give them you if my mood becomes happy. But your attitude makes me very displeased!”

“Hahaha! It’s really been so long since anybody dared to speak to this clan head like this! Boy, you’re excellent! Since you dare to say so, you probably have some sort of understanding what will happen, right?” Peng Tian laughed out of extreme rage.

Ye Yuan had a blank look as he said, “Understanding? What understanding? This Little Lord’s, my, understanding is very limited and can’t understand your words.”

“Can’t understand, is it? Then this clan head will let you understand what’s called understanding right now!”

Finished talking, Peng Tian’s entire person’s aura directly rose to the peak, crushing over towards Ye Yuan in a manner that blotted out the skies and covered the earth.

The Peng Tian currently was already infuriated to the extreme. The joy of obtaining the Azure Spirit Tree was completely swept away by Ye Yuan’s actions.

His palm smacked towards Ye Yuan. This palm could topple mountains and overturn the seas during the whole process, displaying the strength of a peak Tier 6 demon completely.

This palm movement, Peng Tian did not hold back in the slightest. He wanted to crush Ye Yuan into dregs, only then could it get rid of the hatred in his heart.

Towards Peng Tian’s actions, Ye Yuan seemingly did not see it and did not have the intention of dodging at all.

Just as Peng Tian’s palm was about to slap out, his scalp tingled all of a sudden. All the pores on his body shuddered. A sense of extreme danger welled up from the bottom of his heart.

Right then, an even more violent attack arrived with a howl, aiming right at the center of Peng Tian’s back!

Even though Peng Tian had his back facing this attack, he could feel that this attack could absolutely deal lethal damage to him!

That aura was even above his!

How could Peng Tian still care about dealing with Ye Yuan? He immediately pushed his Kun Peng bloodline to the limits, wanting to receive this attack!

At present, Peng Tian’s greatest reliance was his speed. He wanted to use speed to receive this attack.

That attack’s speed was exceedingly fast. It arrived at Peng Tian’s back in a blink of an eye.

But Peng Tian’s reaction speed could not be said to not be fast. His figure had already fuzzily vanished from where he was.

However, right at this time, a strange force attacked by surprise, and it actually made Peng Tian’s figure stagnate for a tiny bit of time!