Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Hypocritical Hu Yan

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This short bit of time was sufficient!

That attack made it just in time currently, slamming right onto Peng Tian’s back.

Peng Tian spat out a large mouthful of blood with a cough, his figure flying forward like a kite with a broken string.

But Ye Yuan did not turn his head to look at Peng Tian’s wretched appearance but looked towards that figure standing beside the Azure Spirit Tree at present.

There stood a well-built middle-aged man with a full beard on his face, looking awe-inspiring.

Ye Yuan had yet to speak when Hu Rong and the others cried out in surprise.

“Big Brother Hu Yan!”

“Clan Head Hu Yan!”

“Lord Hu Yan! You . . . You’re alright! That’s really great!”

This burly middle-aged man was actually the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s Clan Head, Hu Yan!

This was truly the mantis stalking the cicada, being unaware of the oriole behind!

Peng Tian never would have dreamed that Hu Yan would actually appear here in perfectly good condition!

Without Hu Yan, Peng Tian was the Dongming Region’s most powerful existence.

These ten years, under subtle influence, Peng Tian regarded it this way!

If not for the sake of obtaining the Azure Spirit Tree, how could he wait patiently until now?

It was just that this way, the lowering of one’s vigilance with Peng Tian’s thoughts was unavoidable. Especially after obtaining the Azure Spirit Tree, Peng Tian was complacent with success. How could he still take any precaution?

Therefore, Hu Yan’s sneak attack succeeded!

Actually, it was not considered a success either. If there weren’t Ye Yuan’s last bit there, even if Peng Tian was injured, it would not be so severe either.

Ye Yuan did not even need to turn his head back to look and also knew that this blow of Hu Yan’s was absolutely not light. Even if Peng Tian did not die, he absolutely could not crawl with his feet either.

This fellow’s attack was not an ordinary kind of ruthless.

Of course, regarding Peng Tian, Ye Yuan did not have much of a favorable impression too, and obviously would not have any compassion towards him.

Hu Yan said coolly, “Hu Rong, it’s been hard on you these few years.”

Just one sentence, made Hu Rong’s tears flow down his aged face. He felt that the efforts expended these few years were all worth it!

All along, Hu Yan had been the Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s spiritual pillar. Even when he had no news for ten years, this point did not change either.

The moment he appeared, Hu Rong felt the heavy load on his shoulders lift off completely. Because Hu Yan was the tiger clan’s backbone.

“As long as Big Brother Hu Yan is well, what does this bit of hardship count as?” Hu Rong said tearfully.

Hu Yan gave him an encouraging smile, but his gaze turned towards Ye Yuan.

“Truly quite interesting. So many Tier 6 experts present all did not detect my existence. You, a puny little Tier 4 martial artist, could actually sense me!” Hu Yan asked Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was expressionless and did not have the intention of responding. He perked his spirits up fully too.

Very clearly, to talk about the most scheming person, it was none other than Hu Yan.

Peng Tian was not some individual with an undeserved reputation but was played by Hu Yan in the palm of his hands. He lacked power far too much.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan discovered that Hu Yan’s strength seemed to be even above Peng Tian’s; already touching the threshold of Tier 7.

Under the circumstances where his strength was stronger than the other party and still waited patiently the entire time until now, waiting for when Peng Tian’s guard was at the lowest to make a move, the depth of his schemes could be seen at a glance.

Towards such a person, Ye Yuan had no choice but to take precaution. Maybe he was still laughing and talking with you the previous moment, and the next instant, he would suddenly deal a killing move.

Such a person, Ye Yuan did not feel that White Light could ensure his safety.

But Ye Yuan had indeed discovered Hu Yan’s existence long ago. Ignoring his divine soul being powerful, being under Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm all along just now, everything in his surroundings was fully grasped under control.

Even though Hu Yan hid very covertly that even Peng Tian did not detect, Ye Yuan had long perceived that there was a very powerful existence in the vicinity.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s vigilant appearance, Hu Yan smiled and said, “Relax a little. No need to be so nervous. You’re Tiger Lord’s good brother, so naturally my Darkfiend Tiger Clan’s friend too. To be able to capture the Azure Spirit Tree today, it was all thanks to you as well.”

The meaning in Hu Yan’s words was actually wanting to directly take the Azure Spirit Tree for his own and did not have the intention of seeking Ye Yuan’s opinion at all.

Ye Yuan was not surprised. Hu Yan had schemed for so many years. Wasn’t the objective for the sake of the Azure Spirit Tree?

For him to hand over the Azure Spirit Tree without misgivings, that was obviously impossible.

“I’m very curious though. According to Hu Rong’s description, you should have been hit by the Traceless Soul Poison at that time. But looking at your appearance, not only did your divine soul not deteriorate, your strength advanced a step further instead. Could it be that you only acted out a show for your clansmen to see back then, and the goal was in order to implicate Peng Tian inside, to let him spearhead the attack for you?” Ye Yuan suddenly beamed and said.

Hu Yan did not have much of a surprised look on his face when he heard. But a gleam of cold light flashed past his eyes.

Ye Yuan’s words had some ulterior motives. They were clearly to drive a wedge on the relationship between him and his clansmen.

Indeed, after Hu Rong and the others heard Ye Yuan’s words, their faces all changed, revealing a complicated look on their faces.

“Your words are only half correct. I did indeed plan on making Peng Tian spearhead the attack for me. But I had also indeed been hit by the Traceless Soul Poison back then. It’s just that I myself didn’t expect either that not only did I pull through, my strength even advanced a step further because of the Traceless Soul Poison’s persecution. This process lasted for roughly four year’s time. In these four years, I was suffering the tormenting agony of the divine soul daily. It could be said to be days of darkness without sun.” Hu Yan explained.

Hearing Hu Yan’s explanation, Hu Rong and the rest revealed expressions of relief very quickly.

“Clan Head Hu Yan, it was all us who were incapable and had no way to help you!”

“Yeah. We used ten year’s time to lay down the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array. Didn’t expect that in the end, we were still not the Azure Spirit Tree’s match.”

“Big Brother Hu Yan, I . . .”

After a round of words, Hu Rong and the rest all condemned themselves deeply.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he could not help sneering coldly in his heart.

This fellow’s methods to win people’s hearts was unexpectedly impressive.

It was just that Hu Yan’s words, Ye Yuan would not believe even if he was beaten to death.

It might be true that Hu Yan got inflicted by the poison. But it was definitely not as severe as imagined.

The prowess of the Traceless Soul Poison, Ye Yuan was perfectly clear. Even if Hu Yan were a Tier 6 powerhouse, if he were poisoned thoroughly, he would not be able to hold on either.

Spending four years living in darkness without light, these words could only hoodwink Hu Rong, these naive rookies.

The only explanation was that Hu Yan was not poisoned deeply. Even though small quantities of Traceless Soul Poison was powerful, Hu Yan advancing a step further because of this turning point was instead something that happened without extra effort.

If it were really like he had said, Hu Yan would have croaked long ago!

But Ye Yuan did not plan on exposing Hu Yan. Because he knew that this was without meaning at all.

This sowing of discord that he used just now, the goal was just to take a look at Hu Yan’s character.

As expected, very hypocritical!

“No matter. You guys have already done well enough! Your hard work these few years, I’ve taken it all into sight. Really, thank everybody so much. Alright, this isn’t the place to talk. Let’s talk again after returning to the clan.”

As Hu Yan said, he was just about to go collect the Azure Spirit Tree.

But Ye Yuan yelled out untimely, “Clan Head Hu Yan is really not courteous! Hu Rong and I had an agreement long ago. This Azure Spirit Tree belongs to me. Don’t tell me that you don’t know this arrangement!”