Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Entangled In One's Own Web

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A single sentence, and the atmosphere which had just eased up immediately became dangerously explosive again.

Ye Yuan’s words could be said to be touching the sore spot.

It was just that to Ye Yuan, the Azure Spirit Tree was Yue Mengli’s life-saving item. He was hell-bent on it!

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Hu Yan’s expression turned cold.

“Young man, I’ve already given you a way out. Are you rejecting face when it’s given here?” Hu Yan said in a cold voice.

Ye Yuan said with a cold smile, “Heh, given me a way out? Clan Head Hu Yan’s meaning is to renege on the agreement?”

“So what if reneging on the agreement? Hu Rong isn’t the clan head either. His agreement with you naturally doesn’t count! Furthermore, the time and manpower that my Darkfiend Tiger Clan expended for the Azure Spirit Tree are already incalculable. What right do you have to demand for the Azure Spirit Tree?”

By the side, White Light seriously could not carry on listening. He reproached, “Hu Yan, you’re really shameless enough! I’ll tell you what right my big brother has to dare ask for the Azure Spirit Tree! Without my big brother taking action, forget that you prepared for ten years, even if you prepared for a hundred years, you could forget about subduing the Azure Spirit Tree too!”

One sentence, said until Hu Yan was rendered speechless.

He dared to extort the Azure Spirit Tree was still relying on that his strength was powerful in the end, and he felt that Ye Yuan did not dare to make a sound.

Yet, once Ye Yuan made a sound, any reason of his had no footing.

The reason was just as White Light said. This Azure Spirit Tree was subdued by Ye Yuan. It did not have any relation to do with his Darkfiend Tiger Clan at all!

Even Hu Rong, the few of them, were merely just supporting roles too.

Hu Yan pulled a long face and said, “Tiger Lord, don’t forget about your identity!”

The undertone meaning Hu Yan wanted to express in his words was that: you’re a member of the tiger clan. Why are you helping outsiders?

It was just that White Light’s words just now were already said very nastily. Hu Yan could not very well say bluntly.

Who knew that White Light suddenly flashed a bright smile and said, “I didn’t forget my identity. I’m my big brother’s good brother! This point will never change till the end of my life!”

It was true that White Light was from the tiger race. But at his lowest, when he needed help the most, where was the tiger race?

If not for Ye Yuan, he would have long become the Seven Colored Flowing Cloud Python’s meal in its abdomen. How could there still be this powerful divine beast progeny, White Light, today?

It could be said that everything of White Light’s today was all given by Ye Yuan and not the tiger race!

These few years, White Light and Ye Yuan depended on each other for survival. He had long treated him as his own kin.

Forget that the Darkfiend Tiger Clan was just a lesser race with thin bloodline, even if the true white tiger race were here, White Light would also choose to stand on Ye Yuan’s side without any hesitation.

Hu Yan’s expression became increasingly ugly. White Light’s actions were no different from betrayal in his view.

“Good! Very good! Want the Azure Spirit Tree is it? It’s right here. If you have the capabilities, you guys take it back yourselves!” Hu Yan said with a sneer.

Finishing off Peng Tian, forget about this stretch of spirit vein, even in the entire Dongming Region, nobody was his match either.

These two brats in front of him who were still wet behind their ears. Could it be that they could still overturn the heavens?

“Huhu, are you going to carry on being shameless all the way here?” Ye Yuan said with a light laugh.

At this time, both parties clearly did not have the possibility of reconciling already.

The Azure Spirit Tree, both parties were determined to get it.

“The Azure Spirit Tree was originally my tiger clan’s item. Where’s the talk about being shameless?! Heaven and earth spiritual objects, fated ones get them. If you’re fated with him, you can very well bring it away!”

Hu Yan had a mocking look. Clearly, he did not feel that Ye Yuan had this capability.

It was true that Ye Yuan could deal with the Azure Spirit Tree. But that was just a special case. If the opponent changed to him, Hu Yan, Ye Yuan absolutely had no chances of victory.

If a peak Tier 6 demon could not even beat a Tier 4 brat, he could immediately find a piece of tofu to commit suicide with.

Ye Yuan nodded his head as if approving of Hu Yan’s words. Who knew that he changed the topic, “On account of White Light’s face, I’ve already been tolerating enough of your Darkfiend Tiger Clan. Civil means before resorting to force. Since you guys don’t know how to appreciate favors, then it can’t be blamed on me either.”

Hu Yan could not refrain from bursting into laughter when he heard these words, “Shameless boasting! What qualifications do you have to say civil means before resorting to force in front of me? What a joke!”

Ye Yuan said with a half-smile, “I’ll tell you right away what qualifications I have to put civil means before resorting to force!”

Ye Yuan’s voice had just faded when an intense tremor suddenly came from under Hu Yan’s foot. Hu Yan’s expression changed abruptly, directly fleeing far away.

Yet, how could Ye Yuan give him this chance? His Origin Magnetic Field was unleashed instantly!

The effect of Ye Yuan’s Origin Magnetic Field was next to nothing to peak Tier 6 powerhouses. If it was during an actual battle, it could be ignored entirely.

However, when two peak Tier 6 experts were facing off, this tiny bit of effect might even have the possibility of becoming the last straw that crushed the camel’s back.

Previously, Peng Tian falling prey to a plot, fell for this!

Under Ye Yuan’s Heart Like Monolith heart realm. His grasp regarding timing could be said to be accurate to the pinnacle.


Countless vines broke out of the earth from beneath the ground and intertwined over towards Hu Yan and Hu Rong they all frenziedly.

This came too suddenly. Hu Rong they all completely did not expect that the Azure Spirit Tree which was restrained would actually attack once more. Their reactions were a little slow and were bounded up tightly by those innumerable vines instantaneously.

While Hu Yan was just that little bit sluggish, and both his feet got wrapped around by a vine.

But Hu Yan’s reaction was also exceedingly quick. He directly chopped off the vine with a palm-hand and fled towards the distance.

Hu Yan was floating on air when a strange kind of feeling suddenly came from within his body.

This sort of feeling, he was very familiar. What could it be if not the Traceless Soul Poison?

The time was very short. He was not poisoned deeply; much lighter than even the last time he got poisoned.

But being poisoned at this time right now was clearly not any good omen.

The might of the Azure Spirit Tree, he had experienced profoundly. Being accidentally poisoned again, his chances of winning became even bleaker.

It was just that he could not figure it out no matter. The Azure Spirit Tree’s main body was clearly restrained by Ye Yuan. How did he break free?

He already confirmed it earlier. The Azure Spirit Tree’s wood essence power had indeed stopped circulating. Logically speaking, he could not possibly attack again.

What was this?

Hu Yan looked towards Ye Yuan with a loathing gaze.

Although he did not know what trick this punk used, without a doubt, it was him playing tricks!

Once the Azure Spirit Tree broke free, Hu Yan did not have assurance in dealing with him at all. If he had that capability, how could he possibly wait until now?

“Boy, consider yourself ruthless! Hope that you don’t land in my hands! We’ll meet again another day!”

As he said, Hu Yan’s figure moved and was going to escape far away.

Ye Yuan watched his back view, a hint of a cold sneer flashed across the corners of his mouth.

Hu Yan’s figure did not escape out very far when a powerful flame force attacked straight towards him.

Hu Yan’s expression changed, and he hurriedly dodged.

“What’s the matter? The clan member presiding over the grand array was already killed by Peng Tian. Who’s controlling the grand array to stop me?” Hu Yan’s expression became very ugly.

“Clan Head Hu Yan, what’s the hurry to leave for? There’s still an old friend here wanting to catch up with you!” Ye Yuan caught up at this time too, saying to Hu Yan with a smile.

And behind Ye Yuan, apart from White Light, there was youth wearing azure colored shirt standing there. No one knew since when he was there.