Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Deceiving Everyone

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How could Hu Yan expect that the grand array which the tiger clan set up for ten years actually became his stumbling block?!

Speaking of which, this was really a situation where a person was getting entangled in one’s own web.

The Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array was a kind of trapping formation. Trapping formations’ lethality was not great. But under the situation where there were people managing the grand array, wanting to shake off the grand array within a short time was very difficult.

Around Ye Yuan were all a bunch of Tier 6 experts. How could he possibly not hold some trick in reserve? He did not have the habit of handing his own fate over to other people’s hands.

As far back as when he entered the grand array, he already controlled the Wood Spirit Dragon Imprisoning Array in secret. It was just that he did not launch it all along.

Hence, even if Hu Yan did not appear, Ye Yuan had ample confidence to escape too.

For this grand array to want to kill Peng Tian was naturally not easy. But under Ye Yuan’s control, for Peng Tian to want to escape was also hard.

But at this time, Hu Yan’s attention was not placed on Ye Yuan but placed on that azure shirt youth behind him. His expression was indescribably ugly.

“I didn’t think that the Azure Spirit Tree actually gave birth to a primordial spirit!” Hu Yan said word by word.

The old friend Ye Yuan talked about was naturally this azure shirt youth.

And this azure shirt youth was transformed by none other than precisely the Azure Spirit Tree!

Even Hu Yan also did not expect that the Azure Spirit Tree had actually cultivated out a primordial spirit already and was able to take human form!

This unforeseen event was what he did not anticipate from start to end.

Cultivating out a primordial spirit meant that the Azure Spirit Tree’s intelligence did not lose to humans already.

He was originally a heaven and earth spirit wood, with strength far surpassing same ranks. Now that he had intelligence that did not lose to humans, he was even harder to deal with.

The gaze that the azure shirt youth looked at Hu Yan with were very unfriendly. Back then, his strength was not as strong as now. It was even slightly inferior to Hu Yan’s.

If not for him relying on his own powerful Traceless Soul Poison, he would probably have been captured by Hu Yan long ago.

Even so, the Azure Spirit Tree also cultivated for a very long time on this stretch of spirit vein before recovering.

This grudge between the two people was a big one.

“You, this stinking old tiger. Let’s settle this score properly today!” the Azure Spirit Tree said candidly.

Hu Yan’s expression was rather ugly. He was very fearful of the Azure Spirit Tree. Seeing his hostile look at this time, it was clearly unable to be reconciled today.

“This . . . Azure Spirit Tree, it was all a misunderstanding between us! Back then, even though I almost caught you, I also nearly perished, my Dao dispersed because of the incident too, isn’t it so? You should know, you’re a heaven and earth spirit wood. Moreover, you have a tremendous effect on us demons breaking through to Tier 7. So the people hankering after you isn’t just me alone. That Peng Tian, wasn’t he like that too? Don’t get hoodwinked by this brat!”

Hu Yan explained as he wanted to redirect the troubled waters, pointing the spearhead at Ye Yuan.

He knew that this sort of situation appearing today, they definitely could not dispensed with Ye Yuan’s doing in-between. But to talk about a glib tongue, he was confident that he was not lousy either.

Furthermore, even though the Azure Spirit Tree gave birth to a primordial spirit, the time was definitely not long. At the very most, it was equivalent to a human teenage youth; very easy to bluff.

Ye Yuan could deceive the Azure Spirit Tree. He definitely could too.

Indeed, once the Azure Spirit Tree heard, he could not help turning his head towards Ye Yuan and asked, “Ye Yuan, did you hear that? He says that you’re bluffing me.”

The moment Hu Yan heard that there was a chance, he immediately added embellishment, “Yeah, he must be bluffing you! He’s a human! Humans are much craftier than our demon race! Furthermore, compared to me, he has the strength to threaten you! He wants to make use of you to deal with me right now, then deal with you later! Do you feel that a human can resist the allure of the Azure Spirit Tree? His final goal is definitely still you!”

The Azure Spirit Tree looked at Ye Yuan and asked, “Ye Yuan, he said that you’re making use of me!”

Hu Yan originally thought that Ye Yuan would deny it outright. He already prepared a whole bunch of incisive words to vilify Ye Yuan.

Who knew that Ye Yuan just flashed a brilliant smile and admitted it very scoundrelly, “Haha! Saying it like that isn’t wrong too. I indeed can’t beat him, so I can only rely on you.”

Hu Yan was stunned. His stomach full of words had no place to showcase its skill for a moment and nearly stifled out internal injuries.

But Hu Yan recovered very quickly and said with an excited look, “You hear, he admitted it himself! Humans, there aren’t any good ones!”

The Azure Spirit Tree did not take notice of Hu Yan. Looking at Ye Yuan without paying heed to other things, he said, “Ye Yuan, why do you think there’s such a dumb old tiger?”

Ye Yuan said laughingly, “Some fellows just like to fancy themselves clever. But you should be a little understanding too. After all, when death is at hand, one would always jump around a little.”

The Azure Spirit Tree nodded his head, seemingly approving of Ye Yuan’s words very much, and said, “Alright then. I really can’t understand. He himself is dumb, and even thinks that the entire world is as foolish as him.”

Hu Yan still had an excited look just now. But as he listened, it felt amiss.

These two people were totally making a fool out of him!

He talked for so long, and the Azure Spirit Tree did not even listen to a word?

But why?

Hu Yan was certain that this was the Azure Spirit Tree’s first time meeting Ye Yuan. On what basis did he trust Ye Yuan so much and feel that Ye Yuan would not be detrimental to him?

“Alright. The nonsense has already been said enough. I can send you on your way now!” the Azure Spirit Tree said coolly.

Hu Yan still did not give up hope and yelled loudly to the Azure Spirit Tree, “This boy is clearly harboring ill intentions! Why do you trust him so?”

The Azure Spirit Tree rolled his eyes and said to him, “I’ve already drawn up a divine soul agreement with Ye Yuan. Stop wasting your energy in vain.”

Hu Yan’s pupils constricted when he heard that, revealing a disbelieving expression. He had been lying in concealment all along nearby and took all of Ye Yuan’s actions into his sights.

But Ye Yuan actually completed a divine soul contract with the Azure Spirit Tree under his eyes? How was this possible?

Hu Yan obviously did not know that right from the first glance Ye Yuan saw the Azure Spirit Tree, he knew that he already gave birth to a primordial spirit.

Since he gave birth to a primordial spirit, Ye Yuan obviously would not use extreme measures to subdue the Azure Spirit Tree.

Moreover, after Ye Yuan entered Heart Like Monolith Heart Realm, he discovered that there were two very powerful auras lurking nearby.

If he really subdued the Azure Spirit Tree, wouldn’t he be seeking death himself?

Therefore, Ye Yuan cast a divine soul mystic art at that time and started communicating with the Azure Spirit Tree.

Ye Yuan analyzed the current situation for the Azure Spirit Tree to listen, and promised the Azure Spirit Tree that as long as he guarded Yue Mengli for ten years’ time, he would surely aid him to break through to Tier 9!

This kind of heavy promise, only Ye Yuan dared to make.

But Ye Yuan was not bragging. The Tier 9 spiritual objects that he had seen before were too many to enumerate. He was also very familiar with the Azure Spirit Tree. Helping him to break through to Tier 9 was not something impossible.

In order to demonstrate his strength, Ye Yuan used the Spirit Sealing Needle and inserted them into the Azure Spirit Tree’s main body.

Except, the function of the Spirit Sealing Needle was not to shackle the Azure Spirit Tree’s wood essence power, but to stimulate the Azure Spirit Tree’s potential, to let him absorb the wood essence power on this stretch of spirit vein even faster!

The wood essence power ceasing revolving was just the Azure Spirit Tree doing it on purpose.

Ye Yuan and the Azure Spirit Tree joined hands and deceived everybody here!

[0] Starting now, instead of using ‘it’ to refer to the Azure Spirit Tree, we will be using ‘he’ as he already took form and have intelligence.